3 Ways You Can Use Your Apple Watch With Your Mac

3 Ways You Can Use Your Apple Watch With Your Mac

Apple offers plenty of options when it comes to connected devices. Apple Watch and MacBooks can work together to maintain a healthy and continued workflow. If you think that Apple Watch is restricted to fitness features only, you will be amazed to explore the incredible ways you can use this smart gadget for.

From unlocking the Mac to controlling music and apps, use your Apple Watch when the Magic Mouse is not around.

When your Apple Watch is on your wrist, your MacBook can sense its presence and log you in automatically. You just need to wake up your Mac, and the system will automatically let you in without entering the password. You can then control your computer from the Apple Watch.

Unlock Your Mac

First things first, your need to check the hardware and software requirements beforehand. We have mentioned the list of compatible devices and operating systems later in this section. Also, click hereOpens in a new tab. to learn more about bypassing the activation lock screen on iPads and iPhones. 

If you want to check that your system supports Auto Lock, hold down the Option key, tap on the Apple menu available in the top-left corner, and click System Information. Next, select the WiFi tab displayed under the Network tab, click Interfaces, and check if it supports Auto Unlock.

To start the process of unlocking the Mac, you need to meet a few prerequisites. Ensure that the BlueTooth and WiFi are enabled on Mac computers. In addition, the Apple Watch and Mac must be signed in to the same iCloud account using the same Apple ID. You must set up a passcode on the watch.

Click on the Apple menu once again, tap on System Preferences, and click on Security & Privacy. Check the checkbox available with Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac option available under the General tab.

Next time when you try to install an app and Mac asks you for the passcode; your Apple Watch will automatically confirm the installation. In addition, it will tweak settings in the System Preferences without asking you for the passcode.

When your watch unlocks something or manages any request or permission, you will get a slight buzz along with a message that informs you that your Mac is unlocked.

With watchOS 3 or later versions, you can use the Auto Unlock feature on the following models running macOS Sierra or the latest operating system.

  • iMac Pro
  • MacStudio
  • iMac 2013 or later
  • Mac Pro 2013 or later 
  • Mac Mini 2014 or later
  • MacBook 2015 or later 
  • MacBook Air 2013 or later
  • MacBook Pro 2013 or later

Your Mac must be running macOS High Sierra or later to use the Auto Unlock feature using Apple Watch Series 3.

Control Music

To control the music you are playing on your Mac via your watch, launch the Remote app on the Apple Watch, click Add Device, and note down the four-digit number that appears. Open Music on your computer and select Apple Watch from the list displayed under Devices.

On pre-Catalina Macs, click on the Remote button available in the top left section of the iTunes window. Type in the four-digit number that you have noted down earlier. You will soon receive a message notifying you that you can control iTunes or Music using the Remote app. Click OK to complete the process.

Now you can play a song on your Mac, and the playback screen will be displayed on your watch from where you can control it remotely. You can now play, pause, restart or skip the song using your Apple Watch.

The feature gives you the flexibility to control your playlist on the Mac from your watch. You don’t have to stay around your computer to enjoy the music. This adds value to the Apple products and makes them worth investing in.

Open a Mobile App

You can do more than unlock your Mac or control the playlist using the watch. Downloading an app requires you to stick to your computer till the process completes. That’s no longer the case with Apple Watch. It allows you to open any app or control a presentation on your Mac.

You need to install the Keynote app to be able to open apps on your Mac from the Apple Watch. To get started, open Keynote on macOSOpens in a new tab. and go to Preferences. Tap to turn on Remotes and connect your iPhone. Not open the Keynote app on your iPhone and then turn on the remote access. Now, before the presentation starts, open the Keynote app on Apple Watch and control the slides remotely.

How to Pair & Set Up Your Apple Watch?

Put your Apple Watch on the wrist, adjust the band so that it fits comfortably. Press and hold the side button to turn on the watch and wait till the Apple logo appears. Bring your iPhone closer to the watch and wait for the pairing screen to display on the phone, and click Continue. Select the Set Up for Myself option.

When the screen prompts, place your iPhone so that the watch can appear in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. Once the Apple Watch appears in the app, the pairing process for two devices completes. Now, it’s time to set up the Apple Watch; for which you need to follow the instructions that appeared on the Apple Watch and iPhone screen to finish the setup process.

Finding Difficulty Using Apple Watch and Mac?

If you are finding it difficult to use Apple Watch to control the features on the macOS, go to the Security & Privacy preferences, uncheck the option that says Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac. Restart your computer and turn the settings on. Also, ensure that the macOS is not using internet sharing features or screen sharing.

The Conclusion

Using Apple Watch and Mac together can expand the horizon of features that both devices offer while giving you the flexibility to discover more. Unlocking apps from a remote location will add value to the productivity levels, while controlling music from proximity will add more entertainment to the leisure time. 

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