Timex Family Connect Review

4.0 rating

Timex Family Connect are the smartwatches for the family.

Timex Family watches are very easy to use because they are specially made for kids. Timex smartwatches allow you to  make calls, instant messages and voice messages between the smartwatch and the parent timexfamily connect mobile app using a private secure network.

Timex family connection makes it easy to know if your family is secure, safe and accessible. A real plus for a parent or grandparent.

I do enjoy being able to keep track of the kids and communicate with them. I feel this watch and app really makes them safer and we love that.

All I can say is it is a great watch. Give your child freedom to roam with peace of mind with a Timex Family Connection.

This Timex watch is the best thing you have ever purchased for your little one.

You would be able to keep tabs on our little one. You would be able to call, send messages, get real time location, and so much more. The watch battery lasts all day, and comes with a handy nightstand charger.

The timex app is very handy and allows you to control who and how your child can connect to the outside world. Overall your child would love it and so do you. I would most definitely recommend this to parents who have children who are Autistic as well.


Activating the watch is super easy. You can scan a QR code and enter a code.

The watch has an IP67 rating which is pretty nice. IP68 would be better so they could swim with them, but they can do just about anything else.

There is no always-on display. You can set it to turn the screen on when they raise the watch, that is what i am doing for now.

The location updates on an interval, you can choose 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. The Safe Zone alerts also run off this interval, so notifications may be delayed when they leave or arrive at a safe zone. So far with a 15 minute update interval they appear nearly instant with one kid and aren’t happening at all for the other, so more experimenting is necessary

The watch can be used as an alarm to wake them up, but it wouldn’t wake up all kid. It does like 2 chimes at a moderate volume and then is silent for a minute, chiming and waiting again until they acknowledge it.

The app is a bit buggy. Several times I have to press a button multiple times to get it to go. This might just be a lag or slowness between the app and watch, it is really hard to tell.

The app totally locked up once, I had to wipe app data and log in again to get it to work.

One of the watches isn’t updating GPS. I’ll have to troubleshoot that. It updated his location an hour ago but even a manual refresh won’t update. It might just be that he has poor t-mo service at his school, we’ll see.

The battery is iffy. I have room to help there, right now I have GPS set to the shortest refresh interval and I have it set to turn the screen on automatically when he looks at it. If we can’t reliably get it through a day that is a deal breaker.

Battery life update. I was seeing some weird stuff where one watch wouldn’t sync and the other was constantly in love tracking his position. I rebooted both watches and battery life has been great! Without gaming they are around 70% at bed time using it to check time, check steps, make a few calls, and send a few messages.

Whoever adds the watch is the primary and has control of all the things. They can add a “guardian” account who can send calls and messages and view location but can’t mess with alarms or tasks or watch settings.

Pros of Timex family connect:

  • Two way of calling:

Timex Family Connect smart watches provide two way calling. Timex Family Connections stay connected with voice calls to and from the watch. Timex family connect watches are only available with approved contacts set up by you.

  •  Real time location sharing:

Timex Family connect smart watches provide real time sharing of location. it always keeps tabs on location in real-time on a map in your app. Timex Families set safe zones with alerts when the watch enters or leaves the zone.

  • SOS alerts:

Timex Family connect smartwatch also provides SOS alert service. You can send calls or emergency instant alert messages to the primary contact your present guardian contacts with the push of a button.

  • Comfortable design: 

The designing of the Timex Family smartwatch is very comfortable. It is a watch which is specially made for children that is why it is durable and comfortable to wear on smaller wrists.

  • Step tracking: 

Most of the smartwatches can track activity nutrition and calories burned. Some can also monitor heart rate and blood pressure. These data can help you reach your fitness goals faster as well as give an overview of your overall health. The Timex family smartwatch provides it all. Besides this it has lots of sensors that make fitness tracking easier. It has a dedicated workout mode such as walking, running. Simply I can say it can track your steps.

  • Entertainment:

when it comes to entertainment there is really no point of comparison between a smartwatch and an ordinary watch. As this watch is specially designed for kids so there are many games to keep kids interested in wearing the watch.

  • Secure family network

Timex Family connect smartwatch is the perfect device to give to your child before they’re ready for a smartphone. Rest easy knowing they can only communicate with contacts approved by you in the app. Plus, they get voice and text without access to the internet, apps or social media.

Cons of Timex Family smartwatch:

  • construction:

Aap is ok but I would like to say its construction is really horrible. The app has been working well. it took some getting used to when the alert notices wouldn’t go away immediately. Launde I had to check the alerts back out of it and then go back into the alerts. Otherwise the red alert doesn’t disappear. Its construction is not suitable for a child that does anything other than play video games inside. 

  • GPS issue:

Every once in a while the watch shows outside of the safe zones. Then I have to go into the app and it shows that active tracking is enabled. I have not pressed the button for active tracking. This is definitely concerning as it gives the impression on a parent that their kid is outside the safe zone. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Wrong notifications:

Sometimes the watch gives you wrong notifications. Because of wrong notifications you might panic every time the app notifies you that your child is at some random house miles from the school. Then after refreshing the location it shows the kid at the school again. Sometimes it won’t update the location at all. 

All and all I would like to say it’s a good product for parents to keep an eye on their child.  Know where your child is and set a list of safe contacts with this kids’ smartwatch, the only device of its kind offered by a prepaid wireless carrier. With the easy-to-use.

With the Timex Family Connect mobile app, you can see them home safely, message when dinner’s ready, call to say goodnight and coordinate pickup schedules. I guess you would make an idea with all this information which i have given above. 

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