Best Fossil Smartwatch For iPhone

We live in the modern era where more and more products are made available to us with the promise to make our life simpler and easier. Some products are indeed amazing others just appear to be. 

as far as new technologies are concerned it definitely makes sense to take a closer look and open it is best to wait for a little while before buying any product. 

Fossil smartwatch is one of the best watches. The fossil is closer to what a watch needs to be. It is far closer to an evolved watch. 

Putting it in a plain language, the fossil smartwatches are worth buying. There is much to love about the fossil smartwatches because of its competitive feature at relatively cheap price. 

Overall I would say a fossil smartwatch is a comfortable watch to wear. It is lightweight. It also looks smart on your wrist. 

Coming to some of its specifications, the sports run on the snapdragon wear 3100 platforms and has 4GB of internal storage.

Fossil is a well-known name when it comes to watches, but for the past several years it’s also been one of the few traditional watch manufacturers to consistently launch smartwatches based on Google’s Wear OS platform.

Best fossil smartwatches for iPhone:

1. Fossil Gen 4 smartwatch:

Price: $162.87

Specifications:           Brand: fossil     OS : Android, IOS (Bluetooth)   

Battery life: 24 hours

Charger type:  magnetic 

USB rapid charger 

Display: 30mm (AMOLED)      

Internal Storage:  4GB 

Water resistance: yes      

Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100

RAM: 512

  It is compatible with Android OS 4.4+ or iOS 10.0+

Fossil is an American company with American standards. The main focus of the Fossil is to combine the conventional with original designs while creating superior what is and more than that preserve the best of the past while incorporating it into today’s lifestyle. 

It pairs portability with streamlined design integrated into traditional watches. Updated materials give a timeless accessory that accompanies you whenever you are travelling.

Fossil gen 4 smartwatches are supported by Google wear OS while compatibility synced with iPhone and Android phones.

You have to use the included charger to avoid any damage to your watch. Do not use other devices for charging. 

Fossil gen 4 smartwatch includes health and fitness applications as well as other functions of a smartwatch. 

This watch’s traditional appearance is both stunning and sleek. It provides you with different faces available to choose from when you want to change the screen.

The functions of fossil smartwatch gen 4 are reliable and effective. It easily connects to your phone and is available for immediate use. 

This watch will keep you updated on your latest text, phone calls, calendar, social media and any other notifications you program into the device so you can conveniently see what’s going on throughout the day without even looking at your phone.

The battery is not so good. Sometimes this smartwatch repeatedly disconnects from the network which interferes with its smooth operation. Its features are not set up to be user-friendly when wanting to assess apps. Moreover, the software responds slowly when promoting it to platforms.

Here I am going to mention some points about Fossil gen 4 smartwatch:

  1. Track your heart rate:

Fossil gen 4 smartwatches will track your heart rate as well as your daily activities. It will measure your heart rate automatically during urine yoga practice and more available on every gen 4 smartwatch.

  1. Get notified:

Whenever you receive any text aur phone calls you automatically get                          

notified with your Fossil gen 4 smartwatch. It will give information directly

to your wrist. Simply I can say email text and more are just a tap away.

  1. Take it swimming:

While you are going to swim or going to wash your hands there is no need to take your fossil gen 4 smartwatch off. jump into the shower or hit the pool without fear. Your fossil gen 4 smartwatch will be safe and sound. So you don’t have to worry without jumping into a pool.

  1. Run phone free:

You can run freely without having your phone. You can use your GPS to track your run distance on your watch. Now you can go anywhere without your phone with all the data on your wrist. 

  1. Play music:

You can play music with just one click on your smartwatch. While you are the owner and you can play your stored music.

  1. Battery:

Its battery lasts for multiple days. If you will use it only for sending and receiving notifications then it will extend your battery life for multiple days with new smart battery modes.

2. Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch:

Price: $183.20 

Specifications              Brand: fossil      OS: Android, IOS (Bluetooth)

Battery life: up to 4 months    

Charger type: Replaceable coin cell    

Display: 44mm    

RAM: 512

Internal storage:4GB    

Water resistance: yes 

Processor: snapdragon wear 2100

Q Hybrid smartwatches are compatible with Android OS 5.0+ plus or iPhone iOS 9.0+

I personally consider Hi-Tech watches and wrist crackers which are now trending in the market. 

