There is no need to convince you of how strongly today’s generation depends on mobile communication. For people who are gadget lovers, smartwatches are becoming a trend among them. Can you imagine the feeling when you experience that you are unable to answer a call in time or when you missed an urgent SMS? 

To get a solution to this problem, many companions have launched smartwatches that are associated with the phone and are very convenient to use, as they are tiny and always at hand, or rather on your wrist.

However, what is this gadget really capable of? Are there any disadvantages of smartwatches? Let us discuss. 

Are Smartwatches Worth It?

So, when it comes to wearable technologies, the smartwatches have taken the centre stage in the past few years. If you are talking about the primary functions of a watch, it is definitely showing you the time. But when it comes to a smartwatch, the most important function is to show you the notification and you will have quick access to them. Most smartwatches have a fitness tracker, can run apps like a smartphone, and looks fashionable while being worn on the wrist. 

Wearables tend to have a short battery life. Some devices can last for several days, but some will only last for a day or so. It can be a hassle to remember to regularly remove your wearable to charge it. Because of this, a number of developers are looking into the possibility of wireless charging options that would eliminate the need to remove the device.

Some of the wearables have been reported to measure data inaccurately. This can be dangerous when measuring data like heart rate. For individuals with heart conditions, this false reading could lead to overexertion and further health issues.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether a wearable device is something from which you would benefit or not. Smartwatches have many advantages but on the same side if there are advantages there are also disadvantages associated with smartwatches. With their increase in popularity, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before committing to one.

If you are still not sure whether a smartwatch is worth buying, here, I’am discussing some disadvantages of smartwatches. Hopefully this will help you in decision making. 

(Disadvantaged does not mean that wearable technology is not good, it means nothing is perfect and every coin has two sides)

So bear with me, you will get to whether the smartwatches are for you or not.  

Battery Life

Many of today’s wearables have a short battery life, especially, those require a lot of processing power and the internet connectivity. Smartwatches are one among them. Most smartwatches have fairly short battery life. Because of this, some companies are looking into alternative battery sources. 

Smartwatches have limited battery life. This is one of the main disadvantages of smartwatch. Watches are something you wear everyday and if you forget to charge it by the end of the day, you will not be able to use it the next morning. Usually, smartwatches can only be used 1 to 2 days after a full charge. But Some of them don’t even last for one day, especially if you use power-hungry features. 

Sometimes, If you forgot to charge it, you will end up having a dead watch the next day. Side wise you won’t be able to use some features like sleep tracking if your watch runs out of juice while you’re sleeping.

Some companies may point to wireless charging, or even the fast charging technology as innovation in battery life to solve this problem of short battery life.  Smartwatch makers will be stuck with awkward workarounds spare batteries, fast charging, smart software. 

Perhaps more significantly, they also have to prove that their smartwatches are worth the hassle. Because battery failure is an awkward truth about wearables smart watches.

Your Phone Has To Be Close

Smartwatches are trending in this modern world. You will find smartwatches with great features. But unless your smartwatch has the cellular capability or can connect to a Wi-Fi network, you have to be within the Bluetooth range of your smartphone to use apps. Meaning, to use your smartwatch, you have to keep your smartphone near you. 

Many smartwatches have the sim slot options in them. If your smartwatch has the sim slot then you don’t have to worry. Otherwise, it is not possible to use your smartwatch without the bluetooth. Therefore, it is necessary that your smartphone should be near your smartwatch if it does not support cellular connectivity. 

One limitation of a bluetooth technology is that the primary device has to be within 300 feet of the secondary device. That means your phone has to be in your pocket, bag, in the room, or on a nearby desk.

Screen Size

Screen size is one of the main problems when it comes to smartwatches. Or in other words, we can say that everything is cluttered in a small screen. The main problem occurs when you want to use apps, pressing the correct button may require extra effort, especially, if you have big fingers. Watching videos and movies on a smartwatch may not also be as visually pleasing compared to doing the same on a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

As we get a lot of notifications everyday, we might feel that it is embarrassing to reply through a small space of a smartwatch display. But as it is a watch and to be worn, we can’t do much about it. 

