So back in the ’90s, almost everybody used to wear a wristwatch, which tells you time no matter how much it costs. It just tells you the time. But technology overtakes everything from time to time. 

Just like a smartphone and laptop, a smartwatch has become an essential electronic these days. 

“In 2019, the global smartwatch market was valued at $20.64 billion and is expected to grow to 690.38 billion by 2026” (source). 

Everybody wants a smartwatch just like they have a smartphone. 

For some, it’s just a normal smartwatch that you see as things like time, messaging, and calling but it is more than that if you are a smartwatch beginner and want to know more about these smartwatches and what they can do. 

I have researched a lot and I’m going to share with you the 14 things to do with smartwatch. 

These features are also available in your Apple and Android smartwatch—no matter which smartwatch you have. 

So let’s talk about the first feature. 

Paying With Your Smartwatch

Do you know that you can pay anywhere from places like bars, shops, or restaurants with your smartwatch. Yes, most smartwatches have the built in “Pay With Your Watch” feature. Payment apps like Fitpay, Gpay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay almost do the same job. 

Let’s compare and look out which is the best amongst all.

Pay with Fitbit

Let’s talk about Fitbit devices first. Not every Fitbit smartwatch or tracker supports the Fitbit pay app. There are only limited devices available, some of them are Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Ionic, Versa Special Edition, Charge 3, and Charge 4.

Now paying with Fitbit is so easy that you have to find the “NFC” symbol. Meaning, it required NFC to get through the payment. You can store a maximum of 6 debit or credit cards in the watch. All transactions are industry-standard tokenization to keep transactions private. So you can pay from anywhere with the Fitbit smartwatch. Fitbit also gives you some rewards if you use Fitbit pay with a smartwatch.

Google Pay: 

Google pay works on every smartwatch that supports the Google Wear Operating system. Check out its support list here: smartwatches that support Google Pay 2020

Now the great thing about this watch is that Gpay supports more countries than Fitbit and Apple Pay. You can say that Gpay is global, but when it comes to Fitbit or Apple watch, it may not support your territory.

Note: You need to download the app on your phone to use in your smartwatch.

Apple Pay: 

When it comes to privacy, no one can beat Apple. Apple Pay is one of the top features of Apple watch. The different thing about Apple is that you can set your payment cards individually on the Apple smartwatch. Meaning, you don’t need an iPhone to add a card. Set your card by just having a smartwatch. If you have the cellular version, you can pay with your watch by using an LTE connection. Apple says it is supported in a limited territory. 

Here is the list of support countries: Where can I use my Apple Watch to pay?

In a nutshell: 

Three isn’t much difference between these different companies’ pay apps. All do the same work, which is payment. 

2. Keep You Healthy

Now these smartwatches are not just for the people who are busy there, but some smartwatches are made to keep your lifestyle healthy, and they track your primary medical status like heart rate, etc. like Fitbit Versa 2, Apple watches 5 and 6 and the list goes on. 

Let’s deep dive into it.

Smartwatches keep informing you about tracking your calories intake status. Like how many calories you are consuming the whole day. And you can also set a limit according to your goals. Meaning, if you want to lose weight, then calculate your TDEE and smartwatch will assign your deficit calories. 

Not only nutrition, but it can tell you how much calories you’ve burned. All data and stats will manifest and save in the smartwatch patent app. So you can keep your body in better shape.

There are several other functions in a smartwatch for gym, golf, swimming, tracking, hiking and the list goes on. There is an app for every mode. 

So if you’re going for a swim, there will be a swimming app that supports your swim workout.

It is the fitness part. What about the medical part? Meaning, what about for those people who didn’t work out. I mean lazy people or busy with their professional life.

Yes, there is an option for them too. Like tracking their heart rate, ECG, spo2, blood pressure. These health features are available in the smartwatch and they are pretty accurate as well.

3. GPS Real-Time Tracking

If you own a smartphone, then you already know the value of GPS navigation. It helps you to find the route or get to the shared location that your friend has sent to you. Smartwatches have the same features. Smartwatch feature works really well. And help you get to the search location. Now, these features may be used to track your kid or you senior if you worried about them. 

GPS is really amazing if you’re a runner or an outdoor tracker. GPS helps you to find the path everywhere on the planet, no matter where you are. You can set the set limit to desire location to take your running training to the next level.

If you are outdoors, you know how impotent GPS is. If you are going to a place where you have never been, it’s essential to have a great GPS smartwatch. 

Check out the best GPS smartwatch below.

Now some GPS watches work independently and some need to be synced with mobile. It depends on which version of smartwatch you have. There are two type of smartwatches out there in the market 

  • Cellular: Which works independently (It requires sim card)
  • NON LET Version: (Sync and Connected with Your Phone Bluetooth)

And it is better if you use your GPS smartwatch outside because it won’t send a signal to satellites if you’re under roof or maybe some inaccuracy in your GPS navigation.

