Does Fitbit work with Samsung?

Does Fitbit watch work with samsung? 

If you have a Fitbit watch and you are thinking of buying a new Samsung, or you already have Samsung and you are thinking of buying a Fitbit watch then you might have the above question in mind. 

In this article, you will find your answers and make sure you share it with others.

In this article, I will tell you if fitbit works with samsung or not. And make sure you share it with your friends and family.

Is your new fitbit watch compatible with your Samsung? 

I am not a big fan of samsung (and, I really mean it). Recently I purchased a new fitbit versa 3. But, I was a little nervous if it would be compatible with my new Samsung M30 Pro. 

Yes, the Fitbit watch works with Samsung and there is no doubt in it. I have tested my Fitbit with my Samsung and it works like a charm. 

So you had your answer.

Now let’s move to if you havn’t or wanted to purchase samsung or fitbit.

Now if your looking to purchase a fitbit than keep make sure you check your phone compatibility here:

Your samsung should have Android OS 7.0 or higher and for the iphone you must have Apple iOS 12.2 or higher. 

How to Connect Fitbit Watch With Samsung? 

Let’s talk about an Android device first. (Here we are taking fitbit versa 2)

  • Install the fitbit app to set up the watch on an Android device or just go to this url:
  • Open the app and click on join>> select your device>> set up an account>>connect your fitbit 
  • While connecti you will receive an code on your fitbit device just put it to app when asked and you are ready to go 

How To Set Up Fitbit Watch With Samsung? 

As I have a samsung m30, I tried to connect it with my latest fitbit watch. And, let me tell you that it made no difference (All the things were the same). 

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Fitbit Watches are made for every Smartphone including Samsung, iPhone and Oneplus.

Which Fitbit Smartwatch is Most Compatible with Oneplus?

In general, every fitbit watch works With Oneplus. But if we talk about the best compatibility, I have 3 names in my mind. 

Here the top fitbit according to wearable hacks

1. Fitbit versa 3 

2. Fitbit sense

3. fitbit Charge 4

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