After spending many days researching for the latest smartwatch that has a minimal price range, I’m here to give you the list of best smartwatches under $50 so that you can decide which is perfect for you.

However, smartwatches have become an essential part of our life. It can help us in many ways and save our time and effort. The drawback of the smartwatches is that not everybody can afford them. The avenge price of the smartwatches is from $200 to $500, which is pretty high.

But I have good news and researched the top 20 smartwatches under $50 or below and get things done for you.


The best smartwatch under $50 budget is the TicWatch GTX from Mobvoi. But, this watch is mentioned on #20 ;).

The Benefits of Having an Affordable Smartwatch 

Smartwatch is a combination of smartphone and watch and has several benefits. 

You don’t have to use the phone or simple watch if you have an LTE smartwatch because you can call and message directly from your smartwatch. 

Major Benefits of Cheap Smartwatch 

  • It tells you about your health
  • It tracks your calories and fitness activities
  • You get notified about events phone and messages 
  • You can track location
  • It works for many days 

And a lot more…

Let’s’ talk about the best smartwatches under $50 or less.

1. OYG Smartwatch

Source: Amazon

So the first watch that pops out every time I research is the OYG smartwatch. Talking about this watch, it comes with a price of $50 with many features.


This watch has 10 sports modes including: Running, Walking, Stairsteps, Cycling, Stationary Bike, Elliptical, Hiking and more.

The Great SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) feature will help you to track the level of oxygen in your red blood cells.

Heart rate monitor and vibration alert when anything goes wrong with your heart rate.

Special feature for females: menstruation period reminder and pregnancy planning.

It can remind you about your physiological states.

It comes with a mobile app which tells you all the data of your fitness steps, burned calories, etc.

IP standard 67. Yes, this smartwatch also comes with waterproof features. You can use it under the shower (not hot) and rain.

The best part of this watch is that it can work with both Android and iPhone devices.


  • Better design and big screen
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate heart rate and SpO2
  • Sports mode
  • GPS
  • Great battery backup


  • Can reply on the smartwatch itself
  • Only sync with the patented apps

Check out its further details and current price on amazon

2. Wilful Smartwatch

Source: amazon

Our next one on the list is Wilful smartwatch. This watch comes with a price of $35 on Amazon. Along with basic features including

It has 14 sports modes including, walking, running, climbing, badminton, workout, spinning, yoga, football, tennis, dance etc.

With IP standard 68, this watch comes with waterproof support. You can use this watch under the rain, shower and can do swimming. 

You will get alerts on your phone by connecting and syncing via bluetooth. Also, you can download its partner app “VeryFitPro” 

The best feature of this watch is that it can last for 7 to 10 hours on a single charge. And the battery takes 2 hours to charge.

Wilful watch is compatible with both the Android and IoS devices.  

Heart rate monitor, female sports tracking, sleep tracking, vibration alert systems are built in this smartwatch.

The drawback of this watch is that it doesn’t have any GPS in the smartwatch. It doesn’t have any speakers so you can listen to any music. It only notifies you about messages and calls, but can’t accept, reject or reply to them directly from the wilful smartwatch.


  • 7-10 days battery life
  • Waterproof
  • 14 sports mode
  • Cheap price of $33


  • Doesn’t have GPS
  • Swimming mode missing
  • Can’t respond to calls and messages on the watch.

Check out its further details and Current price on amazon

3.YAMAY Smartwatch

Source: amazon

Our number 3 on the best smartwatch under $50 list is YAMAY smartwatch. This smartwatch has a price of $45.99 on Amazon and has all the basic features that you may require.

This watch has 9 sports modes including: running, treadmill, fitness, spinning hiking, cycling, mountaineering, yoga and more. All your fitness stats will appear on the partner app.

Blood oxygen, great rate measure, and blood pressure features are built in this smartwatch.

Call, messaging and other notification alerts come directly on your smartwatch. You get only notification, but you can’t reply from your smartwatch.

