How Accurate Is Fitbit Versa? And, How Can You Take Its Maximum Advantage?

How accurate is Fitbit Versa? If you have purchased a new Fitbit versa, you might be facing some issues with it and asking the same question. Fitbit Versa is one of the most popular activity trackers that can calculate your daily activities while motivating you throughout the day.

Fitbit Versa might not be 100% Accurate but is considered to be accurate. Fitbit versa’s accuracy depends on various factors depending on where the device is worn. For example, wear a device on your wrist while jogging. And, for a normal walk, wearing the device on the torso can be more accurate. 

But how accurate is Fitbit versa? And, how can you make it more accurate?

Let’s find out!!!

How Does Fitbit Versa Works? 

The Fitbit Versa uses an accelerometer with 3-axes that can easily track distance travelled, the number of steps taken, a number of floors climbed and calories burned.

The accuracy of the device depends on the sensitivity of an accelerometer. In the case of Fitbit Versa, accuracy depends on various factors.

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How Accurate is Fitbit Versa?

Every coin has two sides and same is the case with the Fitbit devices.

Fitbit Versa is infamous for counting more or fewer steps sometimes. Because, walking on a smooth surface, pushing a shopping rack may lead to counting fewer steps. Riding a bicycle or a car on a bumpy road may lead to counting more steps.

According to NCBI, Fitbit devices are 50% acceptingly accurate when it comes to counting steps.

However, the accuracy of the Fitbit Versa depends on where the device is worn. For example,

  • If you are walking very slowly, place the device on the ankle for accuracy.
  • If you are walking at a normal pace, wearing the Fitbit Versa on the torso will give more accurate results.
  • And, if you are jogging, wearing the device on the wrist will have better results.

To track sleep, Fitbit Versa can’t be compared. But, this device is not that good in calculating energy expenditure and high-intensity movements.

How Can You Make Your Fitbit Versa More Accurate? 

You have invested your money to stay fit for good. But, your fitness buddy (Fitbit Versa) is not working properly.

And, in order to get its maximum benefits, it needs to be more accurate. So, here are a few ways you can use to make your friend reach its potential.

1. Wear your device correctly

Wear your device correctly

Yes, you heard it right.

The accuracy depends on how and where you wear your Fitbit versa. Ideally, the device must be in contact with your body while working out. Make sure it’s not hanging out with your clothes.

How to do it correctly? 

  • If you have wrist-based Fitbits

While working out make sure the device is attached to your skin. If you wear a Fitbit watch, it should be connected to the top of your wrist, not too loose, and not too tight, be comfortable.

But, while exercising, wear the Fitbit watch a little.

  • If you have clip-based Fitbits

If you have a clip-based Fitbit then you might have to try out different things.

I mean to say that you have to find out the best location where it works accurately.

However, you have to make sure that the screen is facing towards the outside and the clip is attached securely with the clothes you are wearing.

2. Don’t forget the app setting

fitbit app setting

In the end, it is AI, so whatever the information you put in, it works the same way. Make sure you are putting in the right information in order to get the accurate results.

Below are the few settings that you need to fill up precisely you doing right:

(You will find this setting on your dashboard)

  • Wrist Orientation

See if you are wearing your Fitbit Versa on the right wrist. By default, Fitbit devices are set to the left hand.

If you are wearing it on the left hand, no need to change this setting. And if you are wearing it on your right hand either you have to change this setting or you have to wear it on your left hand.

  • Height

Most fitness trackers or watches make use of your height to get accurate results. While entering your height (in centimetres or inches), make sure you are writing down the right information.

  • Download the Fitbit’s Exercise App

To get the maximum out of your Fitbit device, you can download the exercising app by Fitbit.  This app is available both on iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • GPS 

Make use of the GPS feature of the Fitbit Versa if you want to get accurate results. By doing this, your device will be able to calculate your daily activities even if you are walking or shopping where the minimum efforts are required.

3. Change the location of Fitbit Versa

Change the location of Fitbit Versa

Now, I can bet that you know the answer to this question – how accurate is Fitbit Versa?

There are two models, one is the clip model and another is a wrist model. You should know where, when and how to wear each model?

For example, while sleeping wearing a clip model is not recommended because you won’t get accurate results. And,  it is recommended to wear a wristwatch while jogging.

In the end, I would recommend not to focus too much on accuracy. Yes, Fitbit versa can help you track a lot of things, but unless your workout, diet and sleep are not up to the mark, you won’t get the results you want.

Hope you have got your answer now.

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