Best Smartwatch For iPhone 2021

There are millions of people who are using iPhone and if they are willing to move towards a fit life by tracking all-day activities including heart rate, then they will surely need the best smartwatches for iPhone. On the market, many smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone as well as the watches that are compatible with iOS and Android phones.

These smartwatches aren’t just high tech gadgets for people in metropolitan cities anymore. Instead, more and more regular and common people are appreciating what smartwatches can bring to their daily lives and what they can do to improve their workout routines. Many of the best smartwatches can now track your calories, heart rate, sleep quality, and even your stress level. They are health accessories more than anything else. 

But nowadays they do provide extra services as they have more features, especially for folks constantly on the go. Smartwatches can always notify you about calls or texts that help you pay remotely without bringing out your wallet, and much more. The combination of all of this high tech convenience seems to be a perfect combination for the Apple brand. 

However, despite this perfect combination, lots of smartwatches seem to be tailored more for Android devices. We think there are plenty of Android focused smartwatches, but there are also lots of great smartwatches for iPhone users. 

Being who we are, we were not content to just find them on Amazon. We also wanted to try them out ourselves to see if they were just as good as the competition. As a bonus, iPhone users can see an awesome collection of top iPhone-compatible smartwatches you know will work with your Apple device. 

The fact is many people use more than one phone; one iPhone and one android phone. Well, in that case, they need to have the best smartwatches for iPhone as well as Android phone. So, for all such people, we came up with the best smartwatches that are only compatible with the iPhone as well as some that are compatible with both. 

Top 10 Best Smartwatches for iPhones in 2021

1. Best Overall Smartwatch for iPhones – Apple Watch 6  

Measure your blood oxygen level with a revolutionary app and sensor. And keep track of your workout data on the improved Always-On Retina display. With Apple Watch Series 6, you can lead a healthier, more active, and better-connected life.

The oxygen level in your blood is an indicator that says a lot about your overall health and well-being. It helps you understand if your body is absorbing oxygen properly and how it is distributed. The Apple Watch Series 6 has a very innovative app and sensor that measures your blood oxygen level whenever you want and take readings in the background, day and night.

The Apple Watch Series 6 gives you the best to bring out the best in you. Find the motivation you need to improve yourself and more accurately record your workouts in the water, the gym or outdoors. Very high or very low heart rate levels can be indicators of a serious health problem. Many people do not know how to recognize the symptoms and do not obtain an accurate diagnosis of their condition. Notifications in the Heart Rate app notify you when an irregularity is detected, so you can quickly consult a doctor.

With Apple Watch Series 6, the people and things that matter most to you accompany you everywhere. And with the cellular connection, you can have everything you need on hand even if you don’t have your phone handy

Apple Watch 6 Pros

  • Fast charge is great when you need to charge in a hurry
  • More tracking options than ever before
  • Clear, always-on display
  • Colourful strap and case designs to choose from

Apple Watch 6 Cons

  • The battery life is not long enough, and you will need to factor in daily charging
  • There are no big changes, more just upgrades
  • SP02 monitor doesn’t give you notifications when you are at risk

2. Best Value for Money iPhone Smartwatch – TicWatch E2 

Ticwatch E2 is a smartwatch which comes with Wear OS support, Good battery life, fantastic display

It’s the successor to 2018’s TicWatch E, which itself offered up a solid smartwatch experience at an eye catching price.

Chinese firm Mobvoi – the company behind the TicWatch brand – claims the new E2 is “the ultimate fitness and swim companion” with the letter a new feature for the second generation wearable. 

The E2 is swim-proof and can survive a trip to the pool as it tracks your lengths. There’s also new intelligent fitness features, more power under the hood and a larger battery over the original E.

Wonder what the ‘E’ stands for? It’s Express, and it’s used to separate it from the new TicWatch S2 which launches at the same time. The two smartwatches have identical specs, with the only difference being the design. 

The S2 (S = Sport) features a bulkier, rugged design making it more suited to outdoor activities, while the TicWatch E2 has a sleeker look for less intensive workouts.

