Every parent loves their child. Especially, when they are kids. And every parent is worried when they are playing or doing something outside the house or when they are not with you. 

If you are one of those parents, worried about your child or your child is spending most of the time not in front of you, then you should consider a Kids smartwatch that comes with built in GPS feature. 

Now it’s a bit hard to find the best smartwatch that has GPS in this crowded market. Because everyone is calling that their products are best among all. They are just marketing their products in the best possible way even if the product is not good. But they are good at selling. 

But don’t worry parents, I have got your covered! 

I have researched (took me 8 days) a lot and found the best GPS watches for kids. 

I’ve also read a couple of top-ranking blogs that have provided Information about the best GPS watches and I found out some of them are outdated. And some of their recommended products are not available anymore. But I will provide you the best GPS kids watches list that is currently available online.

Note: GPS watches require a separate watch sim to run this feature.

Here are the 15 best GPS watches for kids that are currently available on Amazon or the official website of the watches.


Our first on the 15 best GPS watches for Kids list is the NEMCALL watch. It can be the best birthday gift from a 3 years to 10 years old kid. This smartwatch has the feature for your kids that he/she will love. 

Let’s talk about this watch in detail.

Communications Features

If we talk about features of this kid’s GPS watch, the best thing that pops out on this watch is video call and video message. In the watch, your kid or you as parents can call you through video.


Now sos feature is not only important for us, but it is also important for our child as well. In the case of an emergency, your child can reach 3 people whenever your child is in an emergency. 

GPS tracking

This NEMCALL watch has a GPS tracking system. If you are worried about why your child isn’t home, this feature can track his location and get to know if your child is on the right route or not.


You don’t need to worry about it if your child is in the rain. This watch has an IP67 case, which lets your child play in the rain. You can still make a connection with your child.


Having a great battery life of smartwatches is an essential thing for your kid. So that you can never lose your connection with your kid. This watch has 3-4 days of battery backup and takes 2 hours to charge. 

That’s not it, it has every feature that you can get.  

I have to give 14 more GPS watches for kids so I cannot cover entire features, otherwise, this article would become the longest article on the internet.

But you can check that out here.

For Age: 3 to 10


  • Video call feature
  • Waterproof
  • Good price


  • No games 

Buy NEMCALL watch from here

2. Tecent kids smartwatch 

The next watch on the list is Tencent QQ kid’s GPS watch. This watch has a price of $44.99 and gives you good features.

The best thing I liked about this watch is that it has a very cool and cartoon type strap that your kid will love. 

Real-Time Gps: This watch has Built in GPS, and wifi module. It supports GSM SIM cards which you can insert in this watch and track real-time location with accuracy.

Better Contact Storage: In this watch, you can have better contacts. Other watches give you minimal contacts space storage but on QQ watch, you can add up 6 families and 16 friends in contact list through its app.

SOS Feature: Now not just GPS, SOS is an important thing for parents. Pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds will send an emergency notification to 3 persons. (that you saved in your emergency contacts on the app.) 

Battery Life:  QQ watch has battery life of 2-4 days in normal use. In standby mode, it can last upto 15 days on single charge. And takes puroper 3 hours to fully charge the watch.

Note: its support GSM 2G sim watch you can buy from here 

Check its all features and current price 


  • Good battery life
  • Cartoon watch strap for kids
  • Better storage 


  • Games missing 
  • 2G network support
  • Not fully waterproof

3.Vowor Kids Smart Watch

The next one is 4G Vowor Kids Smartwatch. The watch has the latest technology features with 4G sim support. This watch has an $89.99 price on Amazon. The watch supports both IoS and Android with the Leefine app.

GPS: It has GPS support alongside AGPS, which means you always get the accurate spot of your kid everytime and let your child be safe.

Waterproof: Vowor Kids Smart Watchkids smartwatch comes with IP standard 67, which means your kid can play with water without worrying about smartwatch.

Battery Life: Battery is the core thing of the smartwatches. And everyone wanted an electronic thing that has good battery life. And this watch can give you disappointment. This watch only has 1 day of battery life. Which I think is not good for you kid. But if you don’t have any issue with this then maybe, this is the best watch for your kid.

SOS: Vowor Kids smartwatch has different SOS. You may or may not like it by activating the emergency mode. It will send sos notification to all of your saved contacts. And all of the contacts will let you know that your kid is in danger.

