Does Wear Os Work With Samsung?

Exclusive news is trending over the social sites and news channels that Samsung is not only going to change the design and features in the upcoming Galaxy Watch but also the entire system. 

Samsung recently announced that this year they are not going to use Tizen OS with their new smartwatch.

So are they going to merge with Google? Will the new Samsung Galaxy Watch be featured by Wear OS? 

Is Wear OS Work With Samsung? 

No, Samsung does not work with Wear OS. Samsung features Tizen OS for its devices. But, a few months ago, it was rumored that the Tizen OS would not be used for the upcoming Galaxy Watches. And, a news report confirmed a month ago that Samsung and Google are collaborating together. So, Samsung will feature Wear OS in its upcoming smartwatches. 

New Version of Samsung Watch With Wear OS

It’s been a while since Samsung has not launched any Smartwatch. Current news has confirmed that Samsung is going to launch its Galaxy Watch 4 with the Wear OS. 

As per my knowledge and trending news, Samsung might have three versions. 

  • Classic Design 
  • Active Model
  • Sporty Watch

These new models are being developed under the codenames of Wise, Fresh and Lucky. 

It is assumed that the Classic design model will consist of a rotating bezel ring, not unlike a conventional dress Watch.

As mentioned above Samsung will replace Tizen OS with Wear OS in the upcoming watch. A new version of the UI is going to be featured in Samsung Watches this year. 

Apart from this, new smart features will also be included as well. Among that one, it is revealed that Samsung will transform Galaxy Watch 4 into a walkie-talkie. Users can easily send a short voice note over it. 

Samsung has not revealed the releasing date, but it is expected to arrive within a month i.e. by July or August. 

In 2014, Wear OS was used by Samsung, which was known as Android Wear. After that Samsung launched its Smartphone with Tizen. 

Wear OS and Tizen both are compatible in their field. Let’s know which is best?

Which is The Best – Tizen Or Wear Os? 


Tizen OS is an operating system developed by Samsung. It is used across many products of Samsung including smartwatches, TVs, and home appliances. Even a few phones and cameras are launched with Tizen. 

  • It is a lightweight operating system when compared with WearOS.
  • Software and hardware are both designed by Samsung and have a smooth platform with quick start-up time and fast app switching.
  • Samsung introduced the rotating bezel in the Gear S2 back in 2015.
  • The bezel allows you to easily scroll through menus and options, providing an intuitive user experience.
  • Tizen allows third-party apps which are available via the Galaxy Store. This puts it ahead of rival smartwatch operating systems, mostly when compared to WearOS. it
  • Some notable apps not available on Tizen that are on WearOS include Facebook Messenger, Runtastic, Telegram, and Google’s suite of apps which I’ll come on to later.

Wear Os

WearOS is developed by Google and based on the Android smartphone platform. Unlike Samsung, Google does not manufacture any of its smartwatches.

They focus solely on developing the operating system itself. 

  • WearOS is very familiar and simple to an android smartphone.
  • There’s also a media player which shows in the notification bar when you play music through your phone
  • As compared to Samsung they have a much broader range of apps available on WearOS as much of the functionality can be built into existing Android apps in the Play Store.
  • Google Assistant adds extra functionality including media selection, answering search queries from the web, and controlling smart home devices, all with your voice.
  • Lacks a rotating bezel, which is a special feature of the Samsung Smartwatch.
  • The biggest downfall of WearOS is battery life. Despite Google’s best efforts to improve this in recent updates, WearOS watches won’t last more than a day.

There are still key areas where both operating systems are lacking, particularly when it comes to battery life and the availability of square watches.

In comparison to both, Wear OS is better than Tizen.

Comparison between products of Samsung-Tizen OS  and Wear Os

Tizen OSWear OS
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3The Galaxy Watch3 combines powerful technology with a premium, customizable design so you can manage the day-to-day from your wrist, beautifullyFossil Sport. This is one smartwatch – receive smartphone notifications and app alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, download third-party apps (your favorite ride-sharing or music apps), and customize your watch face; touchscreen functionality.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active2 is designed to help you learn more. It goes beyond tracking steps And calories to offer actionable insights on everything from your running style to your heart rate 1.
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Tic watch Pro 3Innovative technology ensures Longer Battery Life. Dual-layer Display 2.0 and enhanced essential Mode. The 1st wear OS by Google smartwatch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Platform.

Samsung and Google collaboration will ultimately benefit its users. There’s no doubt that One UI makes Android better. 

Having Samsung onboard as an Android OEM will significantly boost Android availability across the globe, particularly in the emerging markets where Samsung will enjoy significant brand equity.

Samsung and Google’s close cooperation on smartphones will bring unique features such as foldable devices. This unified Wear platform that they’re now working on will certainly advance the smartwatch cause. 


By partnering with Samsung, Google can bring its smartwatch platform out of the wilderness. The launch would possess great features with a better operating system. 

What are your thoughts? Is the collaboration going to boom out the market? Will it be amazing? Do drop your views in the comment section below.


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