Does Fossil Smartwatch Work With iPhone

Does Fossil Smartwatch Work With iPhone

Fossil smartwatch adds a significant amount of innovation to traditional watches. The smartwatch strikes a balance between analog watches and digital smartwatches. But does the Fossil smartwatch work with iPhone?

Fossil smartwatch works with iPhones that run on later versions of iOS. For example, the Fossil smartwatch will work with iPhones running iOS 5+, iOS 6+, or iOS 10+. All you need to do is download and install the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches app on your iPhone. 

Fossil smartwatch works with iPhone and ironically has some settings absent from later versions of the Apple Watch. For instance, whereas it is present in all Fossil smartwatches, the always-on display is only found in Apple Watch Series 5 and 6.

We will talk about the best cheap Fossil smartwatch later in this article. Right now,  let us see why a Fossil smartwatch may not connect to the iPhone.

Why Won’t Fossil Smartwatch Connect to iPhone?

The Fossil smartwatch may fail to connect to the iPhone due to minor software issues.

Fossil smartwatch is the first Wear OS smartwatch to take calls and tether to iPhone. It is designed to sync with the iPhone just as much as it works with Android. 

Sometimes, the Fossil smartwatch may fail to connect to the iPhone. However, these are rare instances that do not suggest that a Fossil smartwatch does not work with an iPhone.

How to Connect Fossil Smartwatch to iPhone

When you experience connection issues with your Fossil smartwatch, the best place to begin is to restart your device.

If the connection problem persists after restarting, consider a factory reset of the Fossil smartwatch. This process erases applications like the Wear OS, which is crucial for connecting Fossil smartwatch to iPhone.

After factory reset, download Wear OS by Google from the App Store to your smartwatch. And if the smartwatch is listed in your iPhone’s Bluetooth setting, look for it and forget the device.

Once you have cleared everything, continue with a new setup. This process should restore the Fossil smartwatch to work with the iPhone.

List of Fossil Smartwatches that Work With iPhone

Almost all Fossil smartwatches are compatible with the iPhone. Here is a list to guide you through the purchase.

  1. Fossil Gen 6
  2. Fossil Gen 5
  3. Fossil Gen 5E
  4. Fossil Q Gen 3
  5. Fossil Q Commuter
  6. Fossil Hybrid HR
  7. Fossil Hybrid
  8. Fossil Sport

As technology advances, Fossil smartwatch operating systems become more sophisticated and better. Thus, every year Fossil creates faster smartwatches that run on iOS to work with iPhones.

The list of Fossil Smartwatches provides tens of watch faces to choose from. Fossil smartwatches also boast tens of replaceable straps, colors, and physical architecture.

The choices are endless. Therefore, these smartwatches will work for anyone with any OS. Are they worth purchasing, though?

Is Fossil Smartwatch Worth Buying?

Fossil smartwatch is compatible with iPhone. In addition, the light weight, more memory, and extended battery life make the Fossil smartwatch worth buying

The improved 1GB RAM and 8GB storage allow a seamless experience with the smartwatch’s operating system.

Depending on the smartwatch version, the smartwatch will give you anywhere between two to three days of battery life. Whether you choose to purchase the Fossil Sport or the newly released Fossil Gen 6, they all work with iPhone and give about 25 hours’ worth of battery life.

According to the company, the new release can charge two times faster than its predecessors. 

Furthermore, the Fossil smartwatch is now powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor. Unlike Fossil Gen 5, which runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100+, it means you can now get super-fast performance and connectivity with Fossil smartwatches.

Most importantly, the Fossil smartwatch is worth buying because it works with the iPhone to provide several benefits. For instance, smartwatches have built-in GPS, pedometer, and heart-rate sensors for health and fitness tracking.

Like most smartwatches in the market, the Fossil smartwatch also enables you to make calls and receive notifications. 

It is waterproof and can withstand considerable depths underwater. 

Meanwhile, the display and buttons give the Fossil smartwatch an official appeal, making it suitable for official duties.

Fossil smartwatches provide a variety of smartwatches for men and women, including unisex versions of the same. Drawing the line between gender is again why Fossil smartwatch is worth buying.

The Fossil smartwatches for women that you can choose from include the Gen 6 Smartwatch Purple Silicone, Gen 5 Smartwatch Julianna HR, and Hybrid Smartwatch HR Charter. 

Finally, the variety of colors and wristbands to choose from makes the Fossil smartwatch customizable and worth buying.

What is the Best Cheap Fossil Smartwatch for iPhone?

We have looked at Fossil smartwatches that work with iPhones and why they are worth buying. However, if you are contemplating making a purchase and need the best cheap Fossil smartwatch for iPhone, what would you go for?

The  Fossil Hybrid HR is affordable. For only $150, you can get heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and notifications directly from your iPhone. Besides, the always-on display ensures you don’t miss out on important updates. 

However, note that the best Fossil smartwatch right now is the Fossil Gen 6. It costs anywhere between $299 and $319.

If you want a Fossil smartwatch that will work with the iPhone seamlessly while giving you longer battery life and fast processing, the Fossil Gen 6 is the best bet.


Fossil smartwatch is compatible with later versions of iOS and therefore works with iPhone. 

If your Fossil smartwatch is not connecting to the iPhone, reset factory settings on your watch, and continue with a new setup. It should work.

The Fossil smartwatch is worth buying for its compatibility with the iPhone and its high processing and extended battery life.

Right now, the best Fossil smartwatch that works with the iPhone is the Fossil Gen 6. 

If budget is an issue, consider purchasing Fossil Hybrid HR. It is the best cheap Fossil smartwatch for the iPhone that I recommend.

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