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Iphone 13 Camera

The iPhone 13 is quite costly, so it makes sense to ask if its camera is scratch-proof.

iPhone 13 camera is not scratch-proof. The camera’s sapphire coating is scratchable. The coating is not as hard as the solid sapphire and not even close to a diamond’s hardness.

Therefore, the iPhone 13 camera is not so fragile, and neither is it super hard. It has a hardness of about 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale.

If you don’t take care of the camera and the conditions under which you use it, then everyday surfaces or minerals like quartz and sand will scratch it.

So, don’t use or put your iPhone 13 camera in high-risk situations and environments.

Most importantly, know the difference between scratch-proof and scratch resistance in iPhone cameras. Learn more about iPhone 13 camera scratch resistance below.

Is my iPhone camera scratch-resistant?

Yes, iPhone 13 camera is scratch resistant since it is coated with sapphire, but only up to a point. Tough materials like orthoclase and quartz can still degrade the camera.

Prolonged abrasion from the tough minerals and rough surfaces can lower iPhone 13 camera quality.

On average, your iPhone camera quality will not change in the first two years of use. 

However, it can last longer than that if you;

  • Don’t use the camera a lot
  • Use camera protector
  • Cover your iPhone
  • Handle your iPhone 13 with utmost care

Note that there is a significant difference between scratch-resistant and scratch-proof.

Scratch resistance means the iPhone camera has room for wear and tear, while scratch-proof means it is eternally “unscratchable.”

Although sapphire’s hardness is much closer to the diamond’s hardness, it will get mild scratches at level 6 and deeper scratches at level 7 and above.

If the iPhone 13’s camera scratch rating was below five on the MOHS scale, they could develop scratches fast. Perhaps a few weeks or months.

It would be a waste of money if iPhone 13’s camera scratch rating was poor.

In the next section, you will find how I determined the iPhone 13 camera scratch rating.

Why else would anyone buy the iPhone 13 if not for the camera quality and durability?

How to measure iPhone camera scratch-proof rating

I used the Mohs hardness tester to determine whether the iPhone 13’s camera is scratch-proof or not. 

The tester has minerals of known hardness, against which we can determine how scratch-proof the iPhone camera is on a scale of 1 to 10.

On the scale, one is very brittle, and ten is super hard – as hard as a diamond.

The table below shows the hardness of various minerals, including quartz, sapphire, and diamond.

I did ten tests. 9 out of 10 times, the iPhone’s camera had a scratch resistance of 6.

Note that no object is entirely scratch-proof. If you rub the wrong material with enough force against your iPhone 13 cameras for extended periods, they will scratch or even break.

Besides, prolonged use will expose the camera to mild abrasive agents like orthoclase and quartz, reducing the camera quality. 

iPhone 13 also has an IP rating of 68, which means it is also resistant to water, splash, and dust.  

How to protect iPhone 13 camera from scratching

iPhone 13 camera is not made from diamonds. Therefore, it is not scratch-proof. 

The camera is also not made of sapphire but is coated with it. 

Therefore, the iPhone camera can be susceptible to scratches.

Here are some ways to protect your iPhone 13 camera from scratching:

  1. Cover the cameras using lens protectors: However, lens protectors may lower your camera quality because they scratch pretty fast.
  2. Use the recommended iPhone 13 cover: Covers offer an additional protective layer between the surface and the iPhone cameras.
  3. Clean the camera with a soft microfiber cloth: Dip a microfiber cloth in alcohol and wipe the iPhone 13 cameras gently.
  4. Don’t place your phone on dusty and sandy surfaces
  5. Replace damaged cameras

Learn more about how to protect your camera lenses in my previous article.

iPhone 13 camera is not scratch proof

Diamond is the toughest mineral, but it is not used in making iPhone 13 cameras.

The rest of the minerals have some degree of scratchworthiness.

Therefore, your iPhone 13 camera, which is predominantly sapphire, will scratch.

Nevertheless, it is durable and can withstand significant impact.

Taking good care of your iPhone 13 and using the camera less frequently are the two primary ways of ensuring the camera’s durability.

With proper care, some iPhone 13 cameras will stay in good shape for over five years.

How long did it take your iPhone camera to scratch? What did you do?


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