Best Fitness Trackers For HIIT Workout In 2021

If you’re looking for a way to measure all your progress, a fitness tracker or smartwatch can give you important information on how hard you are working and how far you have come. 

high intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape. Track most of your workout, you need to have the best fitness tracker for HIIT. 

A fitness tracker can be your virtual coach. However there are many products in the market and making  a choice among them can be a difficult task.

HIIT is a popular choice for gym goers who want to sweat it out when time is short or just when you think the hour session on the treadmill isn’t working for you. Intense bursts of exercise with or without gym equipment can quickly ramp up that heart rate and help fight the fat.

So here I am mentioning some reviews and comparison of the best fitness trackers for HIIT.

1. Moov HR sweat and Moov NOW

The best feature in the move sweat is the heart rate monitor and it is well suited to HIIT workouts. Move HR sweat is worn inside a headband and measures heart rate from the side of the head where the skin is thinner, sensor movement is reduced and there’s increased blood flow to produce reliable readings.

It provides the work out of four types one for beginners to for intermediates and one for those looking for some advanced high-intensity sessions with the device tracking your tika and using an AI-powdered coach to tell you when you need to work harder.

The HR sweat is clearly trying to come over the trend happening right now, that is HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT means  the emphasis is on more intense workout for a shorter period of time.


Do you like to wear headbands?

So here you are going to have it. The setup consists of a thin, black machine, washable headband made from nylon and spandex. HR sweat headband is a lot more noticeable than wearing a heart rate monitor on your wrist or underneath your clothes.

It is designed to be worn by all but definitely  it suits better on those who have longer hair.

Moov has decided to move heart rate monitoring further up on the forehead. This is because there are some issues around taking heart rate from the wrist. Things are getting better but there are still many factors that can affect a reading from wrist worn wearable. 

With moov HR sweat you can combine the two wearables to track movement and heart rate at the same time. There are workouts designed to bring the two together including high intensity running for indoor cycling so it’s good fit for spinning classes as well.

  • Solid HIIT workout with a voice coach.
  • Accurate heart rate monitoring
  • Needs more personalization and a broader range of workouts.
  • Requires regular washing.
  • You have to charge it regularly.

Moov HR sweat and moov now are now available on amazon

2. Apple watch series 3

Apple revamp it’s workout app with watch OS 4. With this revamping it involves a new mode for HIIT.  This new update is available on all existing watch models including the series 3. It helps ramp up your high intensity workouts.

This new update lets you combine multiple workouts back to back with new motion and heart rate algorithms on board to improve accuracy of the data recorded.


The series 3 feels boxier and bigger largely due to the black space around the edges as compared to the other Apple smartwatches. 

It comes in 38mm and 42mm sizes which changed to 40mm and 44mm through the series 4. There are no wearability issues and it has always been an extremely comfortable smartwatch.

One thing that it does not have is the option for an always on display. That means you will need to raise your wrist to wake or tap on the display.

Series 3 also managed to cram in LTE alongside GPS, the optical heart rate sensor, a gorgeous play and waterproof design. And this all works without reducing battery life. The Series 3 is the first strong example of that extra connectivity can still be combined with an elegantly designed device.


Smartwatches basics, like charging faces and customising them with complications, are all there. The digital crown still functions in the same way pushing you into the app menu and letting you scroll through menus and notifications.

The button below also pushes you to the dock which is now oriented vertically rather than horizontally. These small tweaks make the watch feel much more intuitive.

Moving to the smart functions, notifications are still very much at the heart of what the watch does and it does that really well.

On the communication side, whether that’s responding to Tweets or taking a call not a lot is different to newer models.  

You can pair Bluetooth headphones to handy when calling over LTE. And using airports makes that ludicrously easy.

  • Built-in cellular connectivity
  • Improved heart rate monitoring
  • Faster processor
  • Clear call quality
  • New Band and case options
  • Expensive
  • LTE drains battery rapidly

Apple series 3 is now available on amazon

3. Garmin Vivo sport

Garmin smartwatches are making improvements on the heart rate monitoring front, and its proprietary elevate sensor is beginning to make it into slimmer, more gym workout friendly devices like the vivo sport.

Garmin Vivo sport comes along with the features like recording cardio activities and strength training. Garmin’s sleek tracker also delivers vo2 Max estimates.

Well, It is important for HIIT. It is a good indication of athletic performance and should improve as your fitness levels progress.  

The vivo sport heart rate monitor isn’t perfect, like a lot of wrist based optical sensors. But it should do a pretty good job of helping you keep an eye on progress during classes or your own sessions at home.


In Garmin vivo sport you get more textured, rugged strap, but crucially less screen estate to interact with. 