Check out it’s all features and current price on amazon


  • 4G sim card supported
  • Waterproof
  • Video calling 


  • Poor battery life
  • No games

4.PTHTECHUS Kids Smartwatch

Finally comes a watch which has pre-installed games. The PTHTECHUS kids smartwatch can be an excellent watch for your kid. It has a price of $89.99 on Amazon.

You can say this is not a smartwatch but a smartphone. With having all those functions on the watch. You can do many things with the watch.

Video call and chat: Its support two-way video calling feature. You can send pictures and videos on chat and this is a great way to make the conversation interesting with your kid.

GPS + LPS: Now with the help of this advanced feature, you can track child real-time location anytime, anywhere. LBS function supports Positioning error

Waterproof:  You may seem to have some disportment hair but the watch works only under less than 1 meter in 30 minutes. It has an ip 65 standard.

Apart from that is has some great fesaures which you can explore here 


  • Class mode
  • 2way calling
  • Advanced gps


  • Not fully waterproof

5.Rayph Smartwatch 

Here is our next watch. I am not sure about this brand but after reaching a couple of hours on Amazon, some blog posts and YouTube. I found this is the watch that you won’t regret buying.

Now it can do many functions Including tracking the accurate location of your kid using GPS/LBS features. Let’s talk about some of them. 

  • Whether you have an Iphone or an Android smartwatch, this watch is compatible with the both.
  • SeTracker 2 is a compatible app for this watch. 
  • By enabling SOS features, you can reshed upto 3 saved numbers in your contact.
  • If your child is a bunker? Capture your child’s surroundings directly through the app and take pictures where he is.
  • Improve learning with fun. It has some math games that may help your child to calculate math while playing games.
  • With class mode on, no one will disturb your child.

But that not it it more feature than you just read check out all here on amazon

For age: 3 to 12 years


  • Battery life is good
  • IP67 standard rating
  • Accurate GPS


  • 2G GSM support

6.Lil Tracker LT-1000

Now rather than having normal chinese kids smartwatch. Parents need to ensure that they buy the best for their kids and have something repetitive. So here comes the watch from Lil Tracker.

Now this watch has all the latest functionality that you kids might need. 

  • It supports both the ios and Android app with a price of $129.99. It’s available in three different colors black, pink, and purple. 
  • IP standard 67 rating is given to this watch that means it can work below 0.5 meter upto 20 minutes.
  • GPS + LBS makes the tracking system more accurate and with less errors. It gives you real time tracking.
  • Get alert if your kids cross your predetermined areas on the app.
  • SOS help is available in this watch
  • Your kids make friends by adding other mates who has the same smartwatch 
  • 1- 2 days of battery backup
  • DND mode
  • Take picture with the camera and send to your parents 

Now the great thing I found out in this watch is that it gives you 1 year of limited warranty, so you can rely on the company.

Check out its all feature and current price on its official website 


  • Comes with latest features 
  • warranty 
  • 4g support
  • Advance GPS


  • SIM Card Required
  • Haven’t found reviews 

7.Gizmowatch: Disney Edition

No sim, no problem. If you don’t like sim card watches or having a bad experience, then I bet you will love this watch. The new Gizmowatch Disney Edition will be a great watch for this christmas eve gift. The disney stap is so good and premier that your kid will fall in love.

Now to do calling and other things, its support 4g network and you to sign up for Verizon network for 15/month. Meaning, instead of dim, you require a monthly subscription of Verizon. 

It’s not only just a time telling watch, but it can track your kids health too. It can tell your steps and to do a list of patented apps.

You can step the GPS across the location’s limit. Whenever your kid goes away from that range, you will get notified immediately.

With version active subscription will let you call your anytime. Its 2 way calling also gives your child the feature to stay in contact with all 10 trusted contacts that you saved on the apetend app.

Not only calling, but it has some fitness features like steps counting, tracking your goal and activity throughout the day. And, it also sends you a scheduled reminder, set up on event notification.

There are many other beautiful straps (20mm) available for this which you can buy on Amazon. 

But the Disney strap kills the look.

It supports IPX7, which means this watch is waterproof and tested. 

Check out its features and current price on amazon.


