Choosing the best smartwatch or a normal wristwatch is currently the hardest decision to make while shopping online on the internet. Because there are many options available to choose from. Even some big watches companies are decreasing the amount of producing wristwatches and focusing more on producing smartwatches.

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Because in this modern era, nobody wants a watch that just tells time or date. Instead, spending the same amount on the smartwatch can give you a lot more features and keep you up to date.

Image Details   Current price
A Great display

long Battery life

3D display
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LTE version

Great build quality

Waterproof (50m) 
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Best watch on this list

Great design

Wear os support
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Affordable wrist watch 

Beautiful Design
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Light weight

Affordable price

10 days battery life
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Fully waterproof

Sports mode

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Best affordable watch

Build in more features

Responsive UI 
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45 Battery life

Great design and lightweight

Fully waterproof 
Check Price
Females features

Great design
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Best watch in this price range

Great display and design

Good battery life ( not best )
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water and swim proof with IP68

10-day battery life

fitness smartwatch
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Okay, so now you know that wristwatches and smartwatch watches have the same amount of price. (unless it’s Rolex). So ask yourself why you want to spend money on the wristwatch. Why don’t you buy a smartwatch that can help you to do several things to keep your life less difficult.

Now which watch is the best and why do you buy that watch? After researching for weeks, I found the top 11 smartwatches and wristwatches that fit your budget and style. I will assign all the watches from high to low price.  

The watches that I have listed belong to the well-known brands. Because I don’t recommend buying a Chinese smartwatch. My friend Vishal and I had made that mistake earlier.

So let’s dive into the best affordable women’s watches.

1. HUAWEI WATCH GT 2: $155

Image credit: huawei

Our first on the best affordable women’s watches list is HUAWEI WATCH GT 2. Now HUAWEI is a well-known company. You can totally rely on their products. This watch has good features in this price range. Let’s talk about its main features in a little brief. 

The best feature on this watch is the battery life. It will usually work up to 15 hours if you use it constantly and in the standby mode, it can run up to 1 week. 

Quick tip here. 

There are two different variants of the watch. 

  1. 42mm
  2. 46mm

Battery life varies on which model you choose. For more information, check the below-mentioned picture. 

Now display is the first player of the watch. If your watch’s display is premium, then there are better chances people will be influenced by you. Huwai comes with the slime cured 3D AMOLED display with a 9.4mm thin body, which is the best in my opinion. 

If the display is 3D, then imagine the watch face. It would be amazing. Right? 

My friend Monish has the same watch and when I  first saw the display, it was looking like a techy Jarvis thing. I love the 3D display and it also looks good with other cool watch faces. 

The other feature of this watch is fitness and medical. With its fitness and nutrition features, you can become your own nutritionist. Some apps can guide you to create an actionable diet plan that works according to your goal. Apart from that, it has many sports modes. Let’s take an example, if you’ve a goal where you want to track your arm wing speed while playing golf, you can do it with this watch. HUAWEI GT2 has golf features and includes 14 more like this.

Not only a fitness coach, consider yourself a Full to doctor (a doctor who knows the basic information about Ecg, heart rate etc.). This watch helps you to track your SpO2 and heart rate.

Let’s move to another good feature which is sleep tracking. If you follow a stick routine, then having a good sleep is important to keep you active the whole day. With the Huawei sleep feature, you can check your sleep timing, deep sleep and wake up time. It will also give you some and guide how you can improve your sleep. And if you face sleep disorders then having a sleep-tracking feature is an essential feature.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2  has GPS (GLONASS ) features that can help you explore new routes. With GPS, you can track any route from anywhere in the world. It’s Satellite Positioning Systems gives you the most accurate and fast positioning. If you are traveling, having an advanced GPS is a must.

  • A Great display
  • Battery life
  • No third party apps

2. Garmin Vivoactive Verizon: $154

image credit: garmin

Now Garmin is a great and trustworthy company and provides quality products and Garmin Vivoactive 3 Verizon watch can be your great purchase under this price range. Let’s talk in detail.

The Garmin Active 3 Verizon is a really good slim and lightweight watch. You wear it once and you will forget that it’s on your wrist.

The watch comes with 2 versions. 

  1. Garmin Vivo active and
  2. Garmin Vivo active Verizon version ( LTE )

We’ll talk about the “Verizon” version here because I have a personalized experience with this watch. 

As you know the LTE version supports cellular connection. Meaning, you don’t need a phone to use this watch, nor Bluetooth or a WiFi connection. Watch works on its own cellular network. But you may require a Verizon subscription to play with its features.

