5 Best Clip On Fitness Trackers in 2021

A clip on a fitness band has to be attached to the body of the user. It has to be clipped on to the belt or some other items of clothing. The main function is to give you basic information about your workout and health, info like the number of calories burned, average speed, number of calories burned, average speed, number of steps taken, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. 

Practically the entirety of the best-evaluated clip on trackers are lightweight. You can connect them to your body and not feel any weight. Wearing a band is irritating to many individuals and these trackers offer an answer for that issue on the off chance that you need to appreciate the advantages of following with no sensation of encumbrance. 

Another motivation behind why numerous individuals decide on this sort of tracker is their unnoticeable nature. You can attach it to the rear of your belt, and nobody will see you are subtly wearing a tracker. Additionally, numerous work environments, (for example, medical caretakers) deny a wide range of wearables. In this way, such individuals can keep the principles and still accomplish their objectives with these trackers. Isn’t it something you’ve generally been needing to get? 

They are like wellness trackers and have all the highlights of them with an additional capacity that they can be cut anyplace. They probably won’t have touchscreen shows, yet they will give you itemized data about your exercise on your cell phone. Indeed, a couple of the wellness trackers likewise accompany the capacity of being cut or appended, so you can utilize it as both! 

There are various kinds of wellness gadgets on the lookout. You have your smartwatches, Fitness Bands and Applications, Clip-on trackers, and some more. The greater part of the clasp on trackers have limitlessly better battery life, which just should be supplanted following 7-8 months of utilization. In this way, you won’t need to stress over charging them short-term every day. Simply get them and continue ahead with your wellness objectives.

Best Clip-on Fitness Trackers in 2020

Regardless of whether you are a gym freak focused on a New Years’ goal to get fit, or essentially a health-conscious person, get one of these trackers. They will make your exercise energizing and assist you with being more beneficial. 

Having the option to keep tabs on your development is one more apparatus in your munitions stockpile to keep spurred to get and all the more critically, remain fit. As I said above, there are a lot of clips on trackers, however, in this article, we will zero in on best-evaluated action trackers that can be cut. What are they, and for what reason would it be advisable for you to get them over a wellness band? We should discover. 

To help you locate the ideal tracker for yourself, I have accumulated an elite of the 5 best gadgets. Peruse their audit in full detail to locate the best one for yourself.

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless 

The Fitbit Flex wireless looks like a wrist tracker, but one can convert it to a clip-on as the main tracker itself is removable. Put it in a clip holder, you have your clip-on-tracker. You can choose whichever way you want with Fitbit, which is fantastic.

Produced using rubber, this gadget is overly lightweight. It is accessible in two sizes, Small and Large, and ten tones, Black, Pink, Blue, Gray, Red, Slate, Teal, Tangerine, Navy, and Violet. Its body is water-confirmation with 1 ATM rating. This makes it sprinkle, downpour, and sweat-safe, however, you can’t take it to the pool and I wouldn’t suggest wearing it in the shower. Besides, Fitbit suggests keeping it perfect and dry for your skin. 

The tracker collaborates with you by means of its 5 LEDs, which are shown on the top. They flicker when you have accomplished your objective or when the battery is low. There is no presentation on the Flex, and you need to check your advancement and information through the Fitbit App. 

Discussing highlights, Flex has a bounty. It has a movement location, which implies it will begin to accept information when you start to work out. You don’t need to set it up for a specific exercise; it will change all alone. It can follow cycling, running, strolling, and rest stages. There is no pulse or swim tracker. 

This brand has a battery life of 7 days at least. It can go as long as 10 days in the event that you are a moderate client. Charging time, then again, isn’t so extraordinary, it takes 2 hours to go from 0 to 100%. In this way, charging it short-term would be the most ideal approach or build up a normal that works with your exercise plan, for instance, constantly plugging it in on Sunday and Wednesday night. You would prefer not to chance that trusting that your tracker will charge will postpone your exercise.

Pros Cons 
Slim and numerous band designs Not swim proof 
Available in many colours No display available 
Can be also used as clip-on or wrist tracker High priced 
Excellent battery life 
Sweat and water-resistant 

This tracker comes with a display unlike the first one. It shows the time and statistics of the day. This screen is produced using OLED innovation, so it is splendid and exact. You won’t experience any difficulty perusing it significantly under the sun.

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2. Fitbit one (wireless)

The  Fitbit One Wireless is a clip-on fitness tracker. Its measurements are 0.8×0.4×1.9 inches, so it is pretty small and discreet. It is just available in a single size and has two colours, which are black and burgundy. Both colors look impressive.

The Fitbit One can follow steps, check the number of floors climbed, distance covered, calories consumed, dynamic minutes, and other comparable highlights. It additionally has rest following for which it accompanies a rest wristband inside the crate. Wear it short-term without the concern of falling it off. Notwithstanding, to get to this information in detail, you should introduce the Fitbit App. 

This tracker isn’t swim-confirmation, and the client ought to keep away from any pointless contact with water. In any case, it can deal with the downpour, sweat, and water sprinkles, yet nothing excessively hard. 

Extraordinary compared to other selling purposes of this gadget is its remote matching up with tablets and workstations. It utilizes BlueTooth and WiFi for that reason so you can have all the subtleties of your day in one spot. 

The battery life of this smaller than usual tracker is superb. It can last as long as about fourteen days on a solitary charge, however common time with incessant utilize would be 7 – 10 days. In this way, go into your exercises without the concern of keeping it charged constantly. 

The lone issue with this item is its cost. Not every person can manage the cost of it, which will be an issue for many individuals.

