How Far Can Apple Watch Be From iPhone? 

Knowing “How far can the Apple Watch be from the iPhone?” is crucial, especially if you don’t like carrying your phone everywhere. Being out of your iPhone’s Bluetooth range can turn off your Apple Watch calls, texts, and real-time app updates. 

Your Apple Watch’s distance from your iPhone varies depending on the series and the environment. There’s a Bluetooth model for everyone, from the limited 50 meters of Series 1 to the expansive 1000 meters of Series 5 outdoors. 

This comprehensive article delves into the Bluetooth capabilities across different Watch models, from the latest Series 9 to the older Series 3.

Let’s get started.

What is the Bluetooth range of Apple Watch to iPhone?

Apple Watch Series 9

The Series 9, priced at $399, brings a faster Siri and new features like Double Tap. The Bluetooth range for this smartwatch is between 50 and 240 meters. Inside your home, you can count on it working well up to 40 meters. This range is perfect for those who leave their iPhones in another room while moving around the house.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Series 8 is a twin to the Series 9 regarding Bluetooth range. They both rock the same Bluetooth 5.3 chip. So, indoors, you’re good for about 40 meters, and outside, it’ll stretch up to 240 meters. If you’ve got a Series 8, don’t sweat about upgrading just for the Bluetooth—your range is solid.

Apple Watch SE and SE Gen 2

The Apple Watch SE and the second-gen SE aren’t as stretchy as the Series 8 or 9 in the Bluetooth department. They use Bluetooth 5.0 and 5.3 chips, respectively. Indoors, you’ve got the same 40 meters, but outdoors, it caps at around 200 meters. Not a massive difference, but something to keep in mind.

Apple Watch Series 7

Released in October 2021, the Series 7 also comes with Bluetooth 5.0. Just like the SE models, it works up to 40 meters indoors and 200 meters if you’re outside. But watch out for walls; they can mess with your Bluetooth range and pull it back to 40 meters.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Series 6 is the same as the Series 7 regarding Bluetooth range. Sure, it has health features, but don’t expect extra Bluetooth distance. Inside, you’ve got the usual 40 meters, which go up to 200 meters if you’re out in the open. Again, obstacles like walls can shrink that distance, so be mindful of your surroundings. 

Apple Watch Series 5

Series 5, introduced in September 2019, also utilized Bluetooth 5.0.  It offers an astounding indoor range of up to 400 meters and a staggering outdoor range of up to 1,000 meters.

Apple Watch Series 4

Debuted in September 2018, the Series 4 still relied on Bluetooth 5.0. Despite the numerical bump, the range stayed consistent at about 10 meters. However, Bluetooth 5.0 did offer dual audio support and quicker data transfers.

Apple Watch Series 3

Stepping down a bit, the Series 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.2. Its indoor range is limited to 40-50 meters. Outdoors, you can expect a max range of 100 meters. It’s noticeably less capable in range than its newer siblings.

How to extend the range between my Watch and Phone

Follow these tips to expand the Bluetooth range of your Watch and Phone 

  • Keep Obstacles Away: Minimize the number of obstacles between your Watch and iPhone. Walls, doors, and other objects can reduce your Bluetooth range. In ideal conditions, the Watch Series 8 and Series 9 can remain synced up to 240 meters outdoors. But even a single wall can bring that down to just 40 meters.
  • Update Software: Second, always keep your Watch and iPhone up to date. Software updates often contain improvements for Bluetooth connectivity. Check your settings for the latest versions and install them.
  • WiFi Connectivity: If you’re in a place with WiFi, ensure both devices are connected to the same network. While not a direct extension of Bluetooth range, the devices can communicate over a greater distance.
  • Reset Network Settings: Try resetting your network settings if you’re experiencing consistent range issues. But beware, this will erase your device’s saved WiFi passwords and other network data.
  • Disconnect Other Devices: Last, disconnect unnecessary Bluetooth devices from your iPhone. Multiple connections can strain the Bluetooth chip, reducing effective range.


1. Can the Apple Watch work without an iPhone nearby?

The Apple Watch can operate independently for tasks like tracking fitness metrics, telling time, and playing downloaded music. However, to fully unlock features like receiving texts and app updates, it must be in Bluetooth or connected to the same WiFi network as the paired iPhone.

2. How many feet can my Apple Watch be from my iPhone?

The Bluetooth range varies by model. For instance, the Apple Watch Series 9 can be as far as 787 feet (240 meters) outdoors and around 131 feet (40 meters) indoors from your iPhone. Walls and obstacles can reduce this range significantly.

3. Do I need to carry my iPhone everywhere for my Apple Watch to work?

No, you don’t need to carry your iPhone everywhere. Your Apple Watch can perform some essential functions on its own. However, keeping your iPhone nearby expands its capabilities, such as receiving real-time updates and calls.

4. Does the Apple Watch Series 9 have a better range than earlier versions?

The Series 9 offers a Bluetooth range similar to the Series 8, stretching up to 787 feet (240 meters) outdoors. Earlier versions, like the Series 3, have a reduced range of around 328 feet (100 meters) due to an older Bluetooth chip.

5. Can the Watch still receive calls and texts when away from iPhone?

If your Apple Watch and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network or your Apple Watch has cellular capabilities, you can still receive calls and texts even when out of Bluetooth range from your iPhone.