The best feature among all is that it has the SOS feature switch that can be used to send it to your emergency contacts. When you down the menu button for 4 seconds, your emergency contact will get a message like this:

(Hi, {your name} has tapped the emergency button, {he/she} might need your help. Here’s the live location of sender: (location of google map) )

How amazing? Isn’t it? 

No need to connect the phone to listen to music. By having an LTE network, you can download up to 5000 music right on your smartwatch on your own, like spotify.

Verizon allows you to directly send and receive a message on a smartwatch. 

Going for an adventure track? You don’t get out your smartphone from the pocket to connect or something. With having an LTE network support, you can directly support your route on the smartwatch. 

Having a Verizon version doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your phone. By connecting with a phone, you can save much more battery than it’s LTE version. With smartwatch mode, it can stay alive up to 4 days but if you connected to Verizon, it’s only gonna take 4-5 hour to shut down. 

Its supports other features like: 

  • Garmin pay
  • Sports features 
  • Sleep tracking features 
  • Waterproof (50m)

Here you can find all the Verizon plans for Garmin Vivo active 3 on the internet. 

In a nutshell, it is the one of the best and affordable women watches with amazing features.

You can check out all the features and review on below video.

  • LTE version
  • Great build quality
  • Poor battery life if you stay on LTE

3. Michael Kors Access Gen 4: $149

Image credit : Michael Kors

Ladies, get your pocket ready. Our next watch on the list is by a fashion designer by the name, Michael Kors. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 is designed for women with the best and affordable price range. 

This gen 4 comes with Google Wear OS support compatible with the iPhone and android smartphone. 

The great thing about the watch is that it comes with rapid fast charging and can charge 70 – 80% in 1 hour. Having a full charge, Gen 4 can last up to 24 hours. And in standby mode, it will take 2 days to shut down. 

This smartwatch has 30m depth. You can say, it’s Swimproof instead of waterproof support, which is not so bad in this price range. 

This watch mainly focuses on its design. With Google Wear OS, the watch becomes more premium and good to buy. 

This watch has interchangeable straps features in it. Meaning, you don’t have to rely on just one colour. You can change the straps according to your wear or occasion.

  • Easily track your heart rate
  • Gps tracking 
  • Get calls and notifications 
  • And also you will get the 2 years of warranty if you buy from official store

Check out it’s more details and latest price on Micheal kors official website

  • Best watch on this list
  • Great design by designer ( Michael Kors )
  • Wear os support
  • Little heavy

4.versized Jaryn Rose Gold-Tone: $119

Image credit : Michael Kors

Wait, we have one more affordable watch from Micheal kors store. If you want just a normal watch rather than a smartwatch, you can consider that smartwatch. 

I actually won’t list the normal wrist watches. But, while researching some of the details of Gen 4 smartwatch, this watch won my heart in the very first look and I instantly chose and put it on my list. 

I can go under up to 3 ATM with this watch, which means it’s a water-resistant wristwatch with 2 years of warranty. 

The best part that forced me to put it on the best affordable women’s watches is its DESIGN. 

The design’s so beautiful that It won my heart and it will win yours too. I will definitely buy one for my sister on her birthday. And you can consider it too. But remember, it’s just a wristwatch, not a smartwatch.

5. Fitbit Inspire 2: $99.95

Image credit: Fitbit

Fitbit inspire is a fitness tracker watch by Fitbit. And mainly, it is used to track wellness related things. 

It will count your steps, distance and calories that you burned the entire day. Fitness intensity, with 20 sports features and real-time pace and distance, all details will be stored on the Fitbit app.

It comes with the support of the Google fast pair that can help your tracker to save more battery. 

Now if your friend has the same tracker or any Fitbit watch. Then you can easily track and see each other details on the group option in the app. You can also set challenges for each activity.

If you purchase Fitbit inspires 2, Fitbit will offer you benefits of its premium version for 1 year. 

Now in premium feature, you will discover some advanced features like nutrition guide, goal workouts plans, and 1-1 coaching. Now there are lots of features that Fitbit provides with their premium plan. Check out Fitbit premium feature.

Since it’s a fitness tracker, you can easily expect 10 days of battery life from this watch. However, it varies on the users.

In the health and wellness part, it will track your heart rate 24/7, resting heart rate, breathing guide, Menstrual and food logging. 

It has good sleep tracking which tells you your total sleep. Deep sleep and wake up time. And If you have sleep disorders. Try premium 1-1 coaching. They will guide you how you can improve your sleep. 

Check out it’s all feature and current price on the Fitbit official website.