TicWatch E2 Pros

  • It has good Good performance
  • It has Big, sharp screen
  • It has plenty of features for the money
  • It has a Respectable battery life

TicWatch E2 Cons

  • No NFC
  • Not quite the 2-day battery promised
  • Big and chunky
  • No sleep tracking yet

3. iPhone Smartwatch with the Best Design – Withings Steel HR 

Withings Steel HR has displays for apps and other functions of the smartwatch. On the wear-ability side, this smartwatch weighs. It has other features like Upto 25 Days battery life, Waterproof, Fitness Tracking, Circular, Curved Dial Design. As for the colour options, the Withings Steel HR smartwatch comes in Black, White colours.

Withings Steel HR is a unique hybrid watch that straddles the line between a smartwatch like the Apple Watch and a hybrid watch like the ones from Fossil.

The Steel HR takes Withings watches to new heights technologically, thanks to its built-in heart rate monitor and small screen that can display metrics and notifications. It’s a great choice for anyone who’s always wanted the features of a smartwatch in the form of a traditional, analogue watch.

Withings Steel HR pros 

  • An elegant, classic look
  • HR sensor great for running
  • Great battery life (25 days)
  • Discreet LCD for notifications Easy to use the companion app 

Withings Steel HR cons 

  • Lacks GPS, even with the phone
  • Weak magnetic charging cable
  • Inaccurate heart rate readings in testing Expensive for a fitness tracker\

4. Best Fitbit Smartwatch for iPhones – Fitbit Versa 2 

Fitbit Versa 2 comes with advanced sleep features for users that will enable them to understand their sleep patterns better. Features such as Sleep Score have been introduced, where the smartwatch will display a nightly score according to the user’s sleep, heart rate, restlessness, awake time etc. 

Another feature added to Fitbit Versa 2, which soon will be available in the rest of the Fitbit watches is Smart Wake. Here the smartwatch will wake you up at an optimal time so that you feel refreshed. It has a heart rate monitor and can last for more than 5 days after a single charge. It comes with LED touch screen on the front with a settings button on the side

Fitbit Versa 2 pros

  • AMOLED screen with always-on display
  • Aesthetic design
  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • 24/7 Heart rate tracking 
  • Many colour options 
  • Durability 
  • Fitbit pay 
  • Health features 
  • Solid battery life 
  • Low price 

Fitbit Versa 2 cons

  • Lack of GPS
  • Lack of Always-on customization

5. Best Non-Apple Smartwatch to Pair with iPhones – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Galaxy Watch3 is a versatile all-in-one smartwatch with advanced health technology. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 advanced health monitoring offers valuable insights into your fitness and wellness by measuring your heart rhythm and tracking how well your heart is pumping oxygen through the body. Keep your health in good hands, from your wrist. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is available in 3 colors, Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, and Mystic Silver color options. As for design, the most welcome addition has to be the signature rotating bezel which makes navigating super easy and fun.  Display-wise, you get a SuperAMOLED panel with excellent brightness and Always on Display support.

Being the premium smartwatch it is, you can track different exercises like running, cycling, swimming, hiking along with others like arm curls, back extensions, crunches, deadlifts, etc and many others. In fact, you get a variety of exercises to choose from which makes health tracking very easy.  

The Galaxy Watch 3’s GPS lock feature is very accurate. All the health stats are available in the watch itself but if you want to see a more in-depth result, you have to do it via the Galaxy Wearable app and Samsung Health app. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 pros 

  • Premium build, nice and light feel.
  • Great OLED screen as always with good visibility in all conditions.
  • The iconic rotating ring is back!
  • ECG monitor, VO2 Max and a plethora of other health-tracking features.
  • Mature Tizen OS and proper companion apps like Samsung Health and Galaxy Watch Plugin.
  • One of the best notification handling out there.
  • LTE and loudspeaker for direct phone calls even on the 41mm version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 cons

  • Disappointing battery life, even compared to its predecessor.
  • The leather straps feel kind of cheap.
  • Expensive no matter what version you choose.
  • The ECG-related features are certified to work only in the US and South Korea.

6. Best Affordable Watch for iPhone Users – Apple Watch 3 

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first to include LTE-compatibility. This means that you can stream music and make phone calls without your phone in tow.All Series 3 Apple Watches feature the new S3 processor with up to 70% faster performance and the new W2 to provide 85% faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections while being 50% more efficient.

