Apple always has been a dominant player in the watch market since it released its first watch back in 2015. The latest smartwatch from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 7, comes with marginal improvements such as an updated design and more screen real estate. If you are looking to buy a new watch, this might be for you, but is it really worth the upgrade if you have an Apple Watch Series 6?

In this article, we write about the reason for upgrading and not upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 7. After reading this article, you will get the answer to your question, “Is it worth upgrading to Apple Watch Series 7?”

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Series 6

Without a doubt, Apple Watch Series 7 is a fantastic product. But do you have enough reason to upgrade if you already own an Apple Watch Series 6?

Let us look at the various aspects of the Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 6 and compare them in the following head-to-head comparison.

Design and Screen

The design of both Apple Watch Series is nearly identical, with a few exceptions. The main difference between the design of both watches is that the Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a bigger display and size.

The new Apple Watch 7 is available in 41- and 45-mm sizes, while the Apple Watch Series 6 was previously offered in 40- and 44-mm sizes. The display features are similar in both the watches but the 45mm variant has more pixels and weighs a few grams more.

The Apple Watch Series 7 owns a larger screen area than the Series 6, owing to its smaller bezel. As a result, now you can see more text on your watch screen, which is useful when reading messages.

The screen of the Series 7 is protected by a head crystal that is 50% thicker than the Apple Watch 6, making it resistant to scratches and knocks, and bumps.

Health Tracking Features

If we compare the health tracking features of Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch Series 6, there is no marked difference. Both watches feature a real-time heart rate monitor that can keep track of your heartbeat while you are doing intense workouts or just sitting idle at your desk.

ECG and blood oxygen monitoring are other significant health tracking features common in both watches. The FDA Approved ECG feature in the Apple Watch can detect irregular heart rate and atrial fibrillation. Even if it is not a medical-grade ECG monitor, it will provide you with enough information to know if there is any cause for concern.

If you are looking for a smartwatch with advanced health-tracking features, go for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It features all health tracking features such as FDA Approved ECGOpens in a new tab., blood oxygen plus blood pressure monitoring and a BIA sensor for body composition monitoring. But the limited iPhone compatibility makes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 a poor choice for iPhone users.

In the health department, there is not much reason to upgrade if you already own the Series 6.

Fitness Tracking Features

There is some minor improvement in this area. The new Apple Watch offers some added tracking features for electric bike riders. The Apple Watch Series 7 can estimate the distance you have covered on an electric bike, which is impossible with the Apple Watch 6.

You can use your Apple Watch Series 7 for a more intense workout as it has a more rugged screen and design.

One of the essential life-saving features, Fall Detection,” is also available in Apple Watch Series 7. It can send an SOS message to the Emergency Department with your current location in case of a deadly fall. It has already saved many lives.

Battery Life

The battery life of+++ every Apple watch is a disappointment. It is not as bad as you think, though. But most of the Apple Watch models, including the Series 7 and Series 6, will give you only 18 hours of juice. The battery life falls further if you use features like an always-on display, GPS, and music.

However, in the Apple Watch Series 7, battery charging has been cut by a third. The Apple Watch Series 7 now charges 33% faster than the Apple Watch Series 6. Apple claims that 8 minutes of battery charging can give 8 hours of sleep tracking! So, if you do not have time to charge your Apple Watch at night and sleep tracking is essential, the Series 7 is the best choice.

Smart Features

The smart features on both the Apple Watches are similar. Get smartphone notifications and alerts on your wrist, make, and receive phone calls, store songs offline on the watch music library, and enjoy listening to them while traveling. But you are not getting any extra features on the new Apple Watch Series 7.


If you tear down both the watches, you can see the same sensors and microprocessors. Both the watches use the same S6 processor, Watch OS 8.0, and cellular chips (in LTE models). This means that both watches will perform equally and deliver the same experience.

Our Verdict

The Apple Watch 7 has a bigger screen than the Apple Watch Series 6. A bigger screen means that you can easily see the data and read texts without zooming in. The fast-charging feature is also handy for those people who do not have time to charge their smartwatch. However, overall battery life remains unchanged, proving Apple’s love for the charging portals.

If you are already using Apple Watch Series 6, I do not see any reason to upgrade. In simple words, both the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch Series 6 are the same inside the metal case.

So now you must decide if the new Apple Watch Series 7 is worth upgrading to. If you are a person who wants to stay updated with the latest trends, it is the best choice. But if the features are your priority, the Apple Watch Series 6 is better. It also helps you save some money.

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