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How does GPS work

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4. Receive notifications

  • Sync your smartwatch with your phone then it is ready to send you every notification directly on the wrist. 
  • Connect directly through the smartwatch without touching your smartwatch.
  • IG, FB, Snapchat can directly access through the smartwatch.
  • Not only that you will also receive the SMS, call notification, and you answer or reject the calls faster. A ton of time saved.

During exercise and other workouts, it keeps you away from checking your phone. But not more, you will receive your best notification instantly on your smartwatch. 

Special thing: Some smartwatches have a built-in mic that means you can put your phone to the side for a while if you get a call simply answer with the power of a smartwatch.

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5. Find Your Device

If you have ever lost your phone, getting a security tool can be a bit expensive. 

Let me tell you the alternative. 

Your smartwatch. 

Yes, your smartwatch can bring back your lost phone. Just install the “Find My Phone App,” or distance alert (it will notify you when your phone becomes unreachable).

If you have a cellular smartwatch, then you will be able to track your phone also and know where the phone’s last location is.

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6. Call Your Assistant

Smartwatch comes with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Bixby. Every smartwatch has a different voice assistant, for example, Apple has Siri and Android has Google Assistant.

You can use your smartwatch with voice search and do many things “make a call” “weather status” etc. it’s good to feature when you are working out or to do some work in which you are not able to use your hands. 

Every voice assistant works differently—one better in math, other better in finding information.

Now Roland Hutchinson from geeky-gadgets did a test on the four-voice assistant and asked 50 questions.

Check out which performed the best. 

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7. Listen To Favorite Your Music

Listening to music isn’t the hard thing, especially when you have the smartwatch on your wrist. Get access to your favourite music app from Spotify, Shazam to Google Music with smartwatch. So you can never miss any beat. And keep motivating you to do more.

Now you must be wondering which smartwatch app is the best for listening to music. Where to get or how to connect. Everything is simple to install the app on your smartwatch like Spotify. Make sure to have it on your phone as well. 

This is important: Connect to the same account and listen on a match or smartphone.

There are some things you want to keep in mind while using music on your watch. Make sure to have the same account on the music app, in smartwatch and on the phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to play music unless you have a LET cellular version of smartwatch.

8. Make New Friends

If your partner has the same smartwatch as yours it would be easy to work together. For example, both of you have a Fitbit device, it’d be easy to work. 

By doing that you can share your status, fitness activity, and you can also set your clients’ fitness goals. 

And track them without keeping them connected. All status and data will be on the group app.

10. Change Your Watch Clothes

As changing your clothes daily is important to wear to match with the watch that matches your look and helps you to make more impression. 

You can’t just buy every colour smartwatch that would be too expensive instead so that you may look for the smartwatch straps.  

Yes, every smartwatch supports straps. And there is a separate website that gives the world best smartwatch straps check out here: Etsy.

Smartwatch steps help you keep you in style and match the combination with your look. Cheers to that amazing feature.

11. Watch Faces

Okay, changes straps according to the look but what about the inner look of the watch display and wallpaper.

Well, thanks to the watch face feature in the smartwatches. Just like you change the wallpaper on the mobile, there is an option in a smartwatch in which you can customize or download watch faces for your smartwatch.

There are some pre-installed watch faces. And some of them are in the patented app. But the best watch faces you will find are facer watch app.

Make sure to check the app.

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12.  Speedometer

It’s a fitness thing and firstly, I should cover it in my fitness blog. But this feature is something that stands out.

The speedometer is an amazing feature that tracks your speed. Whether you are running, biking or swimming, it will track the maximum speed and store it in the app. 

If you are a runner you must have the Speedometer feature smartwatch for the best results.

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13. Keep You Reminded

Don’t forget anything with the smartwatch. Smartwatch has a reminder option available. You can design and set up a reminder according to your time and need. A smartwatch will help you to remember that it’s a very cool feature that helps you to save time.

You can try it’s preinstalled reminder or create your own like create reminder “Check Y thing in Y minutes” (super useful when my brother asked me to remember stuff for him).

Now there is a cool software available for this that works well. To remind you of everything on time and have the awesome template don’t miss out to check out.

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14. Alarm

Don’t wake up too late or never get late for the office. With the smartwatch, you can set the alarm on the smartwatch.

The smartphone may disturb the whole family but it has a loud sound, and you don’t have any other option, but with a smartwatch, it can make your work simple.

You may not need the alarm sound but just need a strong vibrate to wake or remind you, well smartwatch have these options that you can set the alarm and keep it on vibration mode. 

It is better to buy a smartwatch than disturbing others.


The above mentioned 14 things have been picked by me after researching a lot. Many smartwatches or maybe all have those features and the most important feature from my perspective is the battery life.

No matter how advanced or feature-laden your smartwatch is, it’s just a fancy wrist accessory when it runs out of battery. Next to the OS support, the most important feature to consider is battery life.

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