Pro and Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Quick overview

Design No ECG or Fall Detection feature
Digital Rotating BezelPoor Bixby performance
PerformanceLimited App Support
LTE Connectivity and GPSWater Lock Mode
Watch Faces and Storage
Notification Support
Fitness tracking
Health and Heart-Rate Tracking
Battery Life

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 worth it? Here, we are going to see the advantages and drawbacks of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in detail. 

Pro: Design 

The Samsung galaxy watch active 2 offers two case sizes (40mm and 44mm) and are available in stainless steel and aluminium body design. It follows the universal 20mm watch band standard that is interchangeable. The strap provided with the watch is of excellent quality and comes in a variety of colors i.e. black, silver or pink with matching silicone strap and silver, black and gold with matching leather straps. The watch is very light, slim, and the design of the watch is very impressive with regards to comfort. It can be worn for days at a time. You will experience no skin irritation with this watch even if you are sweating. 

It has a 1.2inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display which lays out 360×360 pixels resolution. At the right side of the watch, you get the back and home button, while the back of the watch has a Heart Rate Monitor. 

Pro: Digital Rotating Bezel 

The physical rotating bezel has been replaced by a digital rotating bezel to maximize the screen space. The thin bezel around the edge of the screen is touch sensitive which features enlarged display making more space for content and notifications. The touch bezel gives subtle feedback and makes the watch easier to use when you scroll through the menus.

Pro: Performance 

The watch is running on Samsung’s own TIZEN Wearable OS 4.0. The user interface is very well designed and it is compatible with both android and iOS. However, android users get a better experience when paired to samsung smartwatch then iOS users. 

The range of brightness on the screen is customizable. The panel is extremely bright, vibrant, colorful and easy to see in bright daylight, when you are outdoors. 

You can turn the brightness down in dim light conditions. Samsung voice assistant ‘bixby’ is also available to help you with your tasks. Double tapping the home button will call up the digital assistant Bixby. 

Pro: LTE Connectivity and GPS 

As of now Samsung supports LTE/4G Connectivity only for stainless steel in both sizes. Pricing for the LTE variants is little higher than Bluetooth only varients. 

In-built GPS is also present here and by using this you can go for a run or hike without having to go through the hassle of carrying a phone. 

Pro: Watch Faces and Storage 

Well, there are a lot of watch faces options to choose from via the Galaxy Store. You can choose a simple one with a time telling screen or you can fill your screen with date, time, weather, fitness data and much more. Samsung offers customizable watch faces via “My Style App”. You can snap a picture of your outfit and the app will generate a watch face based on your outfit.

The Bluetooth only model consists 768MB of RAM, while the LTE model consists 1.5GB of RAM. Both models have 4GB of internal storage. Around 2.5GB is available for you to store apps and music. 

Pro: Durability 

The Samsung galaxy watch active 2 is equipped with Gorilla Glass DX+ certification for the display. It has Scratch Resistance and Anti-Reflection properties. The IP68 guarantees protection in water upto 5ATM. This means that when you are swimming you can take the watch upto 50m deep in water. 

Water lock mode is also included which prevents any touch input while you are showering or swimming. You can simply turn it off after you are done and the watch will eject water through vibration. 

Pro: Notification Support 

Samsung’s Notification feature works pretty well. You can respond to messages by typing on the virtual keyboard or you can leave a voice message. Notifications of apps like G-mail and others get constantly 

synced. It has the facility of accepting or rejecting any call directly from the watch itself. The quality of the Speakers and Microphone is decent enough. 

Pro: Fitness tracking 

Tracking of over 39 workouts is available on the Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 and you can see each of their detailed breakdown inside the Samsung Health App or the watch itself. The watch automatically tracks seven workouts i.e walking, running, cycling, rowing, elliptical training, dynamic workouts and swimming.

It has a Running Coach feature that gives an audio and visual cues once you hit start on walk, run or jog. There are few additional programs to choose from like light jogging or endurance running that helps to burn a lot of calories. 

If you have been sitting for too long, time and again the watch will keep on pushing you to reach your daily target. It will give voice alerts or pop up notifications saying ( how about a walk) and then it suggests a couple different exercises that are very well thought out and more discrete. It makes sure that you are more awake and healthy. 

Pro: Health and Heart-Rate Tracking 

There are eight photodiodes on the rear side of the watch that makes the data collection more accurate. The sensor that monitors heart rate has been improved to provide faster readings. 

Likewise, Stress tracking features calculate your stress level and suggest some guided exercises if the meter points towards high stress level. 

Sleep tracking is one of the features of this watch which is quite accurate. The sleep widget is able to track everything like the amount of time you slept and how much you were in RIM, light and deep sleep throughout the night. 

In the Health app, Samsung has also provided a Menstruation cycle tracking feature. 

Pro: Compatibility 

● Android : Android 5.0 (L OS) or higher, RAM 1.5GB above (Samsung/Non Samsung) 

● iOS : iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above.

Pro: Battery Life 

The 40mm version packs the 247mAh cell while the 44mm version comes with a bigger 340mAh cell. The battery life of the 40mm model lasts for 2 days and the battery life of 44mm model lasts for 3 to 4 days if you are using the watch moderately. However, it is more likely to max out within 2 days if you enable Always on display mode. The feature of Power saving mode can increase the battery life upto a week or so. The watch only mode will restrict all the features and will behave as a simple analog clock. 

It takes about two hours to completely charge and supports wireless charging. If you have a galaxy phone then you can charge it on the back of your phone. 

Let’s take a closer look at the cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Con: No ECG or Fall Detection feature 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is equipped with the hardware required for an Electrocardiogram sensor which can record electrical activities of your heart and then check for different heart conditions like blood pressure. The disappointment here is that this feature is yet to roll out in the majority of countries.

Another feature of fall detection which will examine when the user has taken a serious fall and will set off alerts is also not available right now, though Samsung promises that this feature will be available in the future upgrades. 

Con: Bixby 

The Samsung digital assistant Bixby is very slow and not quite responsive. It can only handle some simple queries. For the Running coach feature, Bixby’s voice is used which feels a bit robotic. 

Con: Limited App Support 

Apps are still weaker aspects of Tizen wear smartwatches. There are tons of Samsung apps on the galaxy store which are great and integrate very well. But it may be not enough for some people. Tizen does offer a few third party apps, but not from google. 

Con: Water Lock Mode 

The water lock mode is very beneficial but you have to keep in mind to turn it on every time you go for shower or swim and turn it off after you are done.

Overall wearable give 4 star out of 5.

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