The “Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch” contains many functions that I found sorely lacking with other brands. I think it is a kind of product that you never want to take off your wrist. 

The watch is thought out really well, it is designed for the challenges of everyday life. In a nutshell, this smartwatch is a product that I can recommend from the bottom of my heart. 

There are some points that you love about this smartwatch:

  1. The watch finds your phone

I already love this function to bits as I always leave my phone somewhere and go through frequent panics trying to find it. The watch has a sort of mobile phone search function, which also works when your phone is switched to silent mode. Push the button and your phone will ring.

  1. It works as a self timer:

It is perfect for me. As I just have to open the camera app, position my mobile phone camera and push the button. And there you have your picture.

  1. It wakes you up gently:

Now bye-bye your are annoying alarm clock ringing. in this smartwatch you only have to set an alarm in the app and the tender vibration will wake you up at the set time.

  1. It lets you control your music:

pushing the buttons you can skip forward back or pause the track without even having to touch your phone. This is something amazing.

  1. You live between times:

A practical function which utilizes a lot on the road is to set a second time zone. Whenever you would like to know at a glance what time it is in some other countries. You just push a button and the watch has an answer for you. This one falls more into the gadget category but still it’s really useful to have it all at a glance.

  1. Stay in touch: 

This smartwatch helps you to stay in touch with your mobile phone. As you can receive text calls and social messages straight to your wrist. 

  1. No charging needed: 

Its battery lasts for 4 months. There is no need to charge it again and again. Its battery powered smartwatch keeps you connected with no charging needed.

  1. Track your activity: 

It will help you to track your daily activities. You move and attract step distance and calorie burn etc.

3. Fossil hybrid HR smartwatch:


Specifications:               Brand: fossil     OS: Android, IOS (Bluetooth)   

Battery life: 2+ weeks

Charger type:  SP380922SE  

Display: 42mm (AMOLED)      

Internal Storage: 16MB

Water resistance: yes      

Processor: snapdragon

It is compatible with Android 5.0+ and IOS 9.0+

I personally feel that fossil nailed the look of the hybrid HR. Fossil hybrid HR is a beautiful watch with a useful link display available at an affordable price. Fossil hybrid HR provides you with the heart rate sensor and sleep tracking device.

The new Fossil hybrid HR strikes a unique blend of classic analogue aesthetic and just enough smart features making it look good on your wrist. 

Hybrid smartwatches come in a few different flavours. Some of them simply keep track of your daily activity and nothing else, while others are full-fledged smart watches with hidden displays.

The Fossil hybrid at are falls at the smarter and of the spectrum it offer more functionality. 

Hybrid HR isn’t going to be for everyone, especially those focused on fitness. If you are interested in buying the Fossil hybrid HR do so for the looks not for the fitness for health tracking.

The Fossil hybrid HR certainly has analogue watch elements like the physical watch hands and number markings around the bezel. 

Here are some points related to fossil hybrid HR smartwatch:

  1. Battery life:

The hybrid HR battery lasts for two weeks on a single charge. Online today’s the watch only drops off your percentage points. I would say fossils battery estimates are spot on here.

  1. Sleep tracking:

Sleep tracking is a bright spot for the hybrid HR when it tracks your sleep. It does track your sleep pretty accurately. Most of the time it was able to accurately record when you fell asleep and woke up during the night as well as your light and deep sleep patterns.

  1. Display your day:

It will display and preview calls and text. With a hybrid HR smartwatch you can check your commute time and more right from your wrist. 

  1. Track your heart rate:

With a hybrid smartwatch you can track your heart rate. It is equipped with the heart rate sensor for in-depth wellness and activity tracking.

  1. Completely customisable:

It assigns function to your buttons. hybrid HR smartwatch view information that matters most, pick your dial style and more.

4. Fossil sport smartwatch:

Price: $244.29

Specifications              Brand: fossil     OS: Android, IOS (Bluetooth)   

Battery life: 24 hours       

Charger type: magnetic 

USB rapid charger    

display: 30mm (AMOLED)      

Internal Storage:  4GB      

Water resistance: yes      

Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon wear 3100      


It is compatible with Android 6.0 + and IOS 12.0 +

Fossil is a well-known name when it comes to watches but for the past several years it’s also been one of the few traditional watch manufacturers to consistently long smartwatches based on Google wear OS platform.