But watching movies and navigation may become an extra effort for your eyes and better don’t use these features if you have eye problems.

I think the big con of the smartwatch is that everything has been fitted on a small screen and sometimes, it can be irritating to use your favorite apps. It is not pleasing to watch movies or videos on a small screen and it might affect your eyes. So as I said, don’t use these features if you have eye problems.

Inaccurate Data

As you know smartwatches provide you with lots of features. Fitness is among those features. Smartwatches track your fitness and exercise. Smartwatches are able to provide you tons of data regarding your exercise and fitness and many smartwatch tests show that the data is not 100% accurate and not even 80% sometimes. 

The steps calculator and heart rate sensors are not known for accuracy in a smartwatch. But the brands need to work on improving the sensor feedback and analyzing the data.

Even though smartwatches are very useful to provide you with different data regarding your health, some have been reported to measure data inaccurately. This can be especially dangerous when measuring data like heart rate. While smartwatches help motivate you to be healthy, the data they collect is not always perfectly accurate.

You should keep in mind that these devices are not individually measured for everyone wearing them. Instead, they’re designed to provide data on a widespread, this means one-size-fits-all basis.

Because of this, a smartwatch can’t provide you with accurate, individualized data that fully reflects your situation. This doesn’t mean that the number of calories you burn is completely wrong, but certainly, there are some mistakes.

There was a 20% margin of error for calories burned recorded on smartwatches. This isn’t always the case, but don’t be surprised if your smartwatch is off by around 10% on the figures reported.

Another figure that tends to get improperly reported is heart rate. Smartwatches are meant to provide your heart rate at an exact moment, but oftentimes, there is a delay and it isn’t always correct.

Factors can influence how accurately a heart rate is recorded, including skin perfusion, how well your watch fits, and how strong your pulse is. The figure you see shouldn’t be fully trusted, but it should instead serve as a guideline for how hard you’re working out.

This is the bad thing about the smartwatches. The number of steps is calculated even if you brush your teeth. Heart rate sensors don’t always give you the right count and are not even relevant. 

And, I have solved this issue here. 

Gets Outdated Easily

Today, everyone uses smartphones and you might be reading this blog from your phone only.  

So, in general, how long do you use your smartphone? I guess not more than two years. Right? 

Because I have never used my smartphone for more than 2 years. 

But most of you would not like to spend a large amount of money on smartwatches. These gadgets run on android and similar OS which are upgraded frequently. So if you buy a smartwatch now, probably it would be outdated in a year or two. 

Smartwatches are costly. Will you afford to replace your smartwatch every year? 

It depends. Right?

Every company launches a new smartwatch every year with additional features. This means your device will become outdated in just a year or less then a year. 

Again, it depends on your budget and how you want to use your smartwatch. And, if you love the latest technology, I think you might not have any issue buying the new smartwatch every year or two.


Smartwatches are costlier than the traditional watches. Smartwatches provide you with some smart features, that is why it costs high. A decent smartwatch like Motorola 360 or Samsung Gear will cost around $200-$300 which can be a big deal for some people, but not for everyone. 

If you are a smartwatch fan, go ahead and buy your favorite one. 

If you want to buy the one which is more affordable, you can get that also for yourself. High-end models can also cost up to $500. If you’re on a tight budget, you may consider buying a smartwatch which is less expensive. 

Water Damage

I have heard that smartwatches are waterproof and they don’t get affected with the water. But when they say that smartwatches are waterproof that means only the display of the smartwatch is waterproof. The bands/straps are not included in it.  The bands/straps are likely to get damaged if you are constantly using it in water.

No Room For Fashionable Watch

When you are habitual of wearing a smartwatch then it would become difficult to wear any other watch. As useful as a smartwatch is, an important drawback is that it makes it difficult to wear another watch.

Watches have historically been an important fashion piece that often has significance attached to them. Perhaps, if you have received a watch from your partner or maybe it was passed down from a parent.