Other improvements coming with the new Apple Watches include “Siri Speaks” and a doubling of the storage from 8GB to 16GB.Apple Watch Series 3 matches the new Fitbit Versa 2 in price while offering much deeper iPhone integration.

Apple watch series 3 has two versions. One version is with cellular, and wifi and the other is with just the wifi. The series 3 is almost the same size as series 2. To be fair, it is slightly thicker than a hair from the series 3 design. The back crystal is just 0.25mm thicker. 

Apple watch series 3 tracks all the way you move throughout the day. And with the cellular, you can share your activity progress from trail, the track, or even from the middle of the ocean. 

Apple Watch 3 pros

  • Clear and bright screen 
  • Built-in LTE connectivity option 
  • Music syncs easily
  • Waterproof to 50m
  • Data can power Siri
  • New S3 chip makes the series 3 fast
  • Inclusion of the altimeter to track elevation gains and flights of stairs climbed.

Apple Watch 3 cons 

  • Appears to have some hardware issues
  • Decreased battery life with increase GPS usage
  • Only usable with iPhones
  • Add-on fees
  • Not every carrier will offer the series 3

7. Best iPhone Smartwatch for Fitness Fanatics – Fitbit Ionic

The latest smartwatch by Fitbit is made of aluminium and has a very attractive design. Ionic is super comfortable and extremely lightweight on the wrist. The smartwatch can be worn comfortably during workouts and while working on a desktop or laptop. Design wise, this watch serves its purpose as it can be worn on the wrist at all times.

The body of the smartwatch has small function buttons on both the sides. The left side features the power button. The right side features two buttons that are used for various other functions. Interestingly,users can change the straps of the smartwatch according to their need.

As for the display,Fitbit Ionic comes with a full-colour rectangular-shaped display.The gorilla glass display is a 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen that is colourful,bright and crisp. The display is designed to be accessible even in bright sunlight. Additionally,the touchscreen display on the smartwatch is highly responsive. However,except for the really thick bezels, the smartwatch has an overall appealing look and design.

Fitbit Ionic pros

  • It has Fitbit pay
  • Listen to music stress-free way
  • Open to third-party applications 
  • Comes with Fitbit coach
  • Water-resistant 
  • Battery life (4+ Days)

Fitbit Ionic Cons 

  • Still needs more third-party apps
  • ECG sensor is in “research” at launch
  • Workout tracking could be more comprehensive
  • Battery life on the smaller 40mm version does take a beating during workouts, especially when you have the always-on display active. 
  • Payment risks 
  • Just notifies 
  • Comes with a proprietary charger

8. Best Sporty iPhone Smartwatch – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Watch Active 2 is an upgraded version of its predecessor with a major addition of a rotatory bezel that the previous version missed on. There are features in the latest launch that put Active 2 right in the race with Apple watch series 5. 

The Samsung Watch Active 2 has two variants: Bluetooth version of Samsung Watch 2 cost at $269 for 44mm (30g) while $240 for 40mm (26g) with color variants of Silver, Black and Gold. An addition of LTE option taking the cost to $419 for 44mm and $399 for 40mm variant. Whereas, the Bluetooth/Wi-fi model has a color range of Aqua Black, Cloud Silver and Pink Gold.

The Active 2 is capable of tracking 39 workouts on a go. From an activation of swimming tracking, Cycling and running workout to an automatic and accurate logging of data. You can activate a workout plan on the scale of Distance Cover,Calories, Reps and whatnot. The eight photodiodes at the back enables Active 2 to effectively monitor heart rates and intimate progress. The sleep cycle tracking lacks accuracy a bit which can be addressed with a bit of manual fine-tuning.

The battery capacity of 44mm and 40mm versions is 340mAH and 247mAH, respectively. With a typical use, the battery can withstand 2 days. However,a significant drop in the performance when high-precision GPS turned on GPS,a 40mints drain from 45% to 20%. The battery needs some time to get the charge back as a mere 30mint charge only replenishes 39% of the battery.

 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 pros

  • Refined design that’s lightweight, comfortable
  • Digital rotating bezel works well
  • There’s an LTE option
  • Offers a lot for the price

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 cons

  • Still needs more third-party apps
  • ECG sensor is in “research” at launch
  • Workout tracking could be more comprehensive
  • Battery life on the smaller 40mm version does take a beating during workouts, especially when you have the always-on display active

9. Best iPhone Smartwatch for Fitness Tracking – Garmin Vivoactive 4 

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is the latest in the brand’s mid-range offering. Sure, it sits beneath the stylish Garmin Venu and triathlete-focussed Fenix 6, but that’s because it’s geared toward semi-serious fitness enthusiasts.