IP standard 68 waterproof feature is built in.

Deep breathing guide comes with the watch if you stress out. Try this mode It will help you to relax your mind.

It has great battery life. It has 30 days of battery life in battery saving mode. It comes with magnetic charging support which will take 1-2 hour to charge.


  • Great battery life
  • Deep breathing mode
  • SpO2 and heart rate monitoring feature
  • Works with ios and android phone


  • Don’t support third-party app

Check out its price on amazon

4. Amazfit BIP

Source: amazon

The best budget smartwatch you can get right now is Amazfit BIP. This is a smartwatch that is more valuable than other cheap watches. With the price of just $59. This watch can do more things than the other smartwatches that I’ve listed in this article. (best smartwatch under $50).

The 45 days of battery backup gives you the ability to travel without caring about the charger.  For the charging time, it can take up to 2.5 hours to fully charge. 

GPS with GLONASS: The advanced GPS with GLONASS helps you to explore more whenever you travel.

You can wear it without hurting your wrist: I often see some smartwatches make you feel annoyed because of their weight. But Amazfit is so lightweight (32g) and you can wear it for many days.

It includes sports modes also and they are so advanced that it can take your fitness to the next level. 

Walking, running, treadmill and cycling gives you in-depth data. 

24/7 heart rate monitoring is available in this price range. It also alerts you if anything goes wrong with your heart.

It works with both iPhone and Android devices so you don’t have to worry about if you have both :).

Messages, notification and call rejection features are built in this watch.

It is IP68 certified and comes with waterproof features. Yes, you can use it underwater as well. 

Here are the full details.

Is amazfit waterproof.


  • 45 battery life
  • GPS feature
  • Lightweight
  • 24/7 heart monitor
  • Ip standard 68 waterproof


  • Won’t support third-party app

Buy on Amazon

5. HAOQIN HaoWatch

Source: amazon

Next one on the list is HAOQIN HaoWatch. With the price of $35.99, it can do basic things that any smartwatch does.HAOQIN HaoWatch is the best smartwatch under $50 because it gives all the things that you want from a smartwatch.

A 7-day battery life: With a single charger, it can last upto 7 to 10 days in saving mode.

Better design: The best thing I noticed in this smartwatch is the design. The 1.22” display size smartwatch has a better design than others.

Work with both OS: The HAOQIN HaoWatch smartwatch works with both the OS (Android and IoS), but not for Windows.

IP standard 67 waterproof: This watch comes with the waterproof feature. You can use it under showers and rain. But avoid from hot and streamed water.

Real-time heart rate monitoring: It can track your heart rate. So you can workout accordingly.

Sleep mode: Sleep monitoring comes built-in. It provides you with better stats to track your sleep and live a healthy life.

Call and messaging: It can give you call and messaging notifications on your smartwatch but you can’t answer them directly from your watch.

Take photos: The unique feature of this watch is that you can control your phone camera with HAOQIN HaoWatch. You need to Download the “Dafit” to use this feature.

Different colours: This smartwatch comes with different 3 beautiful colors black, blue and pink. 

Check out HAOQIN HaoWatch latest features and price on Amazon.


  • Beautiful design 
  • Camera control
  • Better battery life 


  • Don’t have a sports mode

Buy now on amazon

6. GEBER Smartwatch

Source: amazon

The next watch on the list is GEBER Smartwatch. This is the best low budget smartwatch that you can ever buy. It has only a $25 price (This is so affordable), but that’s not it.

It has some cool features that others may not have.

Best feature:
Supports Google and Strava

Not one in this supports google fit app but this little price watch does. That is why I put this watch in the best smartwatch under $50.

Let me tell you more what can a $19 watch do.

It’s waterproof: This watch has IP standard 67, which means, you can use it under rain, normal temperature shower, and also in swimming.

Advance secondary feature: What’s different in this feature it will remind you to take a break from your work. Apart from that also remind you to drink water from time to time. Every watch has this except the Drink Water Reminder feature.

