Can You Shower With An Apple Watch SE
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Can You Shower With An Apple Watch SE? (Tested)

Apple Watch SE is one of the hottest wearables today. With its advanced and smart features, it can provide you immense help for work and personal development activities. Since freshening up is a daily routine to start your day, can you shower while wearing Apple watch SE?

The answer is yes, but don’t expose it with shampoo or soap. Apple Watch SE is equipped with a water-resistant feature that can resist certain water depths and exposure periods. Liquid substances with strong chemicals can damage them. 

Water is dangerous in most smart devices. Some of these also possess resistance to it which develops uncertainty for the users. This article will help you know more about showering with Apple Watch SE.

Tested: Can You Shower With Apple Watch SE?

We analyzed the capacity of the Apple Watch SE by testing its water-resistance feature. In this method, we will find out the maximum endurance of this device. The involved activity we focused on in this evaluation is showering.

The first test we performed is exposing it to water only. As such, we tried to wear it while showering to see if it can endure the activity. After that, we confirmed that Apple Watch SE can resist the water while showering. 

The second test we tried was exposing the device to sweat, rain, and washing hands. It helped us to know the possible things you can do while wearing the watch. So far, it worked perfectly and we haven’t found any issues after the tests. 

One important direction that Apple advised the users of their watch is to avoid contact with soap and shampoo.  Since it is prohibited by the manufacturer itself, we discovered that it is the reason why it is not highly recommended to use while showering. 

You can wear your Apple Watch SE while in the shower but it may sustain damage. Although this is built with water-resistance features, liquid substances that are used in a shower can harm it.

There are ways to set your device so you can use it to shower. Always know the dos and don’ts of your watch. Make sure to observe measures to prevent damage.

Is Apple Watch SE Ok with Shower?

Apple Watch SE can withstand specific water depth exposure. Showering while wearing is not advisable due to the chemicals coming from the toiletries you use. Other types of Apple Watch Series are allowed to use for extreme water activities such as swimming. 

The structure of the Apple Watch SE may not resist some liquids. From its bands down to stainless steel materials, water and substance exposure is not suitable for it. Take note to know the limitations of the watch to avoid accidental damages caused by liquid contact.

A lot of Apple Watch users expressed that they use it for extreme water activities. After that, the device was able to endure the water splashes and it still completely works. There are no damages or signs of malfunction that occurred in the following days. 

Showering while wearing Apple Watch SE is dangerous. Not due to the water contact but its vulnerability to soap and other solutions. These contain chemicals that degenerate the structure and parts of the device.

Once the outer protection of the watch is damaged, it’s easy for the liquids to infiltrate it. If it happens, it’ll influence the pieces inside and result in fully impairing it. Nowadays, it has become common knowledge that water is unsafe for digital and electronic devices.

The Water Lock feature is also established in Apple Watches. If there are situations where you need to shower with your smartwatch, you should activate it. It’s a beneficial help to avoid harming your device.

Is Apple Watch SE Waterproof?

Apple Watch SE is not waterproof but water-resistant. It is designed as water-resistant to 50 meters. The resistance capacity can only be covered by swimming for a certain period and splashing it with cold showers.

Water-resistant to 50 meters is often mistaken as it can endure water submersion under the said water level. This is a usual misinterpretation by several people when seeing the features. Apple Watch SE is developed to resist particular liquids in a short time.

The water resistance feature of the Apple Watch SE deteriorates over time. Apple stated that they don’t offer to recheck or reseal for this specific feature. There are several things to avoid that can affect this aspect of the watch:

  • Using it in the steam room or sauna
  • Exposure to impacts and dropping it to solid ground or surfaces
  • Contact with different substances such as lotions, conditioners, solvents, perfumes, acids, detergents, sunscreen, oil, hair dye, insect repellent, and acidic foods.
  • Avoid using it while using soap during baths or showers 
  • Leaving it exposed to water with high-velocity

Differences between Waterproof and Water-Resistant In Apple Watch SE

Devices that are labeled as water-resistant can withstand brief water submersion. Waterproof, on the other hand, is impervious to water. These are the simplest explanations to differentiate these two features.

Repels water at certain limitsComplete barrier to water absorption
Good for submersion for a short periodYou can submerge the device for a longer period
Devices may sustain damage in deep water levelsCan endure more water pressure underwater
Limited protection from liquid exposureStrong defense from liquid exposure
Endure light water-related activitiesCan tolerate extreme water activities

Apple Watch SE is water-resistant which means it may sustain damage underwater for a long duration. The usage of this device is good for a certain degree of liquid exposure.

Devices undergo IPX rating which IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection. It indicates the level of protection that a specific device has. Apple Watch SE is labeled as IPX7 which is great protection from water ingress when submerged to a maximum of 1-meter water depth for about 30 minutes.

How to Shower with Apple Watch SE

Apple has integrated its watch with water resistance attributes. This feature is called the Water Lock and it is available in Apple Watch SE devices. It aims to prevent you from tapping the screen during activities with water exposure. 

The Water Lock feature may turn on automatically, but it is safe to do it manually. You must activate it before you proceed on an adventure. Make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Swipe up the screen when the watch face is displayed. The Control Center will appear.
  2. Swipe up the Control Center to open 
  3. Look for the Water Lock option by finding the water drop icon then tap it. You can see the icon on the watch face.
  4. The Water Lock feature also activates if you’re going to engage in water-related activities. To ensure, it’s much safer to turn it on first before getting wet.
  5. After the activity, you can deactivate the feature by turning the Digital Crown of the watch. Wait for the unlock notification shown on the device.

Keep in mind that the first generation of Apple Watches is not allowed to be used for water-related activities. Those that are released from Series 2 onwards including the Apple Watch SE are equipped with water-resistant features. Always double-check the details of your device before using it for extreme activities.

How to Clean Apple Watch SE After Getting Shower?

There are ways to take care of your Apple Watch SE after using it to water. From its design and features, observe a few things to remember when cleaning it. Aside from Water Lock protection, this device allows the users to eject the water gathered in it. 

Apple Watch SE provides users the eject water options. This allows you to expel the water that was possibly collected while engaging in any water-related activities. Make sure to operate this after your activity.

When ejecting the water, you must turn off the Water Lock features first. The Digital Crown allows you to deactivate the option and eject the water in it. The purpose of this is to remove the water left in the speaker of the watch. 

Apart from removing the water, you can also clean your watch after workouts. This time the device is exposed to sweat. You must ensure to cleanse it before using it again. In cleaning the Apple Watch SE, observe these:

  1. Rinse the watch with clean water.
  2. Dry the wet parts of the watch using a soft cloth or non-abrasive and lint-free cloth.
  3. If the speaker sounds muffled, the water can evaporate fast if you charge it overnight.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Apple Watch SE After Shower?

Take note to avoid other things to dry the device such as heat, compressed air, and a hairdryer. Compressed air is often used for keyboards to spray off dust. These can damage vulnerable parts of the device as it blows air with force in it.

Make sure not to shake the Apple Watch SE if you think there is something inside. Water usually causes the muffling of speakers or microphones. Letting it evaporate on its own is the most recommended way to remove it. 

Don’t use small, thin, and pointed objects to clean the watch. These are common causes of damage to the device. With such, you may accidentally impair certain parts of the device and result in its malfunction.


You can wear Apple Watch SE while engaging in activities involving water. The only problem is when showering as you use shampoos and soap which can harm the device. The watch contains features to prolong life even after getting wet, but you must observe and follow the limitations provided by the manufacturer.

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