  • Great reviews
  • Downloadable apps
  • Waterproof
  • GPS


  • Poor battery backup

8.LDB Direct GPS smartwatch:

LDB is another affordable option for parents. With the price of just $39.99 on Amazon, this watch comes with great features. You kids can take pictures, play math games and set an alarm. 

Yes, this watch is built with advanced AGPS + LPS function, which means less tracking error. The watch is accurate outdoors but indoors, you may see minor errors.

If your kids see a bad guy or fall and get injured or lost somewhere, then the child can send SOS notifications to 3 people. Then your kid can quickly reach your child and see what happened. (Tell you kid not to joke with SOS )

The watch comes with an IP standard 67 rating waterproof smartwatch for kids with GPS. Your child can play with water without worrying about any damage on his smartwatch.

Check out its all features and current price on amazon

For age : 4 to 12


  • Accurate Local tracking
  • Have microphone and speaker 
  • Calling feature


  • Indoor GPS problem

9.Lsflair kids Smartwatch

If you haven’t found any gaming smartwatch, don’t wait any more. Lsflair kids watch is perfect for you kid if your child loves to play inside. BECAUSE THIS WATCH COME WITH 7 IN BUILT PUZZLE GAMES THAT IS AMAZING TO PLAY. 

This watch has a price of $30.99 on Amazon.

  • Comes with 1gb Free SD card to play music and take pictures with limitations.
  • Your child can activate the emergency system to send you notification when a child is in trouble.
  • You can set dnd mode for classes or tution of your child.
  • Whether you or your child wanted to talk. Don’t worry then it has two way calling features.
  • This watch only support 2g GSM sin from speedtalk

Check out its all features and current price on amazon 


  • Free SD card
  • Two way calling


  • Not waterproof
  • GPS hasn’t work outdoor

10.Timex Family Connect

Timex family connect smartwatch is another great and premier offer for you kids with a price of $168.00. Yes it’s expensive but better than some other watches. This is a great quality watch and has 4GB of memory, only available in one color (space blue). 

Now T-mobile also gives EMI options for 24 months. 

Let’s talk about some features of this watch. 

It offers you two ways of calling: You can call your child or your child can call you whenever you need . Only available to approved contacts. 

Real time location sharing optio. With his advanced gps tracking system. And also its patent app notifies you whenever you kids cross the safe zone ( set in app )

Get notified whenever you kid presses the SOS button. Messages will directly be delivered to the phone.

Now it is not waterproof, but only water resistant. 

You need to install patent app Timex FamilyConnec mobile app.

Check out it’s all FAQ and features + price on official t-mobile website 


  • Well reputed company 
  • Great feature including game
  • Fast touch screen 
  • Great battery backup


  • Only work in US, mexico and canada 
  • Not a waterproof watch (but water resistance)

11.Themoemoe Kids smartwatch

Our next watch is Themoemoe Kids smartwatch, affordable and better watch. This watch is for 4 to 8 years old kids. It has a price of $29.99 on Amazon. It can do many things. 

  • It has an advanced GPS (AGPS ) tracker, and can accurately tell your kid accurate location.
  • Two way call can keep your kid connected with loved ones
  • Front camera will help you  kid to record wonderful pics with high definition camera
  • Set DND when your kids  on classroom this feature will stop game, camera and calls
  • Manufacturer recommended 2g sim card from speed talk for better connection
  • Sos feature is available for security for your kid
  • Math game inbuild 

For age: 4 to 8


  • Gps accurate GPS
  • Camera, flashlight and 2 way calling
  • Great 3 day battery life


  • Worthless without sim
  • Not waterproof

Checkout its latest price and features on amazon

12.INIUPO Smartwatch 

Another watch in the 15 best GPS Watches for Kids list is INIUPO Smartwatch. This is a cheap smartwatch with a price of $31.99. Manufacture gives you a free 1GB SD card. So that your kid can listen and take the best pictures with any limitation.

INIUPO Smartwatch has 7 games for your kids. Including carb grab, ultimate racing, 2048, pinball hit, eat gold, basketball shooter and plan fight. 

This watch can do many functions except calling. Still track, play games and do all the things.

Even if you install the patent app. Yes most of the functions can be done with an app.