The 9.7 mm into 9.3 mm display is not able to be smaller than its predecessor and the black bezel surrounding it doesn’t help matters. It has no physical button below the touch screen display. 

It is all about touch screen navigation which quite frankly feels very fiddly with so many features and modes to scroll through and get acquainted with. You can perform swipes, taps and hard screen places to select items but it can at times be a fiddly process on a screen this small.

it is always on display which has its benefits from a timekeeping point of view but it’s also very sensitive so when you are in bed and you move around it has a habit of lighting up.


Vivo sport is one of the best options if you are using iPhone or Android phone or window phone. You can expect to read first and third party notifications from your Vivo sport as well as answer or reject the calls and control music playback.

You can also dismiss notifications which works fine, but it’s just really difficult to read them in the first place because of its small screen.

Taking control of your music is a smart feature that is well implemented and while pretty basic it just works and it is the feature you ended up using the most.

  • Comfortable design
  • Having good battery life
  • Vo2 Max estimations
  • Accurate GPS and HRM
  • Slightly buggy automatic exercise tracking
  • Rep counting still track on
  • Washed out display

Garmin vivo sport is now available on amazon

4. Garmin vivofit 3

For an affordable price this stylish wristband gives you a 24/7 display. The wristband collects information about productivity and automatically sets your activity program. This eliminates the hassle of manually setting up your goals.

The best thing about this wristband is its battery life. The fitness tracker will stay on for more than a year which is a dream that comes true. For those who hate recharging their trackers instead it comes with tiny replaceable batteries.


I have noticed two pretty big changes which have been made. The first is the screen which has shrunk considerably since the first version and the micro updated Vivo fit 2.

The 64×63 resolution display is more than half the size than the one on the more expensive vivosmart HR + as well and it’s a bit of a backward step in my opinion.

It is now serving out a whole collection of different bands letting you pop out the sensor module and drop it into another more feminine and fabulous home.

The straps are at least light and comfortable to wear 24/7. It comes in regular and extra large sizes so should be accommodating for most wrists. 

5T waterproof and are slapped with a 5ATM rating.

below the screen is a single physical button which is your means to navigate through the different screens including a watch face and calendar date.


It motivates you to be active throughout the day by displaying a red move BA after one hour of inactivity. It is one of the stylish, comfortable and water resistant wristbands that is always on and ready to go.

It stays on for more than a year without having to change the battery. Easy-to-read display view the time of day and your starts right on your wrist.

Vivo feat launches your activity level and assigns a personalized goal each morning. Count calories records calories burnt throughout the day including base metabolic rate. it also monitors your sleep, set the sleep mode when you go to the bed to track the quality of your rest.

  • Stays on for more than A year without recharging.
  • Offered in five different colours
  • Water-resistant
  • Small display screen
  • Doesn’t pair with your smartphone

Garmin vivofit is now available on amazon

5. Fitbit ionic

The ionic is the Fitbit best suited for high intensity training (HIIT) right now. Smartwatch with a built-in heart rate monitor is joined by Fitbit scotch personal training app. It is letting you follow workout step by step on the Ionic’s touch screen display.

Workouts are recommended based on other activities you have tracked. if you put in a big run it might be time to mix things up with a shorter more intense burst of exercise.


A lot of work has gone on the ionic to keep it thin and light while cramming in GPS, long battery life, a tri-wavelength sensor and a 1000 nit display, but it seems to have come at the expense of design.

The ionic still looks like a fitness tracker with an angular design resembling the blaze before it and a slanted aluminium case built by a nano modelling technique which I have seen in smartphones but not in wearables.

Basically the ionic comes in three types: 

a blue grey band with silver watch case, a charcoal band with graphite grey case and a slate blue band with blue orange case.

It has two buttons on the right side and one on the left but you are also able to tap and five that screen to move through apps and workouts.


Fitbit ionic is a GPS watch that provides you more. You can get guidance and motivation to help you boost your performance and reach your goals with ionic.

It comes with built in GPS. It can track time in water and is swim proof. 

It will track heart rate 24/7 and also stores music.

  • Fitbit pay
  • Listen to music in a stress-free way
  • Open to third-party applications
  • Comes with Fitbit coach
  • Water-resistant
  • Longer battery life
  • Payment risks
  • You will not able to reply to your messages
  • Comes with a proprietary charger

6. Fitbit versa 2

If you are looking for luxurious and high features all in one place in a smartwatch then you should consider the Fitbit Versa 2.

The best thing about this watch is that it has a built in Amazon Alexa system. This means that you can do a lot more than fitness with this watch. You can use it to set schedules, control your smart house and more.

As it comes with Alexa on your wrist this smartwatch would be an excellent fitness tracker. This gives you readings of your heart rate with a high level of accuracy.

