Is Fitbit accurate on the ankle?

No, Fitbit is not accurate on the ankle. Fitbit will only work when you move your hands naturally along with the wrist and also you will need a larger strap. For the ankle, there are separate straps that are available for Fitbit. But, not all give you accurate results.

Let’s talk it in brief.

Are Fitbit devices accurate on the ankle?

Well, some Fitbit devices will work and some will not, depending on which device you have.

Some of the devices that show accurate results are:

  1. Fitbit Zip
  2. Fitbit Charge
  3. Fitbit blaze 

There is an ankle band available to get accurate results by wearing on the ankle.

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Although, Fitbit doesn’t recommend you to wear your Fitbit on the ankle. They are specially designed for the wrist. But if you do wear on the ankle it might not give you accurate results. If you still wish to wear on the ankle, make sure your tracker doesn’t hit the hard surface, otherwise, it might damage your device. 

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For other Fitbit devices like flex, HR and lonic, you can wear it on your ankle by using ankle band but there are some cons you may face:

  1. You don’t always get accurate results.
  2. Can’t see the display while doing workout if you don’t wear it on the wrist.
  3. Fitbit doesn’t recommend you wearing on the ankle, it may give you the wrong results. 
  4. Heart and SpO2 results will not be perfect. 

Note: Accuracy on ankle depends on various factors. Some people claim that their Fitbit works pretty accurate on the ankle and some face problems. So I recommend you to try it yourself and let me know your results.

How will you get more accuracy while wearing on the ankle 

There are a couple of tricks you can apply to get accurate results. Steps are collected by the movement of the wrist. If you wear it on ankle make sure there is hardly any gap in between and you wear it properly and tight. 

See the below picture for a better understanding. 

Those who have a desk job must wear their smartwatch on the wrist. And if you are a nurse, housewife, cook or engineer, I recommend you to wear it on the ankle with no knot wrist or ankle band as it will keep your smartwatch safe.

If you really want to wear a smartwatch on the ankle and want a buy a smartwatch for the ankle, keep reading this post.  


Well, there are couples of smartwatches that are designed for ankle and gives you pretty accurate results let’s dive into it. 

Fitbit Flex 2 

Fitbit Flex 2 is the best option available for ankle wear. It gives you the same accuracy as you wear the watch on the wrist. 

Check out it’s all details and price on Amazon and Fitbit’s official website 

How to use: 

To use the band you need you to buy B- Great Ankle band from Amazon. Just put the device in the ankle band and you are ready to go. Please watch the below video for a better understanding.

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Fitbit Charge HR

The second one on the list is Fitbit Charger HR. It is another smartwatch from Fitbit that is quite accurate on the ankle. 

One of my friends Vishal does a test on Fitbit HR. He got not accurate but close to accurate results. He walks 100 steps and the device showed 110 steps. It can give you an idea about how many steps you walked, but it won’t give you the exact results as compared to when you wear it on your wrist. 

He also tests it on the treadmill and found that wearing on the ankle is useless. Try to wear it on your wrist if you are going for a treadmill workout.

I found the below information on Fitbit Community Forums! Under blaze section. 

Fitbit blaze is made to wear on the wrist. Its algorithm measures according to the motion that resembles the person walking. When you wear your blaze on the ankle and you are doing something that your hands won’t, you will never get the accurate results. 

You have to swing your arms along with ankle in a natural way. 

Like I told you that on a treadmill, your hands may not move properly and Fitbit is unable to track your progress. While jogging or walking, your hands will move naturally, so you will get close to accurate results. 

How Do I Wear a Fitbit On My Ankle?

To wear your Fitbit on the ankle, you need to need a strap or ankle wear band that can support your device. For most of the Fitbit smartwatches, B-Great Ankle band are supportive.

It supports: 

  • Fitbit Flex 2
  • Fitbit Zip
  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Fitbit HR

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For other watches, there is a website called stay Etsy. It has a variety of bands for your Fitbit that would be great for wearing around the ankle.

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Is there any fitness tracker that is designed for the ankle?

Answer to this question is both Yes and No.

Fitness trackers are meant to be worn on the wrist. No tracker is designed for the ankle. However, if you want to wear on your ankle, you can wear it by purchasing an ankle band or straps. 

Remember if you are going to community or any QnA websites, you will get your answers like this (Yes it’s accurate or no, it’s not accurate). 

The reality is that they all use their fitness trackers for different purposes. 

For Example, if you are running on a treadmill, you may not get accurate step counts. But if you are jogging, you may get accurate results. While jogging, your hands are moving naturally, and while on a treadmill, you may not move your hands freely.

So The Conclusion Here Is 

Wearing a Fitbit or any other tracker or watch will not give you accurate results. If you want accuracy, you need to wear it on your wrist. That is the only way to get precise results. 

Wearing a tracker on ankle doesn’t harm you at all. But don’t wish for accurate results.

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