Is your Amazfit BIP waterproof ?

Amazfit Bip is a smartwatch launched by Huami company. It comes with the same features as the rest of the smartwatches in the market. But the main thing about this watch is that it has 45 days of battery life, which means, you don’t have to charge it again and again.

This smartwatch was launched in June 2018 with a price of 69$. You can check out the latest price on Amazon.

Is It waterproof? 

Yes, Amazfit Bip is a waterproof watch. It comes with the IP68 standard which makes it a waterproof smartwatch. But, you can’t stay much longer underwater.

So you got your answer here. But, if you want to know how much this watch is waterproof IP 68 standard means and amazfit’s features and drawbacks, this blog post is for you.

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How Much Waterproof Is Amazfit?

As this watch comes with the IP68, which is the highest number of water and dust dustproof. But, it doesn’t mean it can stay in the water forever. 

According to the reports of Ip68 standards, the waterproof smartwatch can survive more than 1 depth and 30 minutes longer in water.

When you go under the water with this watch, you will be able to see notifications and time. The touch won’t work underwater.

What Does The IP68 Standard Stand For?

IP means = Ingress Protection

6 means = Dust Tight

8 means  = Device is tested more than 1m depth in water and it was found without harm. 

There are some other Ip standards out there. You can read here if you want to.

Let’s talk about some drawbacks first.

  • Temperature Sensor 

Amazfit Bip doesn’t have Temperature sensor feature. Having Temperature sensor feature will allow you to track your body temperature level. If a smartwatch doesn’t have that feature then it won’t give you any clue when your body goes to hyperthermia. 

  • Daily Calorie Intake 

This smartwatch does not count your daily intake calories. Watches like Fitbit and Apple have this amazing feature. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might want to track your calories intake. And, if you are following a fat loss diet plan, this feature is a must. 

  • Monitors Blood Oxygenation Levels 

Amazfit does not monitor the blood oxygenation level (It is a measurement of how much oxygen reaches the blood while doing any workout.) It plays an important role here because low levels of oxygen make us fatigued during the workout.

Let’s talk about what Amazfit’s features now. 

  • Battery Life

The most valuable and amazing feature Amazfit has is that you don’t need to charge this too often. It has 45 days of battery life which means a single fully Amazfit smartwatch can work 45 days without getting charged.

  • Always-On Display

It has an always-on display feature. Just like normal watches, you can see the display anytime and on any movement. On other smartwatches, you need to flick the wrist or do an activity to keep the display light on. But, Amazfit BIP has the always-on display feature that is pretty amazing, right?

  • Watch Faces

The Amazfit bip edition comes with the cool watch faces. You can customize the watch looks. To change faces, you need to install its app. Some of them are really cool. 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

Well, every smartwatch has this feature. But the way you customize it is pretty dope. Go to Heart rate on the app and select how often you want your watch to track your heart rate. (detection frequency).

  • Notification

Well at this price range, you will also get the messaging and call notifications feature with the watch. You can display your new messages on screen but you can’t reply to them with your smartwatch. On the call feature, you can accept and reject and be able to talk on the smartwatch.

  • App Feature

There is an app that supports this smartwatch. You can download on the Android and iPhone devices. In the app, you can access all the features on the go. You can change the watch faces, GPS, heart rate monitoring, alarm etc. 

Final Words

Overall, Amazfit fit is an excellent watch in this price range. And, no watch can give you that much battery backup. And IP68 standard is water resistance. (In the price range.)s

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