Control camera: You can take photos with GEBER Smart Watch. By connecting and syncing with your phone.

Sleep mode: This watch will automatically track your sleep and tells you a suggestion about how to improve.

Sms and call notification: You will get SMS and notifications features on GEBER Smart Watch.

Female Health Tracking: For females, it has menstrual features. So that you can prepare it in advance. Boys can turn this feature off. From the app.

Compatibility: This smartwatch compatible both android and with iPhone as well you need ios 8 + and android version 4.4 + to connect this watch. And it’s not compatible with Windows phone.


  • Drink water reminder
  • Female health tracking
  • Google Fit & Strava App support
  • 5 sports mode
  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Waterproof
  • Control camera with smartwatch


  • No timing or countdown function

Buy now on amazon

7. Amokeoo smartwatch

Our next one on the list is Amokeoo smartwatch. It has price of $28.99. It has very good features. 

In this price range, you hardly have seen a watch that covers the option to reply back on smartwatch itself, but this watch does. If you receive a call and message you can directly reply with them on your smartwatch.

You cannot only reply, but you can make and create a message from a smartwatch. (Now this is cool).

This watch supports LTE, means you can insert the sim card in it.

Anti theft products, remote camera, pedometer, sleep and sanitary monitor built in this watch.

Also, it has a 1.3 megapixel camera to support your selfie life.

The major drawback of this watch is that it’s not a waterproof watch and doesn’t have any sports mode.


  • Supports sim
  • Anti-theft protection


  • It’s not waterproof
  • Works only with android well
  • No sports mode

Buy now on amazon

8. Lintelek Smartwatch

Source: amazon

Our next watch on the best smartwatch under $50 list is Lintelek Smartwatch. 

Now, this watch is for fitness lovers. It come with multisports feature to enhance your workout performance.  With the price off $30.59, this smartwatch can do many things. 

Find my phone option: This watch has find my phones option. If you ever lost your phone in the connectivity range, you can tap ring my phone option on the smartwatch and your phone will start ringing

Battery performance: This watch has 30 to 45 days of battery life on standby and 7 days on normal mode. This watch takes up 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Waterproof support: This watch comes with 5ATM water splash proof. So you can use it on rain and showers. 

Combailbilty: This watch comes with compatible IoS and Android smartphones. You have to download trackfit pro to sync. 

And there is one more feature. The different feature on this smartwatch is that it has a brightness control option. So you can adjust brightness accordingly. 


  1. Brightness control features
  2. 9 sports mode
  3. Find my device option 


  • Not fully waterproof

Checkout its all features and current price on amazon

9. Pradory Smartwatch

Next watch on the best smartwatch under $50 list is the Pradory smartwatch. This watch is priced at $27.99 on Amazon now. It did a great job with features. ‘

Let’s talk about them.

Sim card version: this watch supports sim. To get things done with a phone, you can use the sim version or just sync with the bluetooth of the phone to make calls.

Answers directly: Now most of the watches don’t give you the option of making and rejecting things on smartwatch itself. But this watch does. You can accept or reject or reply messages directly through smartwatch.

It has a speaker: Believe it or not this watch has a speaker. So you can listen and talk directly through the watch.

Camera: This smartwatch also has a camera built-in, which helps you to capture any moment.

It has 0.3 megapixels camera.

Lost your phone or smartwatch: Now if you lost anyone of them. There is an option on smartwatch and phones to ring. If you lost your phone, there is an option called ring my phone if you are unable to find it. Under bluetooth connectivity zone.

Not watroof : This watch is not waterproof. Don’t wear it if you’re going to use it with water.

To do this, you need to purchase a waterproof case to use it under water.

Compatibility: Pradory Smartwatch works with both phones, Android and Apple. But have less features than android.


