Is Samsung Health Compatible with Garmin?

Garmin’s activity trackers focus on your sports information like runs, swims, and bike rides. In order to get your comprehensive health data, you may need to connect your Garmin to Samsung Health. That allows you to track things like your sleep and oxygen level concentrations automatically.

Samsung Health is compatible with Garmin through Health Sync. Once you’ve installed the third-party app, your data will sync automatically in the background. However, you will not see your historical data except for the last three days. To view more data than that, you will have to upgrade from the free to the paid version of Health Sync.

But don’t worry. In my opinion, the upgrade is worth the price. Health Sync is by far the cheapest and easiest app to sync Samsung Health with your Garmin data. Health Sync developers say that the only information you will miss is your steps data.

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How do I sync Samsung Health to Garmin?

Health Sync is very easy to use, and you will get virtually all your data in Samsung Health. You can use it on Galaxy wearables, iPhone 5 and later, or Android 8.0 and later. Note that Samsung is creating its own ecosystem and is allegedly planning to cut off connections with some third-party apps.

According to a recent report by Android Authority, the disconnection will make Samsung Health a much more limited app. Like Apple, Samsung wants to “force” its users into its ecosystem. Although I will use Health Sync to demonstrate to you how to connect it with Garmin, it remains unclear how long that will happen.

Before connecting them, avoid data conflict by disabling Google Fit’s step and activity tracking.

How to Connect Samsung Health with Garmin

Follow these steps to connect

  1. Download HealthSync
  2. Download Samsung Health
  3. Open Health Sync and integrate it with your Google account
  4. Allow Health Sync access to your information
  5. Mark the activities you’d like to sync
  6. Open the Samsung Health app and Start Auto Sync data
  7. Tap Sync to Samsung Health
  8. Sign in to your Garmin account
  9. Authorize connection to your Google account

Why connect Samsung Health with Garmin?

Samsung Health and Garmin perform two distinct functions. On the one hand, Garmin collects your fitness and health information and relays it to Samsung Health through Health Sync. When you log in to your SH account, you will be able to see graphical representations and analyses of your health and fitness metrics.

Note: The information provided in app is for making rational fitness and wellness decisions and is not a medical diagnosis, treatment, or prevention option. Always consult a doctor before taking any medication based on what you see in the apps.

That said, here are some of the benefits of connecting;

  • Manage your running, cycling, and swimming activities
  • Develop healthy nutritional habits
  • Improve your sleep quality by monitoring and correcting your sleeping patterns
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Gain or lose weight to your desired levels
  • Master meditation and mindfulness
  • Compete against your friends and family fitness scores

Like the Health Sync app,it will also give you additional functionality in the upgraded version.

Alternative third-party apps to connect

Other apps will help you connect Samsung Health with Garmin, but their functionalities may be limited. They include; 

  • Bearable
  • Strava

You can download these from the play store for Android devices or in the App Store for iOS.


Is Samsung Health compatible with Garmin?

It (SH) works with Garmin through third-party applications like Strava and Health Sync. Whereas you will see nearly all your health and fitness information in SH, you will not see your step data. Your steps are only limited to your Garmin device.

How does Garmin get my information from Samsung Health?

You have to create Samsung Health, Garmin, and Health Sync accounts. Garmin collects your information and shares it with Health Sync. It can then read your data from Health Sync and use its powerful algorithm to analyze them for you.

Who can use Samsung Health?

Anyone can use It as long as you have an Android 8.0 and later. Fitness enthusiasts, smartwatch hobbyists, and seniors can benefit from the app to make accurate health and fitness predictions.