It has some more feature like; 

  • camera
  • Music player
  • Recorder alarm 
  • DND

Check out its all features and current price on amazon


  • Games
  • Two way call
  • Works with sim 


  • Gps hasn’t good enough 

13. Trackme Kids Smart

Next watch on this list is Trackme kids smart. This watch may not be available in some countries. You can check it by searching on Amazon. This watch mainly comes with tracking features with a price of just $16. It will track your kid location accurately. 

Let’s see what this watch can do:

  • Not only kids but Senior citizens can also wear this watch.
  • Two way calling feature is in the watch. It required sim card to work
  • With SOS features you can let your kids play anywhere anytime.
  • Never get late for this class with alarm feature. 
  • Don’t let anyone disturb your child while he studying with DND feature 
  • If you kid likes usain bolt and runs away from home sometimes this watch will notify you whenever your kids leave your determined area.
  • In the app you can set upto 10 contact contacts and an sos contact for your kid. And only a saved person can call you child. 
  • Keep reminding you when battery got low.

Check out its price on amazon


  • Many features in less price 
  • Two way calling
  • Great battery life 


  • Not a waterproof
  • Works in some countries.


Our next watch is TICKTALK. This watch is again a little expensive but better than other watches. The watch comes with the price of $159.99 on its official website. And gives you the best features. Unlike other GPS watches for kids. This watch has the better reviews than other check out here

Let’s talk about the things that this watch can do. 

It’s not less than premier watch. It has the most advanced and complete feature that you can totally rely on this watch. You kids will never ask for a phone if you buy your child that watch. 

It has a 2 way video calling, voice calling makes things easy to let you see or talk to your kid anytime, anywhere. You can only call the saved contacts.

It comes with a 2MP HD camera. Your child can take pictures like a pro photographer and send you directly.

Messaging features work just like WhatsApp. Not only text, but you can also share, picture voice on 2 way messaging features. It comes with a preset text option like I’m busy calling you later. Just like we have the quick text option on the phone.

With having the support of 4G technology in this watch GPS tracking got better. It tells your child location accurately the last position tracker, and safe zone feature also present in this watch.

You forget something to tell your child. Well ticktalk watch got this. You can set your own desired reminders on watch and set the time. Like “Drink water” and set that before your child sleep time. Watch with a ring and tell your kid that reminder. You can add up to 20 reminders .

Don’t worry if your child is a fan of Aquaman, he can play with water. Don’t worry! This watch comes with IP 67 water resistance. 

You might not see kids watches with that watch faces tick talk has awesome and cool cartoon watch faces that your child will love.

Here comes the best watch. Company has provided you with a free sim card with this watch. You can choose either AT&T or T-mobile’s network. Check out details and offers on its official website.

Check out it’s all features and current price on ticktalk website


  • Most recommend GPS watch for kids 
  • Great camera 
  • Video call feature 


  • No SOS
  • Normal battery life
  • Expensive 

15. Owl Cole GPS smartwatch for kids

Our last one on the 15 best GPS Watches for kids list is the Owl Cole smartwatch. It’s a 4g smartwatch with a GPS tracker. Now owl cole mentioned that they have an extremely long battery life, and yes they do have it actually. The watch will work around 2-3 days on a single charge. 

The drawback is that it only works if you live in the USA. You need to buy a separate 4g sim to track the location of your child. For USA people, it has speedtalk GSM or T-Mobile SIM suggestions. 

This watch has a price of around $36.99 on Amazon. This watch manufacturer is active and they update service frequently. The last update comes with 4g support.

Two way calling features are there to support your child. Also, you call video calls. But saved contacts only. 

How can you buy a watch that doesn’t know the value of child moments? They watch comes with an HD camera so your child can take his beautiful moments to remember later.

That not it: 

  • Alarm 
  • Daily schedule
  • Pedometer 
  • Real time gps tracking 
  • Sos
  • waterproof

Is out there to support your child.

Check out its all details on amazon and official website 

For age: 5 to 12


  • 24/7 Contact support available 
  • Great battery life 


  • Work only in america
  • GPS wworks if your watch is still not traveling 

My top recommendation is Timex FamilyConnect and TICKTALK. Because, this watch has great reviews, has their own website and support, so it’s a secure thing for you, else, all watches are great and have good reviews. So you can choose anyone you like that suits your kids.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me, let me know in the comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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Have a great day!!! 


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