Does Samsung Watch Work With Google pixel?

The Samsung watch is designed to work with android and ios phones. The compatibility with Android 5.0 and RAM equal to or greater than 1.5 GB are supported. For iPhone users, you must have the iPhone 5 above model, and Ios should be equal to or greater than iOS 9.

Yes, Samsung watch work with all Google Pixel phones and google pixel 6, there is no doubt about it. Samsung and Google both are android based devices and they are compatible with each other. However, you may face some notification issues, but it will tell you how to resolve them.

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How to connect Samsung watch with Pixel

In order to connect the Samsung watches with pixel,

  1.  First, you need to download its app called: Galaxy wear app. You can download it from here or can be done on the play store.
  2. Open the app and turn on your galaxy watch. Select your watch model and tap search.
  3. After you hit search it will automatically search your watch( make sure your watch is charged and nearby ). 
  4. Tap connect and it can take 5-10 min to connect. 

That’s how you can connect your Samsung watch with your google pixel.

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Notification issue when you connect Samsung watch with google pixel.

It’s not an issue but is a disabled setting that you need to turn on. By default, your watch may not show notifications of incoming messages, WhatsApp messages, and other apps notification.

So in order to receive all phone notifications on the app, you need to change some settings in your galaxy wear app on your phone 

1. First go to wear app 

2. Click on the watch setting 

3. And go to notification tap 

Here you can set all app notifications that you want to receive on your smartwatch.

Best google pixel for Samsung galaxy watch

Google Pixel 6 Pro

According to Techradar, currently, the best and most featured phone by google is their google pixel 6 pro. It is released last year in October and is currently among the best android phone. It has long battery life and has a Multitalented camera. 

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Google Pixel 6

One step down google pixel 6 is another great phone. The pixel 6 pro and pixel 6 were released on the same date. October. The features between 6 pro and 6 are almost negligible. But 6 pro great camera and better battery life as compared to 6. 

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Google pixel is another good phone by google. It has a big OLED screen and great battery life. I have used this phone and in my experience its design is dope. Great features, fast processor. It’s better than my current phone Samsung NOTE 10.

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Google Pixel 5a

Let’s talk about Samsung watches that are Compatible with google pixel

Best Samsung watch for google pixel

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

it’s a google wear os watch. The galaxy watch 4 is the best smartwatch among all the Samsung smartwatches. It is released in 2022 along with galaxy ultra 22. It is currently the best Samsung watch. The main change Samsung is done here is that they replace their self-made Tizen with google wear os.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The galaxy watch is another great option for you. It has a rotating bezel. With average battery life. The main problem with older galaxy watches is that they come with Tizen OS. in my option which is worst. The Bixby is so slow that sometimes you could through your watch. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

I’m currently using this watch for almost 2 years. Hack. if you want to have the galaxy watch go for active watch 2. Because it is the cheapest option. For Tizen OS, If you don’t want to spend much. However, if you have a good budget Samsung galaxy watch 4 is the only option for you.

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Some FAQ

Q. Does Fitbit with google pixel?

A. Yes, Fitbit works with Google pixel. Google and Fitbit are both owned by Google so it’s compatible. Fitbit works with every android phone that runs above Android 10.

Q. Does galaxy watch 4 with pixel?

A. Just like other watches The Galaxy watch 4 works with Google Pixel.


The Samsung watch works with every android phone that has android 6 and above in it. It is also compatible with ios 5 and above. The best pixel phone is the 6 pro and the Samsung watch is the galaxy 4 if you have the budget and for a cheap option go for the galaxy active watch 2.

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