10 Best Ankle Fitness Trackers

Choosing an activity tracker to wear on the ankle is not an easy task as most fitness trackers are designed to wear on the wrist. 

If you wear a “wrist” fitness tracker on your ankle, it will not tell you the exact results with the activities because it is designed for your wrist.

In this article, I am going to discuss the best ankle fitness trackers that can also count your steps. I am sure that this article will help you in choosing the best tracker for you to use an ankle step counter.

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1. Moov now 3D fitness tracker

Moov now 3D fitness tracker
Source: amazon

Moov now is one of the great fitness trackers that you can wear on your ankle.

Moov now fitness tracker is lightweight and effortless to wear on your ankle. Moov now 3D fitness tracker is top rated ankle fitness band in the list of best fitness trackers for the ankle.

It tracks your steps and other activities more accurately. 

Moov now 3D fitness tracker comes with an Omni motion sensor that uses three times more sensors than other activity trackers in the market. This makes it one of the best performing fitness trackers in the market. 

With added details to the activities, the Moov Now has rep-based training which means you can switch to modes like running, swimming and cycling just to fine-tune your activities and access a wider threshold of data.

The Moov Now 3D fitness tracker also packs for standard activity tracker features as well as some complex ones such as an audio coach to assist you during your workouts as well as stock counts for swimming.

All and all I can say, that the Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker is a great choice to pick up as a fitness tracker.


Moov now 3D fitness tracker is lightly weighted which allows it to be comfortable even when you wear it on your ankle.

Moov now 3D fitness tracker is meant to be put to rigorous use and allows for all-day wear of the tracker it has a rugged design with a texture on the rubber strap meant to enhance grip. 

Moov comes with another distinct design that is without a display. This might seem quite shocking at first but the Moov make up for it by offering a lot of points in utility. This design lets you really go all out on your workouts even when you are swimming or doing an intense boxing session.

As this is waterproof and design keeps everything breathable so you don’t get uncomfortable even with sweat. 

The “Moov now” is now available on Amazon. 

2. Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker

Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker
Source: amazon

Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker gives you excellent quality and near-perfect accuracy. With this fitness device you can keep track of your steps on the go. 

It is a tiny and advanced wearable pedometer that can track various workouts such as steps, distance, Fitbit active minutes and calories burned. 

You can also wear it in and around the water for convenience because of its waterproof features. 

The software included with this Fitbit fitness tracker will recognise regular exercise patterns and store the information in the app. 

The Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker will also keep track how long and how well you sleep.


Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker has interchangeable straps with different accessories. These accessories can be an ankle strap for wrist strap or even a necklace pendant around your neck. 

You can easily wear it on a business lunch or even in professions where you are not allowed to wear jewellery.

The straps are available in a great variety of fashionable colours to suit different outfits and attires. 

You can’t buy a separate charger for this fitness tracking device when your charger breaks or gets lost. The only way out is to buy a whole new tracking device if you can not charge yours anymore. 

The “Fitbit zip wireless activity tracker” is now available on Amazon.

3. Garmin vivofit 2 activity tracker

Garmin vivofit 2 activity tracke
Source: amazon

Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker is the device which will always instill trust and peace of mind that you will get a good quality product.

This type of fitness trackers are very popular among professional athletes.

These fitness trackers are popular because of their battery life. With this fitness tracking device there is no need to charge the battery at all and it will last for a year. This means that you can easily track your daily activities without interruption and when the battery life is done you can just replace it.

In this fitness tracker you will be reminded with an audible reminder when you are inactive for more than an hour. This will help you in moving the whole day and keep your movements active for better fitness on the go. 


It is usable in and around the water and can be worn even while you are in shower.

Garmin fitness tracker is waterproof so it can also be used by water sports professionals and enthusiasts to keep track of all activities.

This device is made from strong and durable high quality materials to help it to last longer and provide service for longer. 

Garmin fitness tracker is quite easy to use and can be worn either on the wrist or the ankle.

Unfortunately, no smart notifications are included with this device so you will have to keep track of activities manually.

The “Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker” is now available on Amazon.

4. Garmin vivosmart activity tracker

Source: amazon

In the Garmin vivosmart activity tracker you can get a lot of extra features that are included with it.

It is another fitness tracker that you can wear on your ankle. It also has a sleek and lightweight design. 

German vivosmart activity tracker can track steps, heart rate, distance travelled, calories burned etc. 

You will never catch out in the rain because with this fitness tracking device you will get weather notifications.

What if you are caught in unexpected rain??

Don’t worry. Even if you are caught in the rain your device will be safe in the wet weather.

This fitness tracking device is compatible with all bluetooth enabled devices and will easily stay connected. It has a Bluetooth range upto 30 feet. This is quite a long pickup range for most bluetooth devices to remain in contact.


This device is water resistant. It is waterproof to up to 50 metres and can be worn while you are in the shower as well.

But unfortunately this device is not connectable with the IQ app from Garmin so you can’t make use of great features available there.