  • Speaker
  • Camera
  • SIM version


  • Not a waterproof smartwatch

Buy now on amazon

10. Burxoe Smartwatch

Source: amazon

So the next on the list is on the best smartwatch under $50 list is Burxoe smartwatch. The unique thing about this watch is it will support a 32Gb max TF Storage card. 

Let’s talk about drawbacks first. 

Don’t work with water: This watch isn’t waterproof. You can’t use it when washing, hands in shower or while swimming.

Minimal sports functions: This watch has minimal function of sports it just gives you overview of calories that you burned.

Not fully functional with IOS: In the specification they said watch work with both android and apple but on the product information section they said partial feature will work on apple.

Check out here 

Let’s talk about good part 

Support Tf storage card: Now this watch supports a memory car. Which helps you to store your favorite files and music.

Remote camera: You can control your camera function through your smartwatch. Without touching your phone.


  • Memory card
  • Sim version


  • Not a waterproof smartwatch 
  • Doesn’t work well with iphone
  • Poor battery life 

11. GOKOO Smartwatches

Source: amazon

Next watch on the best smartwatch under $50 list is GOKOO smartwatch. A perfectly designed with affordable price. GOKOO is a rupituted company . it has been on the market since 1999. And his products do a great job. This price of its latest smartwatch is just $49.99. 

If you want a good looking smartwatch then you can consider this.

Better heart rate monitoring: This watch can track your heart rate throughout the day automatically. And let you know if anything goes abnormal.

Better sleep Tracking: Now this watch has a sleep tracking feature. It can track your deep sleep. Light sleep and wake up time and it will help you to get better sleep.

Design : The best part of this watch I like is the design of this watch is so dope if you compare it with a $200 smartwatch. You won’t see much difference.

Battery life: GOKOO smartwatch gives you 10 days battery life and 30 days in standby. And takes 2 hour to full charge. 

Waterproof: This watch comes with IP standard 68. Which means you can use it underwater. Water temperature should be normal. 

Sports mode: GOKOO watch also has sports mode. In sports mode you will see 10 sports that you can train including : walk, run, climb, basketball, football, cycling, badminton, skipping rope, swimming and yoga.

Gps system: it has a GPS feature so you can track any route with you. But the watch doesn’t have itself. Its app has.

Check out its all features and current price 


  • 10 sports mode
  • Gps connectivity 
  • Great design 
  • 30 days of of battery life


  • GPS works on app

Buy now on amazon

12.  UMIDIGI UFit Fitness

Source : amazon

Our next watch on the list is UMIDIGI UFit Fitness watch. It has a price of $39.99. It does all the basic things you want in a smartwatch.

Heart rate monitor and Spo2: Now UMIDIGI UFit watch comes with a 24/7 heart rate monitor and SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation in blood) and tells you when anything goes wrong.

Sports mode: It has 9 sports modes including: running, walking, cycling,hiking, climbing, Yoga, workout, spinning and treadmill to help you get better results.

Waterproof: 5ATM waterproof supports built in this app. Means you can use this smartwatch under normal temperature water in shower and swimming.

Female health mode: This watch has menstruation features for females. So you can prepare in advance. 

Compatibility: UMIDIGI UFit watch works with both IOS and android. But IOS has less advantage. 

Long lasting battery: It has great battery life. Watch can last up to 10 days on regular use mode and 30 days on standby mode. And takes 2.5 hours to charge. 

Check out all features and latest price of this watch on amazon


  • Female health mode
  • Great battery life 
  • Sports mode
  • SpO2 feature 


  • No tech support

Buy now on amazon

13. Haylou Solar Smartwatch

Source : amazon

Next one is Haylou Solar Smart Watch in the best smartwatch under $50 list. This watch has all the basic features. 

Battery life: 30 days of battery life and 10 on regular use. Takes 2 hour to charge.

Waterproof : It supports IP standard 68. Which means you can use it underwater. Avoid it under too much hot water or it will damage your watch 

Heart rate monitoring: It has a 24/7 heart rate tracking feature. 