  • Light weight
  • Affordable price
  • 10 days battery life
  • No Gps

6. Cubitt Smart Watch CT3: $84.99

Image credit: cubitt

Next one on the best affordable women’s watches list is Cubitt Smart Watch CT3 and with the price of $84.99, it can do lots of things.

It will provide you serval features like: 

  • Calories counting 
  • Sedentary alert 
  • DND 
  • Heart rate monitoring 
  • Sleep tracking 

It also supports Waterproof IP standard, IP68, which is pretty awesome in this price range.

Other basic feature are: 

  • Call and messaging notification 
  • Your social media notification 

Overall, it’s a basic fitness tracker + smartwatch. You can wear it in the gym or office because of its classy designs. 

Check out its features and latest price on the official website

  • Fully waterproof
  • Sports mode
  • GPS
  • Haven’t find bad reviews yet

7. Ticwatch E: $79.99

Image credit: Android authority

Let’s move on to the next watch which is the Ticwatch E by the Mobaoi Company. It’s an excellent watch for beginners. Now if you haven’t used a smartwatch yet, then it’s the time. Twitch E has great features and it has an affordable price of $50. 

All the core features are in the watch. 

It has the best design. TICWATCH E smartwatch won the design award in 2007. This watch is so lightweight that you can wear it for the entire day. 

TICWATCH E comes with the Google Wears OS system, which makes its features more exciting. 

Features like voice assistant and Google Fit are there to support you. NOT Google Pay (because no NFC )

It will track your heart rate for 24/7. Gives you notification if anything goes wrong or abnormal.

Also Proximity sensors, Accelerometer, e-Compass and Gyroscope are present. 

It has features like;

  • Gps feature
  • Mic/Speaker
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67)

Overall, it’s a good watch under this price range. 

I have researched and found that the only issue with this device is its battery life.

Currently, this watch can work for the whole day in standby mode. And regular mode should last upto 3-4 hours.

  • Best watch in this price range
  • Build in all basic features
  • Responsive UI
  • Battery life

8. Amazfit Bip: $69.99

Image credit: Wearable

Charge once and forget the charger for 45 days. Yes you heard it right. Our next watch is Amazfit Bip. This watch has the 45 days of battery backup on standby mode. And the price is just: $69.99.

This watch can easily work for 9 days on single charge in regular use mode. And 22 hour on GPS mode.  

It comes with GPS tracking with GLONASS that helps you track any route distance in the whole world.

It has a great design and it is lightweight. You can barely feel that you have the watch on your wrist.

It has a PPG sensor. It is a heart rate technique which tells you the reading with accuracy, you get notified if anything goes wrong with the heart or exercise reaches the standard. 


Get notification directly on the smartwatch by syncing with your phone. You can accept and reject calls but can’t reply to them. 

Use it under the water, Bip comes with the IP standard 68 rating. It means you can wear it during the hand wash, showering and even while swimming. Touch will not work under water.

This watch is a good option for women if they are a fitness freak. Watch sports mode cover almost every fitness activity. Read all here 

Watch comes with a silicone black strap which (in my opinion) is not for a great look. Bip just focuses on making the lightest smartwatch. BUT if you feel the same buy amazing bip straps from etsy.

But in terms of designs, the watch comes with several colors. Onyx Black, Kokoda Green,Cinnabar Red and White Cloud. Explore here more.

Ohh, I almost forgot that the watch has always on display features, which is pretty useful. You don’t just tap or press the button every time.

  • 45 Battery life
  • Great design and lightweight
  • Fully waterproof
  • No speaker

9. Classic Women Smart Bracelet: $59.99

Image credit: Amazon

Now Classic Women Smart Bracelet by Loluka. Loluka is a Netherlands based company which provides different kinds of smartwatches. According to my research, they provide genuine products and you can rely on them. 

The Classic Women Smart Bracelet is especially made for woman (not a unisex watch), with the same feature like safety periods, ovulation, menstrual reminder. 

With the price of $59.99, the watch has all the basic features that you can expect including fitness mode, watch can track you steps, calories consumption and distance. 

It supports IP standard 67, which means it’s a waterproof watch. 

  • Don’t forget to take the rest with it’s sandatary reminder option.
  • Capture the world with remote control features.
  • Track your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • The watch will remind you whenever you get the notification so you can take action quickly.
  • Don’t forget that sleep is an important part of life. Keep track of your sleep with its sleep tracking feature.
  • Beautiful design and bracelet. 
  • Also, this watch is great if you have a small wrist. 

