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Considering purchasing a new Michael Kors Smartwatch? To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Michael Kors Smartwatch so you can decide whether to buy one or not. 

Michael Kors smartwatch is probably one of the best looking fancy smartwatches in latest wearable technology. Following are the listed out pros and cons, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of what will fit you and your style.


Pro: Built-in Quality 

The classic design of the case (44mm) and the strap contrast nicely with the sharp and colorful 1.28 inch AMOLED display that delivers resolution of 328 ppi. The watch is clear, concise, sharp and pretty light in all lighting conditions.

The crown around the display doesn’t actually move, although it actually looks like a dial that could twist.

The only moving part is the side buttons which can be used to scroll through menus. These hardware buttons can be customized to assign a new function to one of the buttons.

The watch strap (22mm) is interchangeable and comes in different strap colors and strap material options. Because of the touch of glitz in the Michael Kors smartwatch, it is indeed a unisex smartwatch. An additional buckle is also included with the smartwatch that you can use on any new strap you want to swap in.

Pro: Wear OS by GOOGLE 

The latest Michael Kors smartwatch is running Wear OS which is an Android operating system. Google Wear OS has evolved quite a bit in recent time and it can pair with not only Android phones but also iOS devices. Wear OS gives more reliable, plus better activity when used with an Android device. Inside it has Qualcomm’s latest snapdragon 3100 chipsets accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage which means plenty of space to store music or apps on your smartwatch. With Google Assistant, you can check the weather, set a reminder, ask a question, and plenty more by using just your voice.

NFC Payments through Google Pay is indeed a great feature which is easy to set up and work without much issue. You must add your card information in the Wear OS by Google App on your phone.

Pro: Changeable Watch Faces 

The Watch faces within the Michael Kors smartwatch compliment the showy exterior. The ‘My dials microapp’ recommends a really nice bunch of dials based on your mindset. Select from the category (Glam, Fashion and Sporty) and then watch will recommend faces by itself or you can choose on your own. After refreshing, you can get a new dial option or customize the colors and brightness option.

You can create your own customized watch faces using your social media pictures (Facebook, Instagram).

Pro: Built-in Speaker and Microphone 

With the addition of a speaker, users can talk with the Google Assistant and get proper feedback, hear sound alerts for notifications. Along with the existing built-in microphone, users can make and receive Bluetooth enabled phone calls directly from their watch. With the integrated music player, you can listen to your favorite playlists via your watch and can also pause, adjust the volume or line-up the next track.

Pro: Built-in Battery

The Michael Kors smartwatch claims battery life of 36 hours from a 310mAh capacity battery. It takes more than 1 and a half hour to completely charge. 

Although you can save little more with the added battery saving modes.

Daily mode: It enables most features to maximum interaction, such as always-on screen and is intended for nightly charging. 

Extended mode: It turns on essential features throughout the day and is intended to work for multiple days on a single charge. 

Time-only mode: It turns off everything except for time telling, turning your smartwatch into a simple clock that lasts over a week. 

Custom mode: It allows users to easily manage battery optimization settings themselves, all in one place.

When your smartwatch reaches 9% battery, time-only mode gets automatically enabled. This allows the user to only view the time for up to 48 additional hours.

If you only need time and functions that don’t require connectivity for updates, then switch to Airplane mode.

Pro: Expanded features for Fitness

There is a heart rate monitor on the back of the smartwatch. You can keep an eye on your health, since the watch measures your heart rate, distance, sleep, burned calories and more throughout the day.

For a fitness workout, choose the activity you want to track and start your workout. (Activities: Running, bench press, burpees, circuit training, crunches, deadlifts, elliptical, front lunges, front raises, jumping jacks, pilates, pull-ups, shoulder press, sit-ups, spinning, squats, treadmill, yoga)

Pro: Water-Resistant Design

The smartwatch is completely waterproof (up to 50mts) and dustproof. You can safely wear it while showering or while swimming. To ensure the safety of your smartwatch, switch your watch to Theater Mode during water activities to prevent unprompted action and loss of battery life. If the smartwatch face is having trouble reading your taps while wet or in water, then wipe it off to remove any excess water before trying to unlock the screen.

Pro: Compatibility and GPS Tracking

Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google are compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones. 

● Android 6.0+ (excluding Go edition

● iOS 10.0+ An integrated GPS sensor always accurately records your speed, distance and route. So you are not going to need your phone if you go out for a walk, hike, ride or run. The built-in GPS will record the distance right on your smartwatch.

Pro: Notifications

This Smartwatch is extremely convenient to use and display calendar, SMS, email and social media apps notifications that you receive on your phone directly to your wrist. It allows you to instantly accept/decline incoming calls, read/reply a message or check out a Facebook/Instagram notification without picking up your phone which saves your precious time and there is more freedom in being hands-free from the phone.

Although Michael Kors smartwatch brings some fantastic features, it still has some obvious drawbacks which are as follows: 

Con: Speaker Performance

The speaker in michael kors smartwatch is not loud enough. If you want to listen to music, well, you’d be better off just using your phone speaker. The call quality is also not that good. The overall experience is hit and miss with accuracy.

Con: Battery Life

You have to charge your smartwatch every single day. The battery consumption with most features working all the time is high. Although, It comes with the battery saving modes to push things further a day or two extra if you are happy to live a more restricted smartwatch life.

If you want to track your sleep you need to install a third party app. You won’t be able to use some features like sleep tracking if your watch runs out of power while you’re sleeping.

The watch doesn’t show you in which heart rate zone you’re working out, so your workouts are less targeted. 

Con: Connectivity Issue

Sometimes you face connectivity issues or may not receive notifications on your smartwatch. For this, you have to leave Wear OS by Google app running in the background of your phone to ensure full functionality on your watch.

If this doesn’t work then you have to check System Updates to check if your software is up to date. If you’re still having issues that aren’t solved by the previous troubleshooting tips, then- as a last option you need to disconnect and reset your smartwatch. Resetting will result in losing all your previously saved data.

Con: Watch Strap

The smartwatch is a bit heavy but it’s manageable. The case of the smartwatch dominates the look and the buckles on the strap are big and chunky. During workout sessions, this just doesn’t feel like a watch you’d want to work out with. You can swap out the watch strap for something more swim friendly but it’s still a big, unwieldy looking watch to hit the gym with.

Overall It’s a good watch wearable hacks give 4 starts out of 5.

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