Tracking mode: This watch comes with 12 tracking mode including: jogging, cycling, bloating, score, gyming, basketball, walking running and more 


  • Have all the basic features 


  • Less support for Iphone 

Buy now on amazon

14. KOSPET Smartwatch

source: amazon

Let’s talk about the next one. Our next one on the list is KOSPET Smartwatch. With the price of $44.95. It can do all those things that a basic can do. (Again the same words). 

The best and unique thing about this watch is that it has a pretty large display. And good looking design. And humongous battery life. 

Waterproof: This watch comes with IP 68 standard. That helps to keep you going even if god drops rain on you. And you can sign the “rain on me” song.

Battery life: Now this is cool and the watch can last upto 60 days on standby mode. For regular use it will work for 15 days. The charging time this watch takes is 2 hours.

Sports mode: This watch has 10 sports modes to enhance your fitness activities. swimming, cycling, running, walking and more will there to sport you. 

Better sleep mode: KOSPET SmartWatch has great sleep mode. This feature will track your wake up time. Deep slapping and total duration that you sleep. 

Other features: 

Call alert, call hung up, pedometer, brightness adjustment features are there. 


  • Great design 
  • 60 days battery backup
  • IP standard 68 


  • I haven’t found any negative review

Check out its all features and current details

15. Gandly smartwatch 

Source: amazon

Okay, Okay, here is the watch that you might be looking for. It has a slightly higher price than $50, but it has done its job (beating others). 

This watch has GPS itself. It has inbuilt GPS and you don’t have to carry your phone with you. To find anything. 

But there is a drawback in this feature, you need to record your sport first and then you are good to go. 

Now this watch has some cool things like;

  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Altitude Measuring

Activity modes: Now fitness mode can help a lot and this watch has the great features of fitness It can track your: Pace, heart rate , real time calories, steps and distance.

It can track your Blood pressure as well.

Now the drawback of the Gandly smartwatch is that it is not a fully waterproof watch. Sorry swimmers but that’s true.

Yes, it has IP standard 67 on their sales but some customers reported that.

Great battery life: This watch has Unbelievable battery life. This watch can last upto 20 days with bluetooth on. That’s really good

Check out all details and price on amazon 


  • GPS
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Altitude Measuring
  • Great battery life 


  • Not fully waterproof

Check out its all features and current price

16. Letsfit Smart Watch

Source: amazon

Our nextwatch is very popular and trustworthy. Yes, Letsfit Smartwatch is everybody talking about these days. The watch is built with some advanced features that you may like.

Independent GPS: Yes let’s fit smartwatch has GPS built in it. And you don’t need to carry your phone to use GPS. Not only this This watch has a compass and weather forecast. And will make your outdoor activity more.

Sports mode: Lets fit watch supports 7 sports modes including: walking, cycling, swimming and more.

Heart and Spo2 measure: Lets fit will accurately measure your heart rate and SpO2. Its 24/7 heart rate feature will help you to get going and give you remainder about abnormal value.

Supports a Great app: For fitness lovers. This feature is dope. This watch can sync with google fit, apple health and Strava. So that you can never miss your status.

Screen protection: This watch has a JDI screen panel which helps screen protection. JDI is an extra layer on the watch screen. 

Battery life: Let’s fit watch has great battery life it can last upto 15 days on normal use and 40 days on standby mode. This watch takes 2 hour to charge to full charge.

Advance mode swimmers:  Now for swimmers, this watch is very helpful while swimming it will track your plus, swimming style, distance, pace, stroke and rest time.

I checked the reviews and the majority of customers are satisfied with this let’s fit smartwatch.

Check out it’s all features and current price in amazon


  • GPS
  • Waterproof
  • Spo2 feature
  • Google fit 
  • Corning Gorilla Glass screen
  • Works with IOS and android 
  • Sleep tracking


  • Don’t have find my phone option

Buy now on amazon

17. Yocuby Smart Watches

Source : amazon

Another smartwatch is the best smartwatch under $50. This watch has a price of $49.99.