Just like a traditional watch fossil sport uses a classic design with the round dial and three buttons on the right. The central button is also a functional crown. It is used for scrolling through menus or adjusting volume. And the other two buttons are used to be e customised to launch any app on the watch. 

The fossil sport is available in 43mm and 41mm sizes. Fossil sports what is very light and the silicon strap is also comfortable and easy to clean. The fossil sport has a toy-like quality. 

Overall, the fossil sport is a comfortable smartwatch to wear thanks to its low weight. 

Since this is a fitness oriented smartwatch I tried this step tracking and GPS functionality to see how accurate they were. you can choose the type of work out you are looking from the Google fit app on the watch which is synchronised with your Google account. After choosing walking it took around a minute for the sport to get us GPS lock. 

Moreover the fossil sports keeps logging your heart rate intermittently with everyday use and will do so continuously if any of the workouts in the fit app are activated.

Fossil sport smartwatch is swim proof. The fossil sport smartwatch promises f6r more days worth of battery life. It is only achievable when you disable the always on watch face and limit your use to just viewing and replying to notifications.

The watch doesn’t want you when the battery is very low and simply goes into a low-power state which only displays the time. then you can continue using this mod for about 2 days before the battery goes that completely. Only you can see is time. 

There are some points that you love about this fossil sport smartwatch:

  1. For your best life:

Sport smart watches from fossils help you to live your best life. You are up to a coffee date or  morning run, see how the sport smartwatch gets you through the day. 

  1. Feel free to move: 

Having a sports smartwatch from fossil on your wrist you are free to move. You can leave your phone behind. Use untethered GPS to track your run distance on your watch. 

  1. Helps in workout:

Sport smartwatch from fossils is an activity tracker. It tracks your daily activities. Stay healthy with Google fit. You can now track your progress with activity goals such as hard points based on recommendation from the American heart association and the world health organisation. Work it out with a sport smartwatch.

  1. Battery life:

It has good battery life. Its battery lasts for multiple days. you can extend your battery life for multiple days with new smart battery modes. It is achievable only when you can only use it to a limit. ( Depending on usage)

5. Fossil gen 5 smartwatches: 

Price: $312.6

Specifications:           Brand: fossil     OS: Android, IOS (Bluetooth)   

Battery life: multiple days 

Charger type:  magnetic USB rapid charger                               

Display: 44mm (AMOLED)      

Internal Storage:  8GB  Water resistance: yes      

Processor: snapdragon wear 3100


It is compatible with Android 6.0+ and IOS 10.0+

Fossils is now available in 5th generation wear OS watches, which is called appropriately the gen 5. This is the first watch that will be able to take calls from a tethered iPhone. Countess wear OS watches before have been able to alert iPhone users that a call is inbound but fossils latest will accurately let you listen to and answer calls through the watch itself. 

Fossil is also focused on longer battery life. With new modes it claims that it will let the watch last for multiple days on a single charge. It also provides you “time only mode” which displays just the time. You can switch on this mode whenever the battery is running low or just to avoid distractions.

Fossil gen 5 will offer 6 colour options. The gen 5 watch has NFC for contactless payment via Google pay, heart rate sensor, standalone GPS, and the speaker for taking calls on listening to music.

It is built with waterproofing that Fossil says will cover you up to 30 metres deep so you won’t have to take this smartwatch off before you jump into a pool or a shower.

Fossil gen 5 smartwatch seems like a good step forward especially if the call answering features on iOS plan out.

Some pictures of fossil gen 5 smartwatches:

  1. Get notified:

You get notified whenever you receive any text messages or phone calls.  You can simply receive or reply to the text with a tap.

  1. Answer calls:

You can answer calls directly from your rest using the built-in speaker.

  1. Leave the phone behind:

You can leave your phone without any worry. Track your run with untethered GPS.

  1. Apps:

As gen 5 smartwatch has 8 GB of storage. You can download even more apps.

  1. Multi-day battery modes:

Charge your smartwatch in an hour and extend your battery life for multiple days with smart battery modes. Multi-day battery modes depending on usage.

  1. Other features:

Gen 5 smartwatch comes with activity tracking, sleep tracking, swim-proof, heart rate tracking, cardio fitness tracking etc.

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