Excellent tracking features High price
Accurate tracking of activities The clip is not rugged, needs to handle with care
Silent alarms Absence of heart rate monitor
Clean finish 
Extra long battery 

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3. Garimin Vivofit 3

Garmin Vivofit 3 is a hybrid fitness tracker. Its availability as a wrist tracker, however, it can be converted to clip-on. For that, you can take the main module out and install it on a belt clip. However, you will have to buy this belt on your own as there is none sold by Garmin. 

This tracker is accessible in two sizes and tones. The models are Regular and Extra huge, and for shading, you will pick among Black and White. Plan astute, this isn’t the most attractive tracker. Garmin has not zeroed in much on its stylish and appearance. Nonetheless, it is justifiable, given its low cost. It is there to take care of business and not look reflexive or trendy. 

The tracker has a little screen of 64 by 64 pixels. There is a little catch underneath it, which is utilized to look between different information focuses. You can explore between fundamental data, for example, date, steps check; distance voyaged, time, and some more. In addition, it can likewise be utilized to begin any action or sync the band to the portable. 

Much the same as Fitbit, Vivofit 3 can naturally identify which practice you are doing and begin taking readings. Aside from the center ones, for example, cycling, running, cardio, and strolling, the band can likewise follow the nature of rest. Introduce the Garmin Connect App to see these bits of knowledge in full detail. 

The stand apart component of Vivofit 3 is its battery life. It is non-battery-powered however can keep going for longer than a year prior to you need to supplant the battery (one CR1632 battery). In this way, there is one less gadget that you need to stress over charging during your day. 

With an MSRP under 60 dollars, this is perhaps the best arrangement you can get. First-time purchasers should look at this one.

Pros Cons 
One year of battery life Reset activity history 
It can be used as clip-on or wrist tracker Old design
Comfortable to wearLack of vibration 
Excellent value for moneyOne button for everything 

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4. Fitbit Zip (wireless)

This one is the most popular Clip-on Tracker on this list. It’s loved by people because of its simple design and its accurate readings. You can simply attach it on the edge of your jeans pocket, and you are good to go. 

The Fitbit Zip (Wireless) tracker is accessible in three shadings Lime, Blue, and Charcoal. The most unknown of which is Charcoal. To the extent the plan goes, Fitbit Zip has a squarish case that has a screen in the centre. This presentation will show your quick objectives and targets. The whole body is produced using plastic, and it weighs only 9 grams. At this weight, the client will likely fail to remember in the wake of putting it on, so be cautious. 

A portion of the fundamental highlights of this tracker are-following distance, steps, calories consumed, defining objectives, and accomplishing targets. At the point when you complete explicit objectives, you will get a few identifications, which you can show on your dashboard. You can contend with your loved ones for these identifications, and make it intriguing. Not at all like a little well-disposed rivalry to remain roused. Your advancement will be transferred on the Fitbit App, which you can get to by means of your cell phone or PC. 

To match up with a PC, turn on BlueTooth, and the tracker will consequently interface with your gadget. 

The body of the tracker is water and sweat safe. Fitbit exhorts not to go into the pool with this gadget. 

The tracker has a battery life of a half year, after which you should get it supplanted with a watch-style player since it is non-battery-powered. By and large, Fitbit Zip is an incredible bundle, ideal for a wide range of individuals.

Pros Cons 
Good Connectivity options Battery life may be less than the claimed 6 months 
Easy syncing with a laptop or smartphone Shape is a little awkward for conveniently tucking it away 
It weighs less Expensive Pricing 
Simple interface 
Minimalistic Design 

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5. Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker 

As of recently, all the items in this rundown have been very careful and direct, however not this one. Bellabeat Leaf is a shiny and jazzy fitness tracker, it is for the individuals who have nothing to stow away. It is accessible in five exceptionally one of a kind tones Chakra Black, Chakra Gray, Urban Black, Silver, and Urban Gray. These are oval and have a metal-leaf like a plan on the top. From the outset, it doesn’t resemble a wellness tracker. You can wear it as a bit of adornment or a neckband. 

Aside from its magnificence, this is additionally a wellness GPS beacon. It can follow steps, distance voyaged, screen rest, tally the number of steps, and screen your feelings of anxiety. The last one being the stand apart component of the gadget. It has explicit rules for breathing activities to lessen the feelings of anxiety of the client. Last, yet not least, is its latency updates, which reminds you to go for a stroll when you have been sitting for extensive stretches. 

The solitary thing which this gadget needs is a screen. You can not perceive any readings on its surface, and there are not even any LED lights. In this way, everything must be gotten through the Bellabeat App, which you need to introduce on your cell phone. 

The battery life of this tracker is around a half year, as it is non-battery-powered. It doesn’t last any more than this, so you should supplant it occasionally. Be that as it may, it is smarter to change the battery like clockwork than to charge it consistently. You would prefer not to lose your following abilities, nor lose your inspiration to practice since you neglected to charge your wellness tracker.

Pros Cons 
Fashionable device Only targeted towards women 
Versatile design so can be used in many ways Size is a bit on the big side
IPX-6 grade water resistance Sleep tracking is not accurate 
Seamless syncing with the appTracking in general is not as accurate as other devices. 
Help you track your menstrual cycle 
Value for money is ideal

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I have summed all kinds of Clip-on trackers. They start from about 20 dollars and go all the way up to around 300 dollars. They have different features, as some of them are waterproof while others are not. Be sure to know what you are going to do with your tracker before buying it. Do some thorough research and finalize the one which has all the features you are looking for and is in your budget.

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