Luxury watches have always been popular and look amazing. Imagine, you are gifted with a traditional watch, but you won’t wear it because of a smartwatch.

(If you don’t care about the luxury looks, smartwatches are for you because technology matters to you more than looks)

It is regardless of what kind of regular watch you own, having a smartwatch will make a difference and in the end, it depends on your preferences. 

And, you can’t have a watch on both wrists. Or you couldn’t even have two watches on the same wrist. You’ll probably feel just as silly as you look and it will make your wrist feel heavy.

Distracted Driving

Smartwatches are very useful. As it gives all the notification directly from your smartphone to your wrist. While access to notifications is good, the downside is that it can lead to distracted driving.

From the past few years smartphones have been blamed for distracted driving, but the rising trend of smartwatches nowadays is becoming a culprit and making the chance of distraction greater.

While driving, you can put your phone in your glove box or the backseat, but that won’t do much good if your wrist is buzzing and lighting up with a notification.

It isn’t common for smartwatch wearers to take it off before they start driving. While it is easy to do, the action doesn’t come naturally. Not everyone has the discipline to remove their watch before driving.

Consider setting your smartwatch to do-not-disturb before driving if you don’t want to take it off. Just like with smartphones, notifications are never important while you’re trying to focus on the road.

Effects of Smartwatches On Health

What would be the effects of the smartwatches on your health? 

According to my experience I would say it depends on how you use the Smartwatch.

If you ask me, I use a smartwatch for health and fitness purposes. I can see time on my smartphone or traditional watch as well, but I use smartwatch to track my health and fitness activities. As I said earlier that the fitness data might be not accurate, yes, I know that it is not accurate, but it has definitely helped me to achieve my goals. 

I think that there is no such thing as hundred percent. It’s always close to hundred percent. Ok let’s make it a 80% because it is greater than zero. Right?

I have been using smartwatches for a year and a half and I have not faced any health issues till now and none of my friend circles have. 

There might be a lot of articles on the internet but the same is not true. I am telling it on behalf of my own experience and the people in my community. Smartwatches are just to help people. Like smartphones, every coin has two sides and same is the case with smartwatches. There is no harm in buying smartwatches, and I am sure, it will definitely help you and ease your work because it solved my problems as well.

Is It A Necessary Gadget?

Smartwatches are trending, but is it a necessary gadget?  Well, it  depends. If you ask me, I love smartwatches and they have made my life easier and I would love be in the trend. 

Many of you might be new to the smartwatches world and you might be looking for the best one for you. Right? 

A few years ago when there were no smartphones, many people used to say they don’t need smartphones and they are happy with their Nokia 6600. Now, if you look at them, they are using the latest smartphone. Why?

Because, tech has made them realize they need smartphones. And, same is the case with smartwatches. Yes, there are some disadvantages, but they will improve by time and I am sure you will never curse smartwatches after buying your favorite one. 

Many people say smartwatches work in sync with smartphones and it can never replace a mobile phone. Well, it might be or might not be true. But, what fascinates me about smartwatches is that it can work as a smartphone and can help you in many ways.  

Smartwatches make our life more comfortable and it makes your life easy. 

All the features of smartphones are available on smartwatches. 

Moreover, it is not just a watch, but way more than that. Smartwatches are trendy, up to date, people are getting every notification on their wrist, and most importantly, helping people like us keep track of health and fitness activities. .  

Should You Buy A Smartwatch?

Yes, you should. Let me tell you what you need to consider before you buy a smartwatch. 

Now you know about the disadvantages and don’t run from it. They will definitely improve by time. But still, they have a lot to offer.

A few points you need to consider:

  1. Why do you need a smartwatch?
  2. What features are you looking for?
  3. Do you want it while working out?
  4. Do you want it for your office?
  5. Are you fed up of the battery
  6. Are you looking for the design and looks?
  7. What is your budget?

These are some of the questions you need to ask before you buy a smartwatch. 

Read this before you buy. 

Advantages of smartwatch

14 things to do with smartwatch

Which Watch Should You Buy? 