Moreover this smartwatch is always on display mode.


The Fitbit Versa 2 is the smart watch which looks pleasant on your wrist. it’s not too large, not too small and should be fine on a wide variety of wrist sizes. 

It is also very light weighted and the tapered design hides the bulk of the watch well. It can be worn 24/7 even while sleeping.


Fitbit Versa 2 comes with Amazon Alexa built in. It will track heart rate and give you the best music experience. You will get your smartphone notification directly on your wrist. 

The battery life of Fitbit Versa 2 is very good. The device will easily last for full week on a single charge with notification enabled and with wearing the device almost 24/7. This is good but if you do not want an always on display the battery life drops to two days which is quite poor.

  • Come with a built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Has an always-on display mode
  • Fast processor for Quicker app loading
  • Premium price tag
  • Exclusive for iPhones

Fitbit versa 2 is now available on amazon

7. Polar OH1

When heart rate accuracy is concerned chest straps are still king in my eyes. But if you don’t like wearing them and you question the reliability of wrist best monitors then polar OH1 offers an alternative.

It is the type of fitness tracker which is worn on the forearm or the upper arm uses optical heart rate sensor trc that aims to deliver a high level of accuracy. 

In polar OH1, workouts can be tracked through a host of third-party iOS and Android fitness apps as well as polar own beat apps so you can even store 200 hours of workouts on the OH1 when you don’t want to sweat it out without your smartphone nearby.


The OH1 is controlled by a small metallic button on one side of the sensor used for powering the OH1 on and off. 

On the opposite side of the sensor, there is one single LED light that flashes to indicate different states such as when you are in pairing mode.

  • Compact size
  • Easy and pain-free wearing
  • Reliable HR reading– tracks well with polar chest strap and works better than the strap when it’s very cold.
  • Good charging solution
  • So small that it is very easy to lose
  • The activation button is too small and it can be difficult to press under layers of clothing.
  • Battery life very low

The polar OH1 is now available on amazon

8. Wahoo tickr fit

Same as the upper mentioned polar OH1 wahoo tickr also joined them in bringing heart rate monitoring to the arm where it also hopes to deliver chest strap-like accuracy.

The bluetooth and ANT+ fit can be paired with the host of wearables and, along with real time heart rate data, calorie burned information too.


Wahoo tickr fit has two components. One is a sensor and the other one is a band. Both come in the same colour black. 

You can get it in a small size with the maximum 10.2 inches and in a large size maximum 14.75 inches. 

It comes with a USB charger. It is a little disc with tiny prongs and a magnet that snap the sensor into place when you nest it on top. A full charge should last about 30 active hours.

  • Connects to a range of devices and apps
  • Comfortable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Effortless setup
  • Can’t see heart rate zones on the sensor itself
  • Difficult to adjust while wearing

Wahoo tickr fit is now available on amazon

9. Xiaomi MI band 4

This manual smartwatch offers amazing features for an excellent price. it has an excellent reputation worldwide due to its remarkable value for money. It is suitable for HIIT workout. 

Xiaomi MI band 4 includes workout modes. But unfortunately there are only six of them. However, they are the most common ones that include exercises like running, cycling, swimming and walking.

Additionally, it comes with other valuable highlights such as calories burned and heart rate monitor.


It comes in a 0.95 inch colourful AMOLED display with 120 X 240 pixel resolution up to 450 nits screen brightness. 

It is 5 ATM water resistant that means it has up to 50 metres water resistance rate. Fairly to wear MI band 4 and running and exercising.

It has a battery life of up to 20 days after full charging. It has 135 MH battery capacity built in the MI band 4.

  • AMOLED display
  • Lengthy battery life
  • Features and idle alert
  • Limited workout modes
  • You have to manually set it up.

Xiaomi MI band 4 is now available on amazon

10. CHREEKI fitness tracker

I guess this is one of the best all round smartwatches on the market. It does well with the high intensity workouts. The fitness tracking smartwatch offers tons of features that you may not find elsewhere.

CHREEKI fitness tracker comes with an ultra stylish design that makes it perfect for all users. 

it comes with a wide screen which allows you to see all the data at once. This includes distance walked in steps and metre in addition to calories burnt. 


It features a 1.3 inch screen for a wild display that’s easy to read. It provides you with four styles of display interfaces, you can choose a different main interface of the watch to attend different occasions. 

CHREEKI comes with a 210 MH battery which allows you to stay active for 10 days or on standby for 45 days.

  • Large white screen display
  • Waterproof
  • Enduring battery life
  • Lacks a “don’t disturb” feature while sleeping

CHREEKI fitness tracker is now available on amazon

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