So you are planning to buy a smartwatch or have one already on your wrist. You want to know whether a smartwatch can measure your temperature or not. Well, in this article, I will provide you with an answer and also tell you how accurately it measures the temperature. 

So let’s get started.

Here the short and sweet answer.

Yes, a smartwatch can tell your temperature. Smartwatches like Fitbit use a devoted sensor to estimate your skin and core temperature. These watches notify you whenever there is any fluctuation in your body’s temperature. 

(Did you know that the temperature greater than 100.4°F (38°C) indicates fever?)

Can a smartwatch measure your temperature accurately?

Yes, when it comes to measuring the temperature, most of them provide you accurate results, but it may vary from watch to watch and situations such as:

Ovulation: Body’s temperature can rise during ovulation.

Timing: Body’s temperature, in the morning, can be low and by the evening or late night, it could go up.

Sleep: Body‘s temperature is usually low during sleep.

Fever: If you have fever, your body temperature may be high.

But that not it there are two type of temperature in our body

First one is, 

Core Temperature: Core temperature is the temperature of internal oranges of the body, for example, liver, brain, heart, etc. 

Skin Temperature: Skin temperature is the temperature of the skin’s surface of the body. Most of the smartwatches like Fitbit are perfect in tracking the skin temperature. 

So now you know what core and skin temperature is, let’s talk about how smartwatches (which measures skin temperature) can help you in your daily lifestyle.

1. For Working Professionals

If you are reading this blog and you are a working professional, you are definitely going to buy a smartwatch for you right away. 

(By the way, the link to a smartwatch that measures skin temperature is given below.)

And the good news is that along with skin temperature detection, this watch can monitor your heart rate, track sleep and help you manage stress. 

The watch can tell you if you have a fever and can save you time and help you get to leave as well.  

Let me tell you how:

For example, you are feeling unwell, but you are not sure whether you have a fever or not. 

What would a normal person do? Of course, he will go to the doctor or just fluke in front of the HR. Right? 

Now, let’s say you have a smartwatch that can tell your skin temperature. 

Now that you have one of the amazing smartwatches on your wrist, it would be easy for you to tell it to your colleagues or an HR to get leave to take proper rest.  

As promised here’s the best smartwatch you can buy on Amazon.

2. For Student 

To all the students and tech lovers, these smartwatches can definitely help you in many ways.

Having a fever or feeling unwell, from telling your mom to the teacher, this watch can actually help you take rest.

In case, you don’t want to attend the class, show the temperature of your skin to your teacher and to your mom a show on the screen. 

It is as simple as sending a “hi‘ to your friends on a whatsapp group.

Moreover, it will help your doctor to know more about your body’s temperature.

(Did you know that with a Fitbit Premium subscription, you can see more detailed information about your skin temperature variation trends)

3. For Moms 

For moms, these smartwatches can be a life-saver. 

Moms don’t have time to take care of themselves because they are busy taking care of their family. Most of them are busy making home and cooking delicious food for us, but often forget to go to the doctor as it consumes a lot of time. 

What is the solution? A smartwatch that tracks everything from heart rate, sleep, stress and most importantly, skin temperature. 

In case, you are not feeling well and feel like going to the doctor, what about using this amazing feature of the smartwatch. The watch will tell your skin temperature which will give you an assured if you have a fever or not, eventually, will help the doctor to know more about your current condition. 

4. Business Meetings 

As a business owner, you don’t want to miss out on anything that helps your business grow. Right? 

First thing first, you don’t have much time to go to the doctor for every problem and sometimes, it is not even a problem. 

So how can you tackle this? In this case, a smartwatch on your wrist can help. 

Check the temperature detecting screen on your smartwatch to know the reality of your body’s temperature. 

Ok, let’s say you have a business meeting the next day with the high ticket client, but you cannot attend it because you have a fever.        

You can always go to the doctor, but the shortest message you can send to your clients is the image of your temperature as shown on the smartwatch and ask them to postpone the meeting when you get fit. 

It can actually save your time and get you a high ticket client. All you need is a smartwatch. 

5. Fitness Freaks 

As a fitness freak myself, I never want to miss a single day off (weekdays). Even if I am unwell, I still want to go to the gym because I want to. 

And, I hope the same has happened to you as well. In fact, going to the gym while having a fever can be dangerous for your health. Having a mild fever is good to go, but you don’t know how much fever you have? 

In this case, a smartwatch that can tell you how much your body’s temperature is can be a lifesaver and save you from getting more sick. 

I think if you are a fitness freak, getting this smartwatch can be a wise decision you can make. 

Get It from Amazon –   Fitbit Sense

Can A Smartwatch Protect Yourself From Covid19?

Yes, a smartwatch can help you protect from Covid-19. In fact, not only you, but it can help your family and loved ones as well.  

Now you must be wondering how? 

OK, here’s how!

Right now in 2020, we still haven’t got the vaccine and all we can do is to take precautions. Yes, wearing a mask, social distancing is a good step. 

But, would you go to the hospital to get yourself checked just to check your fever? Of course, not. Right? And, especially, in this difficult situation, it is good to stay home. 

What can be the best thing you can do? 

A smartwatch that tracks your body’s temperature can be a wise decision you can make right now in tough times. 

Not only the temperature, but it can also track your heart rate, and your sleep as well. 

How are you saving yourself and your family?

  1. You are saving yourself as you are not going outside.  
  2. You can get to know about your temperature just by sitting at home. 
  3. In case you have more temperature, your family can take further precautions needed. 

Here’s what other things you can do with a smartwatch

Is Skin Temperature Tracking Smartwatch Safe?

Yes, these smartwatches are safe and anyone from any age group and gender can use these smartwatches. From well-known brands like Apple, Samsung to Fitbit, millions of people are using smartwatches and still counting. 

And, if we talk about skin temperature tracking, Fitbit has won this place so far and has a lot more features than you can imagine. 

In fact, buying a smartwatch can be a good choice. 


Smartwatches are a great way to track your skin temperature. This feature has a lot of benefits in day to day life. This feature can help anyone from moms to business persons. 

The best watch in my opinion is Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3 

And, with a Fitbit Premium subscription, you can see more detailed information about your skin temperature variation trends. 

If you worry about safety, let me tell you, you don’t have to worry about anything. They are safe and can be worn by anyone. 

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