Disadvantages of a smartwatch for health

There are many health benefits of wearables fitness trackers. Fitness enthusiasts explain that such gadgets motivate users to remain physically fit and active. However users should remain equally aware of the cons of relying on them too much, they warn. A athlete and a master trainer for zumba uses the term techorexia to explain how people get addicted to their wearables at the expense of actually enjoying the workout.

Do you own a  smartwatch? Are you thinking of buying a smartwatch?  If yes then I personally think you should reconsider your decision.

Smartwatches are still in fashion and the reason behind their popularity is their features, looks and designs. But i don’t think it’s actually worth it? 

In this blog I will talk about all the harmful effects of smart wearable watches.

What is actually a smartwatch ?

As the name suggests, it is a perfect combination of watches and smartphones. You get a variety of options and features in smartwatches, which is a lot more than a watch 


  • Bluetooth connection available
  • Reads text messages
  • Digital assistance
  • Weather forecast
  • Fitness trackers

There are  many disadvantages to owning a smart watch. Since this emerging technology is so new there are very little things it can do at the moment.

Disadvantages of smartwatch 

  • Price-  As we all know, these smart wearables have smart features. However when it comes to price, it is more towards the costlier side. Its price range starts from 50$.
  • Battery life- these wearables need to be charged regularly, this one of the most important disadvantages of smartwatches. Usually, a fully charged watch will work for 24-48 hours. However it may work only for a day due to many notifications. If your smartwatch has less battery in the morning, it will not last for the whole day. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is one of the first smartwatch models available but one of the biggest issues is battery life. The main problem with battery life is how often you will have to take your smart watch off to charge. Also the screens will go to sleep to try and save battery so getting it to tell time is sometimes very awkward. To conserve battery life, the Gear screen goes dark when not in use. It’s supposed to awaken when you lift your arm, but sometimes I have to shake my wrist vigorously to rouse it. If the Gear is constantly turning off to conserve battery is it really that efficient to use?

  • Inaccurate data – The bad thing about these smartwatches is that it is 100% accurate. In fact, some are not even 80% accurate. The number of steps is calculated even if you brush your teeth, funny right! Heart rate sensors don’t always give you the right count and are not relevant. 
  • Dependent on smartphones- Every smartwatch user wants it to replace the smartphones, however this isn’t possible till now. 

Another disadvantage of smart watches is if smartwatches grow in popularity then they will take sales and jobs away from smart phone companies. When a smartwatch is synchronized with a tablet it can easily receive all your notifications and make your calls while your tablet sits comfortable in your purse, briefcase, or backpack. “Paired with a good smart watch, a tablet could easily replace my phone in most situations.”  Why would you even need a smartphone anymore if your watch could synchronize to your tablet and perform all the same functions as a phone?

With the introduction of the smart watch there can also be losers from this new emerging technology. Some losers from smart watches include the consumers, with having such limited design and compatibility options of smart watches. Also, the producers of smartphones, who could lose customers and sales to the smart watch

  • Not a necessary gadget- Smartwatches make everyone’s life more comfortable, however it doesn’t make it our necessity. All the features of smartwatches are available on android phones. Apart from this, other additional features are available in our android, which is not possible in smart wearables. 
  • Easily gets outdated- Will you afford to replace your smartwatch every year? Oh no you can’t. 

Every company launches new smart wearables every year with additional features. This means your device will become outdated just in a year. 

  • Screen size- A big drawback of the smartwatch is that everything is fitted on a tiny screen. Sometimes it can be frustrating while using apps. It is not pleasing to watch movies or videos on a small screen. 
  • Distraction- one of the most important drawbacks of smart watches is their  addictiveness. It always attracts our attention and is time to time notification can become the reason for distraction. 
  • Your Phone has to be nearby-  With no availability of wifi, your smartwatch has to be connected to bluetooth. For bluetooth connection, you need to keep your smartphone nearby. 

Privacy issues with these watches  

In this developing era of technology, there have been many issues regarding cyber-attacks and privacy. 

The bluetooth connection 

One needs to connect the smartwatches to your mobiles through Bluetooth. In the year 2020, scientists found many issues with Bluetooth connecting gadgets. This privacy issue with smartwatches makes it subject to hacking. 

Smartwatches collect personal data

The most significant disadvantage of smartwatches is that it has a tract on all your activities/ it counts your steps, reads emails from banks etc, online messages and loved ones messages as well. 

Where is this information sent? It can be sent to third parties. Hence this is a big privacy issue with smartwatches. 

Apps which can compromise your privacy 

Foregin application may demand access to your smartwatch mouthpiece, camera, area administration, and the sky’s the limit from there. When introducing an application, numerous individuals acknowledge whatever consents are mentioned.

Without investigating application authorizations, an application could gain admittance to pointless administrations. This enables an application producer to utilize things like your smartwatch amplifier to tune in on you. 

Location information 

A programmer with access to your area data through your smartwatch knows when you are busy working or at home. When you leave for work, a programmer equipped with this data could take something other than data. There are lot more instances of situations where online dangers convert into genuine assaults. 

Given above are the privacy issues with smartwatch. So be smart and make the right decision.

Harmful effects of smartwatches on health and society

What are the harmful effects of smartwatches on your health?

Mental health

According to research, many smartwatch users have started experiencing “Phantom Device Phenomenon,” this is a phenomenon in which the gadget influences the user’s mental status. This can become one of the harmful effects of smartwatches on mental health.

Your device tracks your activities, sleep patterns, etc. This can lead to an unhealthy obsession with personal health, which leads to negativity and anxiety.

Radiation exposure

Many of us know that smartphones and smartwatches emit radiation. We cannot totally eradicate the use of devices, but we can minimize it.

Radiation is carcinogenic and can lead to an increase in DNA damage. If you carry a smartwatch with you all the time, it will increase the rate of causing cancer.

Smartwatch impact on society

Increased usage of smartwatches has led to a negative smartwatch impact on society.

Many students use the smartwatch regularly, just for fashion. The side effects noticed by the use of smartwatches include insomnia, headache, nausea, body dysmorphia. It has led to more distractions among the young population.

If you have a smartwatch and you are hanging out with friends or in a meeting, and suddenly you get a notification, you check it. But this has a negative impact that the people around you are not so important—this kind of distraction that increases the time to complete any task results in decreased productivity.

ConclusionI hope I gave relevant information about the disadvantages of smartwatches. Before buying, just remind yourself of smartwatch impacts on society and your health. Now it’s your time to decide whether to buy it or not.

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