Today, smartwatches come with a bunch of features. From health and fitness tracker, better GPS tracking, best battery, best looks, to best features, you will get a watch of your choice. It is you who has to decide what exactly you want and what you can do with the watch?

My top picks are Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Gear S2 for Android. 


Apple Watch series 5 and Apple Watch series 6 for IoS Users.

Also, Android users can use Apple watch easily. 

A few things to keep in mind.

If you are a music lover

Many of you would love listening to music while walking, traveling, working out or while working. If you are a music lover, smartwatches can make your life easier. Forget about the screen size and battery life, you don’t see the screen while working out. And, you don’t care about the battery if the smartwatch is giving you a lot of features and you can always keep your smartphone charged. 

If you are lazy person

Well, there is no harm in being lazy. Even I get lazy while picking up calls from my smartphone and that is why I make use of smartwatch to answer my calls without getting up. 

How would you feel when you get a call while you are binge watching Lucifer? Of course not good. Right? That’s where you can use your smartwatch to answer the call while sitting on your couch. 

So, next time you get fed up with these kinds of challenges, order the best smartwatch for you. 

If you are a fitness lover

What can be better than tracking your calories with a smartwatch and reaching the goal you wanted to achieve? Your dream will come true. 

Let’s not consider the flaw in health and fitness tracking. Human body is complex to understand. Even with a lot of complexities and challenges, a smartwatch is giving you up to 80% accuracy, what is bad in it? 

Please, take help from these gadgets and adjust, the technology will improve gradually. 

If you are a busy professional

You might have less time because you gotta work the entire day and you can’t track each and everything in your schedule. You have to manage a lot of things at a time from office work, relationship, to health and fitness. 

As a busy professional, you would want a watch that has a longer battery life and looks professional. As you don’t have time to charge your watch every single day. 

Smartwatches like Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Galaxy watch can be your best buddy in this case. 

If you have a less budget

Yes, this is true that smartwatches are expensive and come with a whole lot of features. But, not all smartwatches are up to the $500 price range, you can also get the smartwatches under $50.  

In this case, you have to compromise with some features that are only available in the premium watches. 

Some of the watches that come under the $50 price range are Amazfit BIP,  Lintelek Smartwatch, and KOSPET Smartwatch. 

Disadvantages of Smartwatches

Yes, smartwatches have some disadvantages and if you are about to buy a smartwatch, you should know its pros and cons and take your decision wisely. 

With disadvantages, smartwatches come with a tremendous amount of benefits. It can help busy professionals ease their life if they buy quality watches which have all the features. It can help fitness enthusiasts to track their physical activities. 

It can help you track your sleep, not accurately, but it can and they are better than traditional watches for sure. 

Yes, most smartwatches come with less battery life, small screen, health and fitness data issues, and you cannot enjoy your videos from the watch. 

First thing first, why do you want to watch movies from your watch? You have a TV, laptop and a smartphone for that.      

Secondly, not all watches have less battery life, not all screen sizes are small. 

Last but not least, watches technology will grow, so are the smartwatches. 


The advantages of a smartwatch are well known and that is why they’re such a popular accessory that so many people love to wear it today. Only a few people know the drawbacks of smartwatches. So it’s important to know what to look out for.

The main benefits of a smartwatch include its ability to promote a healthy lifestyle, seamless connectivity to other smart devices, and convenient access to notifications. 

On the other hand, a few important disadvantages include inaccurate fitness data, the inability to wear regular and luxury watches, and the chance of encouraging distracted driving.

While there are certainly pros and cons to wearing one, smartwatches are incredibly useful and the benefits tend to outweigh any negative consequences.

Just remember to be sharp about your smartwatch use and don’t let it distract you while driving!

I hope I gave relevant information about the disadvantages of smartwatches. 

Before buying, just remind yourself why you are buying it and how it can help you. Now it’s your turn and it’s your time to decide whether to buy it or not.

Thank you. 

Jaspreet Singh

I'm the co-owner of Wearable Hacks. I love to write about smartwatches. On this website, I share everything That 'I learned. For more information Go to About Page

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