This fitness tracking device does not have the option to interchange it with the different accessories for versatility in using it with an ankle strap. So if you buy the wristband or ankle strap you can only use it for just that current accessory.

The battery can last up to eight days based on your usage. As you used it on your ankle the battery may last longer as you do not check the display frequently.

The “Garmin vivosmart activity tracker” is now available on Amazon

5. Letsfit fitness activity tracker

Letsfit fitness activity tracker
Source: amazon

Letsfit fitness activity tracker is popular because of its accuracy. This device is quite accurate and is ideal to be used by professionals, sportspeople etc.

This fitness tracking device is ideal for professional swimmers as well as for those who want to use swimming just to stay fit. 

Moreover, the Letsfit Fitness Tracker feature included with this device will help you to keep track of all your activities on the go easily. These will include distance run as well as colour is bond and it will also monitor heart rate.


The battery will fully charge in only 2 hours with the quick charge capability. This means you can stay on track for most of the time without losing too much time on battery charging. 

It has a battery life up to 15 days on a full charge you will never lose out on tracking time.

The fitness tracking device from lets fit is unfortunately not available in many sizes. So it is not ideal for old people and the alarm will only vibrate when it is time to go off and that is not great for heavy sleepers at all.

The “Letsfit Fitness Activity Tracker ” is now available on Amazon.

6. Garmin foot pod

Source: amazon

Garmin foot pod is another tracker which you can wear on your ankle.

Garmin foot pod is an interesting tracker to count your every step of a run or walk. This fitness tracker can be easily clip on your shoes and there would be no issue with comfort on your ankle. 

Garmin foot pods are much cheaper than picking up a new fitness tracker. Garmin foot pod is very helpful when you need your run or walk data, there is an app through which you can get data.

There is another feature in this tracker. It provides you a notification through bell and whistles. 


This tracker has a longer battery life. After one full charge you can use it for over 4 months.

Getting wet is also no issue because of its waterproof feature.

The “Garmin foot pod” is now available on Amazon

7. HuaWise fitness tracker

HuaWise fitness tracker
Source: amazon

Why should a fitness tracker for the ankle be required?

Obviously, a fitness tracker for the ankle is required to make sure you can count workout performance.

HuaWise fitness tracker comes with multi functionality which works effectively to count your steps and movement. This fitness tracker provides data with date, time from different workouts like jogging, taking steps and other workouts.

You can easily get heart rate monitoring calorie burned and other data. This is also the best device to monitor your sleep and this can give you advice on what to do for improving your sleeping condition.

Moreover, this device comes with an allowed system that informs you what is waiting for you through a miss call alert message.


This structure is designed with rich features that are very useful for ground fitness tracking.

HuaWise fitness tracker has a longer battery life and is waterproof.

The “HuaWise fitness tracker” is now available on Amazon

8. Moov HR sweat

moov hr sweat
Source: amazon

The good thing about Moov HR sweat  is that you can wear it on the ankle and start training today and get the value your body deserves.

Rather than an anklet the  Moov HR sweat takes the form of a headband. The Moov HR Sweat is equipped with real-time personalized coaching to keep you engaged and on track and has the distinction of being the first ever real time “heart rate based coaching”

It is ideal for swimming, running, walking, cycling and body weight exercises. Moov HR sweat also incorporates coaching and tracking for high intensity interval training and heart rate training. 


It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is compatible with most IOS and Android devices. 

All measurements are sent via bluetooth wireless data capture and store directly to your device in the app. 

Moov’s sweat proof pulse vision technology provides unrivaled accuracy.

The “Moov HR sweat” is now available on Amazon.

9. B-Grade ankle band for men and women

B-Grade ankle band fitness tracker
Source: amazon

B-Grade ankle band is for men and women compatible with Fitbit flex.

This ankle band doesn’t actually come equipped with any tracking device. Rather, it allows you to turn the bullet-style fitness tracker you already have and securely leave it on your ankle inside a hidden match pouch closed with a touch fastener.

B-Grade ankle band is the most budget friendly option on your list.


It allows you to use the tracker you already have in a new way. It is the most inexpensive product on your list, by far.

B-Grade ankle band is available in two sizes, various colours and impacts of multiple bands.

The “B-Grade ankle band” is now available on Amazon.


If you do want to start wearing a tracker on your ankle I would only advise it if you are only interested in your daily step count. Even then there is still a strong possibility that the readings will only be reasonably accurate.

I would suggest if you are going to move to your ankle you need to make sure that you are happy with the step count accuracy of your device. One quick way you could do this is by placing your track around your ankle and doing a walk where you count the number of steps once complete have a look at the data from your tracker and compare it to your own count. 

If you are happy with that then you are ready to go.

If great steps counting is your main reason for using a fitness tracker then you should really consider using a fitness tracker that can be used on your ankle.

I hope this article will be helpful for you in selecting the best fitness tracker for the ankle. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then

Please feel free to comment below.

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