How Often Do You Wear Your Apple Watch?

According to Apple Insider, the Apple Watch is the only smartwatch intended to be worn directly on your person all day. The watch has a feature that users often overlook. Did you know that you can change the orientation of the Apple Watch? Rotating the screen allows you to wear the Apple Watch on your left or right wrist.

However, the frequency of wearing the Apple Watch differs by person and occupation. For example, I do not wear it in the kind of yard work where the Apple Watch might get damaged. Also, despite being waterproof, I am so paranoid that I won’t take a shower or swim with the watch. Most importantly, I cannot charge the Apple Watch on my wrist.

However, wearing the Apple Watch often is understandable in some situations. We will look at wearing it to bed and how safe it is to wear the Apple Watch daily. I will then offer you some tips for wearing the watch more often.

Let’s get straight to it.

Is wearing the Apple Watch Daily Safe?

I just don’t think you can wear the Apple Watch 24/7. There are several pros and cons to wearing the Apple Watch all the time, and there is no single best time to wear the watch because people’s needs and ambitions are different.

Apple Watch for health

It is understandable to wear the Apple Watch daily for health reasons. Some people may not remove the watch from their wrists because of underlying heart problems.

Apple Watch allows for constant monitoring of irregular heartbeats and relays the information to their doctors and caregivers. If the Apple Watch can detect the early onset of atrial fibrillation, we can reduce deaths occurring due to heart attacks. Wearing the Apple Watch for heart health monitoring can be especially beneficial for seniors.

Apple Watch for work

Yard work such as construction or where oil is heavily involved increases the chances of damage to the Apple Watch. In these cases, I’d recommend taking a break from your watch.

Irritation and discomfort

I wear my Apple Watch indoors and outdoors, except for specific situations. If you are like me, a fitness enthusiast, you often wear your Apple Watch during workouts. However, if you don’t wear it correctly, sweat and movements in your wrist may cause irritation and discomfort.

Apple provided detailed instructions on how to wear the smartwatch correctly. According to the manufacturer, you should not wear the Apple Watch loosely. If you are performing a task like running or walking and feel the watch dangling, that is not the right way to wear it. Similarly, don’t tighten the bands so much on your wrist. 

Apple advises that you wear the Apple Watch snugly but comfortably.

Apple Watch radiation

Studies also show that smartwatches release small amounts of EMF radiation. Although the radiation is non-ionizing, long-term exposure poses significant health risks. However, you can wear your Apple watch often for various reasons, including health monitoring and sleep tracking.

Is it wrong to wear your Apple Watch to Bed?

Increased dependency on the Apple Watch for sleep tracking can result in orthosomnia. It involves the unhealthy habit of monitoring your smartwatch late into the night when you should be sleeping. That is what happens when you instinctively check your Apple Watch to see how much “perfect sleep” you have had.

Another phenomenon is the “phantom watch syndrome,” the perception that your Apple Watch is on your wrist when it is not. When you are used to the smartwatch, you will find yourself looking at your bare wrist. Since some people can’t do without it, they will wear the watch to the shower and even to bed.

I use the Apple Watch Series 3 for sleep tracking and wake-up alarms and the S6 for workouts. I have synchronized all my smartwatches with Strava, so my sleep and fitness data will always compound regardless of the watch I wear. Most importantly, I leave a charger in the house and another in the car. It ensures I never miss important notifications.

Tips for wearing your Apple Watch more often

Here are some tips for wearing your Apple Watch more often;

Change watch bands

Although I wear my Apple Watch most of the time, I don’t like being seen by the same wrist band over and over again. To look original every now and then, I have a collection of wrist bands of various designs that I ordered from Amazon. Constantly changing the band for numerous occasions is key to wearing the Apple Watch more often.

Have multiple watches

Another hack for wearing your smartwatch all the time is having at least two of them. In that case, you will alternate between the two watches when one is charging. You can also dedicate one Apple Watch for some functions and leave other tasks to another. For instance, my smartwatch collection consists of three Apple Watches – the S3, S6, and S7.

Although I use my Apple Watch a lot, there are instances when it is just not feasible. Apple says on their website that soap can corrode the waterproof seal of the smartwatch. Being a conservative individual, I do not shower with my watch. Also, I will not use the Apple Watch while swimming. I prefer to use my Garmin Fenix when swimming.

Change Digital Crown orientation

Most Apple Watch commercials show the Digital Crown on the right. But you can change the orientation of the Apple Watch. Although few users know how it works, setting the Apple Watch screen to rotate this way has significant benefits.

Instead of wearing it like we usually do (with the Digital Crown in the top right corner), you can invert the crown to the bottom left corner. No. The display will not be upside down.

This hack serves five essential functions. 

  • It is easier to swipe the screen with the pointing finger than with the thumb. The pointing finger is just the right size to operate the small screen of the Apple Watch.
  • It is far more convenient to access and press the Digital Crown with your thumb than with your pointing finger.  
  • The rotating Apple Watch screen display means you can wear it on your right or left wrist. If wearing it for long hours causes irritation and discomfort, you can constantly shift the Apple Watch to the other arm. 
  • Orienting the Digital Crown at the bottom left brings the microphone next to your mouth to command Siri and make your audio calls more audible. 
  • Your twitching fists will also not keep pressing the digital crown accidentally.

When I found out about this, I realized I could wear the Apple Watch more often than I previously did.

Follow these steps to change the orientation of the Digital Crown and switch wrists;

  1. On your Apple Watch, go to Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Tap Orientation
  4. Choose Left or Right wrist


Your health, occupation, and activities determine how often you wear the Apple Watch. Seniors, for example, can go to bed or even to the shower with their watches for fall detection and heartbeat monitoring. To wear the Apple Watch all the time, you may need an extra watch, change wrist bands, or the orientation of the Digital Crown.

How often do you wear your Apple Watch? I would like to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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