It offers decent fitness tracking and smartwatch features inside a design that resembles the latter more than the former. But, ultimately, it’s a great middle-ground piece for those who are serious about training but don’t want to change their watch to go back to the office after a session.

Now, the downside is that the screen is a little fiddly to use if you get it wet; which may put some outdoor-types off. Plus, Garmin’s app ecosystem leaves a little to be desired. So it has good looks, but it doesn’t stand up against the likes of the new Apple Watch 6, for example.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 pros 

  • High-quality materials, fit, and finish
  • Advanced health tracking features 
  • Offline music and Garmin Pay support

Garmin Vivoactive 4 cons

  • Display a bit dim for indoor use

10. Best Cheap Smartwatch for iPhones – Amazfit Bip

The latest Amazfit Bip  is equipped with a sleep tracker, 64 Gamut colourful transflective display, 5 ATM water resistance and Bluetooth music control. It has built-in GPS and GLONASS dual mode positioning to allow users to accurately track their routes and distances.

This fitness band is light in weight and sits comfortably on your wrist. The strap of this smart watch is made using high-quality silicone material. Its rectangle-shaped case and buckle are made with highly-durable polycarbonate material. Its Corning Gorilla glass and anti-fingerprint coating make it scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This wearable device is suitable for everyday wear. It can also be worn while trekking, swimming, cycling or running. 

Amazfit Bip pros 

  • Always-on screen 
  • Long battery life
  • Good build quality
  • Has a compass sensor
  • Common straps
  • Simultaneously Bluetooth connection 
  • Strong vibration 
  • Plenty watch faces 
  • Good screen visibility 
  • Affordable price

Amazfit Bip cons

  • No remote camera function 
  • No mic and speaker
  • Unable to reply to messages directly
  • Unable to detect muscle training. 

Buyers guide

What is a smartwatch and what does it do?

Being unaware of a smartwatch is quite obvious for all the people who have never tried it. It is a portable wearable that is worn on the wrist. It is just like smartphones, which has more features than a simple or traditional phone. Just like a smartphone, the smartwatch also has a touch screen. It has lots of apps that are useful for fitness enthusiasts. 

The basic function of all smartwatches is to record your heart rate and keep you informed how well your heart is functioning. Smartwatches are just like you are wearing a mini-computer on your wrist.

What does it do? 

Now that you know what a smartwatch is, it is time to know what it does as now you can get a clear idea of smartwatches. 

Fitness tracking-  Fitness Tracking -Most of the smartwatches have a Jot of health features. The first one to discuss is heart rate tracking. Almost all the smartwatches keep a tab on the heart rate or some even record continuous heart rate. lt also understands the resting heart rate and helps you realize the right workout intensity you need for the next workout. Apart from heart rate cracking many smartwatches are good for measuring the number of calories you have burned, the distance you have covered, steps you have taken, active minutes, floors climbed, sleep stages, and many more. Some smartwatches are water-resistant and swim4proof as well, which tracks swim activity.

There are many other features you can find in the smartwatches such as guided breathing sessions, automatic sport recognition, on·screen workout, reminder to move mode, female health-tracking, etc.

GPS -Most of the smartwatches have a built-in GPS that makes life easier for you. It perfectly keeps a tab on distance and steps taken and gets it recorded in the watch. The GPS facility is beneficial for tracking your location and also provides location alerts.

Notifications -Smartwatch provides smartphone notifications and also allows you to reply to the messages and accept or reject calls. Most of the smartwatches have a built-in speaker that makes it easy to accept calls and talk. Apan from smartphone notifications, smartwatches also provide app notifications to keep you informed.

Media Management -Many smartwatches have a phone-free music option and some even allow you to store and play music or operate the music by syncing the device with the phone.


This article, we come up with the top 10 best smartwatches for the iPhone. We also discussed the smartwatches that are compatible with the iPhone as well as Android Phone. Plus, we added the buying guide for the people who wanted to know more about the smartwatches.

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