This is another smartwatch that supports google fit app.

Unique feature in this smartwatch is that you can create many watch faces in the smartwatch itself .

Yes its it 

This smartwatch has same basics features like;

IP68 standard waterproof

  • 12 sports mode
  • 24/7 heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracking
  • Great battery life
  • Find your phone 

Check out it’s all features and current price


  • Diy watch faces


  • Less compatible with apple

Buy now on amazon

18. Crossbeats Trak

May be available only in india. Price is about $35. 

The latest new crossbeats trek smartwatch is another great option.

This is nothing but a great watch for fitness lovers.

Let’s talk about some features 

Better watch faces: This watch has great and good looking watch faces. So you can show off.

Waterproof: This watch is waterproof and can work with swimmers. 

Hung up calls: By connecting this watch with your phone you only can hang up calls but don’t accept or reply to them.

Strong design: Now with leather strap and 9H mineral tempered glass  on the screen this will help you protect your outdoor activities.

Other features are;

  • Sports mode
  • Music control
  • 15 days battery life
  • Pedometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calorie count
  • Sleep monitor
  • Gps connected with phone

Check out its all features and latest price 


  • Better build quality 
  • 50 unique watch faces


  • Only supports its patent app (YFit )

Check out its all features and price

19. CanMixs Smart Watch

Source: amazon

Our second last watch on the best smartwatch under $50 list is CanMixs Smart Watch.

This is beautifully designed for men and women. It has very good looking watch faces that you can install from the app.

Notification: this watch is able to beat some with its call rejection feature. This watch gives you notification about your call, messaging and social media apps. 

Note: You can only reject calls. 

Track your fitness: This watch will help you to track your fitness data with  accuracy. Including your steps, heart rate, calories and sleep. 

Sports mode: This watch has all the basic sports modes that you may need to get better performance. Such as walking, running, cycling etc.

Battery life: This watch has 7-10 days of battery life. And comes with fast megantic changing support.

Waterproof: this watch comes with the support of Ip standard 67. Which means it can work under water.

Remote camera: YOu can capture your beautiful moments through your smartwatch directly. Just sync the watch with “H band app”.

You can check out its all features and current price on amazon 


  • Remote camera 
  • Great design 


  • Poor quality strap

Check out its all features and latest price

20.TicWatch GTX

Source: amazon

Finally, Our last one on the best smartwatch under $50 list is TicWatch GTX from mobvoi. 

“Essentials. Simplicity. Value” By “Movoi”

Now as you Movoi is a smartwatch company and Design premium watches. GTX is lowest price smartwatch from Movoi. 

This is my recommendation over every watch on the list. With having the price of $53.99. This watch can do many things that other won’t

The first thing I like to mention is touch

You may or may not know that low budget smartwatches often have touch problems. Touch was not very smooth. But you won’t be able to see that from GTX. 

Sports mode: Now watches a total of 14 sports modes with tracking and recording your data. Including: outdoor running, jump rope, walking, climbing etc. 

Watch faces: now this is a cool feature that you can take your picture and set as you watch face. Customize you the way you like 

Battery life: it has almost 10 days battery life on single charge in saving mode. Else it has 3-5 days normal battery life.

Water proof: this watch comes with IP standard 68. And its Water and Sweat Proof. You can use this watch under water with no issue. 

I personally used this watch and its work excellent.

Check out its features and current price on amazon.


  • Great design 
  • Own Watch Faces option
  • Sleep and heart rate tracking


  • No GPS
  • No mic/ speaker 

Last Words 

These above mentioned are all the smartwatches that are best in their price range. Most of them are the best smartwatch under $50 and the rest of them are just above $50. I cover them because they are good options with great features if you spend a bit more.

Now after seeing all the reviews, I already told you that you should buy TicWatch GTX. Else, it’s your decision.

Hope you find the article useful. If you have any questions please mention in the comment section I will reply to you for sure.

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