Fitbit is currently the leader among all fitness tracking equipment as well as smartwatches. It has proved its worth among its users. 

About the same, the iFit app provides fitness coaching for workouts and also helps a person track their progress toward their fitness goals. 

Now, here’s a point of question: Is Fitbit connected to the iFit app

Both resemble almost the same features, but due to some technical differences, Fitbit is not connected to iFit. 

Moving further, Fitbit and iFit bear the same features but what’s the difference between them and which is more compatible? 

Curious to know? 

Below, I will clear out the point of whether Fitbit is better or iFit. And, what are the features that made it compatible with others?

Fitbit and iFit almost possess the same features such as monitoring your health, tracking your activities, and motivating you to be fit. If they possess similarities, then what’s the other feature that differentiates one from another?

Apart from the iFit, I also did some research on the compatibility of Fitbit with Samsung Health. The article will help you synchronize your Fitbit data to Samsung Health and get accurate results. I also listed a bunch of Fitbit devices compatible with Samsung Health.

Let’s get back to Fitbit and iFit.

Which Is Better: A Fitbit Or An IFit? 

I researched various sites and portals, and it was concluded that Fitbit is better than an iFit. 

Wanna know how? 

Here is the comparison chart over Fitbit and iFit.

Dustproof and water-resistantYesNo
Sweat ResistantYesNo
Tracks your sleepYesYes
Tracks ElevationYesYes
Tracks Distance YesYes
Provides sleep reportYesYes
Provides activity reportYesYes
Count caloriesYesYes
Syncs wirelesslyYesYes
Automatically syncsYesNo
Bluetooth Version  4.04.0
Compatible with iOSYesYes
Compatible with androidYesYes
compatible with WindowsYesNo
compatible with Mac OSXYesNo
Has exercise tagging YesYes
Track Step Taken YesYes
Has weight TrackingYesNo
Track water intakeYesNo
Track calories intakeYesYes
Silent AlarmYesNo
Inactivity alertsYesNo

Within the comparison of the above chart, it is concluded that Fitbit is better than iFit.

Which Is Better In Accuracy Fitbit Or An IFit? 

Fitbit and iFit both are health monitors, trackers, and motivators. But, which is more accurate?

Fitbit is more accurate than iFit.

  1.  Fitbit tracks your every activity, whereas iFit lacks tracking.
  2. Fitbit has your achievements as well as track your weight whereas iFit lacks over it.
  3. Fitbit monitors your drinking activity as well as being compatible with smart scales whereas iFit does not possess such features.

In comparison to the above points, it’s concluded that Fitbit is more accurate than an iFit. Read more about How Accurate Is Fitbit Versa? And, How Can You Take Its Maximum Advantage?

How Is Fitbit Different From IFit?

Quickly, I will cover up points that will help you to easily differentiate between them.

Two brands: iFit Vue and Fitbit AltaHR trackers are compared below.

  •  Subscription:  iFit tracker is free with a one-month iFit Coach subscription ($15).

The Vue retails for $129.99. The Fitbit AltaHR tracker isn’t free with sign-up. It retails for $149.95

  • Heart-Rate Tracking: Fitbit AltaHR uses LED lights to track heart rate, the lights reflect off your wrist to measure changes in blood volume.

And iFit Vue tracks heart rate wirelessly when it’s paired with a chest strap

  • Calorie Tracking: AltaHR automatically tracks an estimate of calories burned, with the use of an Android phone, you can get a chart of your daily.

 iFit Vue automatically tracks an estimate of your calorie burn

  • Sleep Tracking: AltaHR uses its heart rate LED lights to measure your sleep cycle.

 It charts the time you spend awake, restless, and soundly asleep. Vue automatically enters sleep mode when your arm is still for an extended period.

  • Notification: AltaHR can send texts to notify you of calendar events, calls, and texts, Vue can only send Caller ID and text message notifications to select Android phones

Stats syncing: Numbers collected by a Fitbit wearable can be shared with lots of health/fitness mobile apps, iFit Vue is made to sync with iFit Coach personal training apps for iOS and Android.

Fitbit is not compatible with the ifit app, then it is connected to which app?

Which App Is Fitbit Compatible With? 

Fitbit is connected to Fiit, using the app you can check your daily stats, set goals and see your achievements.

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How to connect Fitbit to a Fiit ?

  1. Install Fiit on Your Fitbit App:
  • Download the Fitbit app and log in.
  • Go to the Account screen section.
  • Select the Fitbit device you want to connect.
  • Select Apps then All apps.
  • Search ‘Fiit’ and download the Fiit app in your watch.
  1. Connect Your Fitbit to the Fiit Mobile App:
  • Enable bluetooth on your phone as well as your watch.
  • Open the Fitbit app on your phone and sync your watch.
  • Open the Fiit app on your watch and wait for the message “Open the Fiit app and start a class”.
  • Open the Fiit app on your mobile phone and start a class.
  • Connect Fitbit and wait for HR to display it on both watch and phone.
  1. Your Workout Stats:
  • You can view your heart rate on screen throughout the class.
  • Fiit Points and calories will only show on your phone.
  • Your Fitbit will not track reps.
  • After the class, your workout summa ry will appear on your phone but not on your watch.

There are several various bands over the website of Fitbit and iFit. I will mention some of the best brands among them and share their links, which would help you to identify and get to know about its features from the below menu.

Here, are some Fitbit band listed below:

1. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense accesses your heart for AFib right from your wrist, detects and manages stress, better understands your sleep quality and even keeps an eye on patterns in your skin temperature or well-being with SpO2.

check out its more features and current price on amazon

2. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3 enables you to track your pace & distance and leave your phone at home with built-in GPS. You can also get call, text and app notifications, use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. For more visit.

check out its more features and current price on amazon

3. Fitbit Inspire  

A friendly fitness tracker for every day that helps you build healthy habits. This encouraging companion motivates you to reach your weight and fitness goals. For more visit.

check out its more features and current price on amazon

and, are some ifit band listed below:

4. iFit Vue Fitness Tracker 

iFit Fitness Tracker improves your workouts day by day with this efficiency. It has a brilliant touchscreen display. For more visit.

check out its more features and current price on amazon

5. iFit link activity tracker

Keep track of your fitness habits and goals with ease with the iFit Link Activity Tracker. With convenient progress lights, different modes, and movement-, calorie-, and sleep-tracking technology. For more visit.

iFit is a great technological device for monitoring weight loss. Connecting it to Fitbit increases your analytics and keeps you in shape. Read what I had to say about the 7 Best Fitness Trackers for Weight Loss and why weight tracking is important.


The Fitbit band can connect to the Fiit app whereas the iFit app is connected to an iFit device.

In comparison to all Fitbit, the brand possesses much more benefits than iFit and has a higher rating than iFit.

Nothing is certain, in the future if iFit updates its features then the comparison chart might differ.

Now, it’s time to Say bye! I hope the information was useful.

Wait! Wait! Any thoughts regarding this or any sort of query? Feel free to drop it out in the comment section below!

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