Can You Use Smartwatch Without Phone?

Today, smartwatches can be used for almost every purpose such as tracking your workout, you can send text messages from your smartwatch itself, you can pick up the call from the smartwatch, tracking sleep is no dream now, tracking most of the activities is easy as well.

But, here, the question arises, can I use the smartwatch without a phone? Is it really possible? 

Yes, smartwatches can be used without smartphones. Some of the smartwatches like Apple watch series 3, series 4 and Samsung smartwatch ranks top in this feature. These brands have gone so far with the technology that their smartwatches can also be connected to Wi-Fi. Not only this, but these smartwatches also support eSIM. So, you don’t need to have a smartphone to use a smartwatch. 

NOTE: It depends on the type of model you are using. Because not every watch has an eSIM and WiFi feature.

In this article, we will be discussing whether the smartwatch works without a phone or not, and how this amazing feature can help you if you are thinking of buying a smartwatch that can be used without a smartphone. 

Does It Look Professional Or Awkward?

Smartwatches can perform several tasks and in some cases, they are even more efficient than a smartphone. And, you use the smartwatch without a phone as well. 

But here, a question arises. 

Does it look professional or awkward? Let me answer this question. 

Using your smartwatch to pick up a call seems great and it really is unless you are making it a habit. You might stress your eyes because of the screen size. It looks awkward doing the same thing again and again in public places and in meetings.

I think it’s really not possible to use smartwatches all the time as a smartphone alternative because smartwatches are just for backup. We can’t look into a smaller screen for the rest of our lives. Yes, it can be helpful and can ease our life but not replace smartphones.

Now that you know that a smartwatch can actually work without your smartphone, let us now see how this feature of smartwatches can help individuals. 

Smartwatches can be a lifesaver (Can Save Your Job)

I can tell it in many words. But as I’m a fitness enthusiast, I will tell you my story. 

Last month, I purchased the Samsung Gear S2 and I was working out by wearing the watch on my wrist. 

Suddenly, I got a notification on my watch showing “BOSS.” It was my boss who was calling for urgent work. While running, I could answer the call from the watch.  Thankfully, it was my good day. 

Actually, I forgot my phone in my house and when I received a call from my boss, I had a lifesaver “Samsung Gear S2 .”

If I wouldn’t have picked up that call on that day, I could have lost my job. I can proudly say that it is a lifesaver for me because it saved my job. 

Helpful For Lazy Persons

Imagine, you are watching your favourite series on Netflix and suddenly, your phone starts ringing and you don’t want to get up from the bed as it is a suspense time and you don’t want to miss it.

Thankfully, you have an Apple watch series 5 that can answer your calls without a phone. You did not answer the call but you sent an auto-reply (that says, “you are busy and you will call later”) and watched the suspense at the same time. 

Smartwatch on your wrist can really help you in many ways, right? It can easily help you out in many things and make your life easier. 

So if you are not using a smartwatch and you are lazy, you might need to buy the one. You will thank me later. 

It is not easy to get up from bed while watching your favourite Netflix series. A smartwatch can definitely help you a lot because it will do a lot of work for you. 

Which Smartwatches Can Work Without a Smartphone?

There are many smartwatches that support this feature, but, I have two picks for you.

  1. Apple watch series 4 
  2. Samsung Galaxy watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch


If you are an Android user, buying Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch can be the best choice that you can make. 

It comes with the Tizen OS which is easy to navigate. The watch also has a call feature that can be used with smartphones or without smartphones. 

This smartwatch can also be called “an Android Device,” because it does all the work that a smartphone can do.

To know about the Samsung Gear S2 hacks, click here

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Apple Watch

My second pick is Apple watch series 4. I would recommend you to buy the apple watch series 4 if you have 3 or new to the smartwatch world and if you have an iPhone. Because Apple watches work with iPhones only. 

You are getting a lot of features that are not available in any other smartwatches in the market. ECG tracking, sleep tracking, and finest fitness tracking are some of its main features. And, of course, you can also call using your smartwatch without a smartphone.

Check out it’s more features and latest price 

So, next time, when someone asks you, Can I use the smartwatch without the phone? You know the answer or you can share this blog with them. 

Hope, you have got your answer, if yes, let me know in the comment section below. And if no, I will help you. Ask me here in the comments.

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