I consider this watch because the watch does not have a single bad review. Yes, all the buyers are happy with this smartwatch. 

Check out all the features and the latest price on Amazon.

  • Females features
  • Great design
  • NO Bad reviews

10. TicWatch GTX: $59.99

Image credit: mobvoi

Here is another smartwatch – TicWatch GTX. This is similar to Ticwatch E, but the price is lower than E. It is the cheapest watch you can buy now. With a beautiful design, it comes with great features. TicWatch GTX has the price $59.99. Easy to use, all basic functions are available. 

Let’s talk about some of its main features.

With a variety of smartwatch faces, you can easily customize watch faces by doing in the patent app. Even you can click yourself and set it as a smartwatch face.

Call and notification will be directly given on your smartwatch. You can answer them ASAP.

You can use this amazing watch for 10 days on a single charge on a standby mode (means you are just able to see time. If you use it regularly or continuously, expect 6-7 hours, which isn’t that bad.

Where many other smartwatches have some screen lag issue, this watch has a good touch  screen. 

The watch comes with 14 sports mode built-in features where you can make the most out of your smartwatch. 24/7 heart rate monitoring won’t go anywhere while you’re exercising.

Having support of IP standard 68, this smartwatch is swim and sweat proof.
Without being said, this is a good smartwatch. If you don’t want to spend much, consider this smartwatch. You will get some discount here

  • Best watch in this price range
  • Great display and design
  • Good battery life ( not best )
  • Put yourself as watch face
  • NO GPS

11. iConnect By Timex Active: $49.99

Image credit: timex

Our next and last one on this list is iConnect active By Timex. This is a fitness smartwatch and helps you with tracking your activity, calories, steps and distance. 

This watch has two versions one has a rounded kind of display and the second one is a circular. Both watches have the same feature. It’s just the display that is a little different.

Before you get started and buy this watch, I want to tell you this smartwatch is not a touch screen watch. All your activity and other status are measured by the watch and its app.

All the features will be controlled on the app. 

It’s water and swim proof with IP68. under 50M for 30 minutes. It has a decent 10-day battery life.

That’s it. They were the top 11 best affordable women’s watches.

One extra bonus smartwatch for all kinds.

If you are a fan of smartwatches and want something good in terms of smartwatch + health + design + battery + performance,  I have a surprise for you!!! 

Our 12 (bonus) watch is:


Image credit: Wearable

This is a perfect watch for any person. As you know fitbit mainly focuses on smartwatches. So their products are the best among and their top competitors are Apple and Samsung. So you can guess it’s products. 

FITBIT LITE EDITION  is an affordable smartwatch. The price of $125.00 gives you the most complete features. 

Let’s talk about some of its main features.

  1. Start with health and fitness. FITBIT LITE will track your entire day’s heart rate activity in the background. And reminds you. 
  2. Having 15+ sports will measure you every activity and provide you in depth stats directly on fitbit app.
  3. This watch has 3-4 days of battery life. Vary on your usage also.
  4. It’s swim proof . can be used water resistant to 50 meters.
  5. Best part of this watch is it’s not laggy on screen.
  6. Received Notification internetly of the watch.
  7. Track real time track and pace.
  8. Female health features: log periods, symptoms and more.
  9. Interchangeable bands. 

This is the best under the affordable price range. It has a 4.5 rating on Amazon but most people are talking about its music issues.

I researched from all the top reviews websites like techreader, android authority and more. They haven’t talked much about this watch. 

If you’re a fitbit fan and a bit advanced or you want to give it to someone, this will be the best smartwatch amongst all (in this price range). 

Being transparent, it has some drawbacks. 

  • You can’t access to fitbit pay
  • No GPS

Check out it’s detailed features and current price on amazon.

Final Words 

Now there are many options to choose from.

If you want to stay under $100,I will definitely suggest to go with Ticwatch GTX or Ticwatch E.

Check out Ticwatch GTX or Ticwatch E.

And you can afford above $100, then I would highly recommend Micheal kros watch or smartev that I have listed on the 4 and 5 no’s.

Micheal kors is the latest and has Wear OS (smartwatch version), watch design, fashion design, so go for this watch and kill it. 

But before buying, you should know what your priority is? What do you actually want from the smartwatch? 

Battery, looks, design or something else. It depends on you.

Two additional words from Wearable Hacks.

Smartwatches can be a great investment in this modern era. Just like a smartphone and laptop, you must have a smartwatch for your better lifestyle and wellness. The best thing that I like about watches is they can track your health and fitness status which is a great thing. Going for a fitness watch is a good choice. 

Thank you for reading this article. 

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