12 Tips to Improve Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 6

The battery of Apple watch series 6  really depends on how actively you are using it. It claims about 18 hours based on a decent amount of usage. There are a number of factors that contribute to the battery drain, including data transfer usage, GPS, and active processing – like playing a game or monitoring activity. (I’d assume having the heart monitor LEDs on the back continuously on would drain the Watch rapidly.)

Apple has built the next-generation watch series 6, Apple Watch 6 is a powerful device in a different cool looking wrist band. The company claimed that the battery life of these apple series is 18hours and I think it more than enough for many however it is not enough for power users including those who love to listen to songs during extreme workouts. 

Even though I am not a power user my smartwatch has barely gone past 13-14 hours. There have been situations where I would get irritated by the rapid battery draining on my apple watch and I guess, I am not the only one facing these issues. If you can connect with my personal experience then you should try out these following tips to improve battery life on your monitoring workout without having to raise your hand again and again. Even though the company claims that it doesn’t use batteries at all but with my personal experience, I think it’s the most battery draining feature on the smartwatch. To disable the feature: 

Open Settings app on your apple watch> general> display and brightness> turn off the switch for always on. 

Animation should be limited

The visual experience is enhanced by granting animation but it does take up a lot of battery. So if you want to choose between extending the battery life of your smartwatch and getting rid of the eye-catching animation, I will personally suggest going with the former one. 

To limit animation, head over to the Watch app on your iPhone > My Watch tab > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. 

Now, turn on the toggle.

Control your notifications 

When the notifications are not controlled properly it can eat up a large share of battery. Allow notifications which are helpful to you only from the apps and disallow the ones which you think are redundant. 

To prevent apps from bombarding your smartwatch with unwanted alerts, open the Watch app on your iPhone > Notifications. Now, scroll down to Mirror iPhone Alerts from the section and then turn off the switch next to the app which iPhone alerts you don’t want to mirror on your smartwatch.

Transparency to be reduced

When transparency is reduced one can improve legibility on your Apple watch. When someone finds it inconvenient to read the content then one should keep this feature in mind. It will give you dual purpose, first will enhance your reading experience and second will save up your battery life. So reducing the transparency will give you two benefits. 

To do it right from your Apple Watch, open Settings app > Accessibility > now turn on the switch for Reduce Transparency

Auto play message effects to be disabled: 

This feature is usually used to spice up the conversation through messages. They offer many surprises as it’s an automatic way of greeting someone. I personally think they are great but one should have control over them and prevent them from playing automatically as by doing this will save your battery on your smartwatch.  

To disable message effects from your Apple Watch, open Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion. Then, disable the switch for Auto-Play Message Effects.

Grayscale mode is the best 

We all know that black theme saves battery life. However, using grayscale mode which turns the entire display grey that is ‘no colours’ thereby ensuring that the OLED display of the smartwatch consumes less power. 

This will result in increasing the battery life on the smartwatch. 

So, do not miss out on this well-known Accessibility feature. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch > Accessibility. Now, turn on the switch for Greyscale.

Switch off background app refresh

Even when you are not using apps, they continue to refresh in the background. That’s why whenever you launch them, they open quickly and run without any lag. While it’s certainly a helpful feature that enhances overall user-experience, no one can deny the fact that it’s a power-hungry feature not only on Apple Watch but also on iPhone. 

Therefore, do not forget to disable it to maximize the battery life of your wearable device. Keep in mind, apps with complications on the current watch face will continue to refresh even when this feature is turned off. Open Settings app on your Apple Watch > General > Background App Refresh. Then, disable the switch.

Automatic app install and updates should be uninstalled:

When the auto app installs feature is active, all the iPhone apps that work with apple watch are automatically installed on the smartwatch. I really do like this feature as it does it for ourselves but the battery life is consumed. 

So when I think I will run out of battery the first thing I do is to turn it off.  And frankly speaking, it does succeed in preserving some battery life. Likewise, automatic app updates are a very helpful feature but it’s wise to disable it especially when preserving battery life matters more. Open Settings app on your Apple Watch > App Store > Now, turn off the switches for Automatic Downloads and App Updates. 

Wake screen on wrist raise to be disabled 

So this is how it works so whenever you raise your hand the screen automatically gets turned on so one can check the time and keep the track of their alerts rather than continuously tapping the screen again and again. 

Well, the feature does sound good from the user experience however it does take up a lot of battery. If you rather like doing it manually then disable this feature and that can be done by opening Settings app > General > Wake Screen. Now, disable the switch for Wake Screen on Wrist Raise.

Auto lock time decrease

The longer the screen of the smartwatch is awake the more you will lose the battery. Hence to save the battery decrease the auto-lock time. You can choose from three options on watch OS: 15 seconds, 70 seconds and always. Make sure you select between the first two which will cut down the unnecessary power usage.  

To choose how long your Apple Watch screen should stay active, open the Settings app > General > Wake Screen. Under the “On Tap” section, choose 15/70 seconds.

Make the theatre mode priority 

Times when you are enjoying a movie or some fun-filled games with your loved ones then make sure you have enabled theatre mode to keep the smartwatch silent and dark. As a result, even when the wake screen is active, the watch screen won’t wake. 

Simply swipe up from the bottom of your Apple Watch to access the Control Center. Now,  tap on the Theater Mode icon to turn it on.

Power saving mode should be enabled 

With enabling power saving mode you can save up a lot of battery. I need to leave the choice to you as it includes some compromises. Indeed, when this element is empowered, the Always-on Display and the underlying pulse sensor during strolling and running exercises are consequently killed. 

While Apple says that the Bluetooth-associated pulse screens are not influenced, figurines for energy consumed in certain exercises might be less exact. On the off chance that you feel that these compromises merit you can turn it on to improve the battery life on Apple Watch.

To enable this feature, open the Settings app on your Apple Watch > Workout. Now, turn on the switch next to Power Saving Mode


In this way, that is the manner by which you can assume responsibility for power-hungry features of your Apple Watch and help the battery last longer.  Obviously, a portion of the stunts does include some compromises however they merit grasping particularly during the occasions your smartwatch needs to last more. Have any criticism for us? Don’t hesitate to send that across. 

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