Smartwatches For Nurses

With technology, our life becomes easier. A smartwatch perfectly describes this statement. Smartwatches bring all necessary features on the wrist. Smartwatches satisfy both your communication and health needs with impressive features.

You can easily receive calls and send messages, get heart rate information and know weather updates. This all is now everything is available on the wrist. 

Smartwatches are now attracting the attention of the nurses. As smartwatches are featured with so many benefits. 

Nowadays it has become a one way solution for nurses as it can help them with many daily needs.

Apart from getting all the data of your physical exercises, you can now also leave your phone in your bag or purse and you can be in touch with it. This is all possible only with the smartwatch. 

Specially for the nurses they can fully concentrate on patient caring for other than being concerned about missing important calls or messages.

Many of the nurses have already started using smart watches by getting impressed by the features and benefits of this device. Others are also planning to buy a new one for themselves.

In the medical profession, doctors and nurses find themselves needing exact time keeping to regulate how long an injection or anaesthesia should last. Moreover, to more precisely regulate the frequency of treatments for patients. 

Nowadays most medical institutions issue patients a smartwatch. we can use it to track their condition in a more general sense over a longer period of time.

A smartwatch which is used by a weightlifter cannot be used by a nurse. The two different watches will be specialised for different applications. Different programs and watch styles will be employed in a nurse’s job than anywhere else, making choosing a smartwatch for anus is unitasker with its own set of requirements.

As a medical practitioner nurses may not have the luxury to change multiple bands and models daily. The nurses have to choose the right smartwatch the first time to avoid consequences for both their patients and themselves.

Nevertheless, I have identified several smartwatches that stand out from the rest and are particularly useful for nurses. These smartwatches have features that will be welcome in any medical setting, whether in recovery, house calls, or anywhere else a nurse might be needed.

Best Smartwatches For Nurses:

1. YAMAY smartwatch:

Firstly I would like to start with a YAMAY smartwatch. YAMAY smartwatch comes with a sleek black body and fitness tracker specially optimised for judging male and female anatomy separately.

If I talk about nurses then this would be a solid choice for them. It has the ability to measure heart rate and oxygen, both important signs to keep track of the patients.

Moreover, you can change the screen brightness and lay out quickly depending on the setting and needs.

YAMAY smartwatch is simply a fitness tracker watch having multiple sports modes. It can track multiple sports patterns, helps you in the route map and comes with a handy screen.

The notification shows up perfectly, you can easily see who is calling and it also shows notification from a bunch of other communication apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, LinkedIn etc.

YAMAY smart watch wristband is very light. The people who have very Petite and small wrist bands fit easily. Additionally this watch is waterproof/swimproof, tracks your sleep,  control music and much more.

It is very easy to pair with a smartphone. One of the best features of this watch is to monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen. 

My friend has been using it for a few days and now he wears it almost all the time. After wearing this he started paying more attention to his sleeping pattern and his sleeping timing has improved now. It accurately measures the step count and also the battery life is very good.


  • It has IP68 waterproofing. It can be worn in what conditions. you can also wear it while swimming so you can track your water related exercises.
  • It comes with 14 sport modes. As per your choice you can choose between the range of activities including jogging walking cycling and running. It would also let you enjoy the combination of different exercises.
  • Support iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above.
  • YAMAY smartwatch allows you to take your blood pressure manually in real-time.
  • It helps you in meditation. It is a breath guide. It guides you when to inhale and exhale.


  • It works with both Android and IOS smartphones.
  • It comes with the IP68 waterproofing feature. Which simply means you can use this watch in wet weather or while swimming 
  • 14 sport modes allow you to track a wide variety of activities.
  • comes with a comfortable design made from the material that is flexible and durable.
  • The main feature comes for women. Female health tracking available as a function in YAMAY smartwatch.
  • Brightness can be adjusted easily. It has a sensitive and responsive touch screen.


  • YAMAY smartwatch doesn’t come with a charger
  • It is not compatible with tablets or iPads
  • It has relative least shot battery life
  • Less recent operating system

Price:  $45.99

It is now available on Amazon

2.  Willful smartwatch:

The Willful smartwatch comes with the manufacturers up to seamlessly link your phone and watch regardless of the operating system or device specifications.

The battery life of a willful smartwatch is very good. Its battery life lasts for 30 days. It has a highly adjustable wrist strap to make it useful for nurses and patients of all sizes. It has 9 separate sport modes as well as general fitness and lifestyle tracking.

Willful smartwatch can easily link with your smartphone. One drawback of this smartwatch is that it is not compatible with laptops, tower PCs or tablet computers. 

The people who are conscious about their bodies and who are into fitness exercises or activities they might probably need a tracker gadget that will let them monitor their time heart rate as well as their workouts. This call is provided by willful smartwatch.

Willful smartwatch is very reliable and affordable. It will help you in running, walking, jogging, workouts or any fitness activity you planned to. It will also help you to keep track of your fitness routine as well as monitoring your heart rate and time. 

Willful smartwatch offers a useful function at an affordable price. Now you don’t have to worry about the cost and you can have your own tracker easily.


  • It supports IOS 8 Android 4.4 and above.
  • Provides your IP68 waterproofing. This means you can swim and go in the wet weather without worrying.
  • The screen is 1.5″ by 1.3″
  • It has the band sizes of 6″ to 9″


  • It is compatible with the earlier operating system
  • It has the dedicated app streamlines syncing to a smartphone
  • It provides you with a full month of battery life on one charge.
  • Good has adjustable wristbands which you can adjust easily.
  • It is splash-proof in case of accidents.


  • It supports aap is unreliable at best
  • The older operating system does not support more recent apps.

Price: $35

It is now available on Amazon

3. Skmei women’s smartwatch:

Skmei women’s smartwatch  is specially programmed to account for bodily cycles when calculating vital signs and lifestyle tracking. It is very helpful for the nurses in the treatment of female patients.

With the skmei smartwatch you can keep an eye on your fitness. You can easily check your fitness status. It has a colourful screen. You can also see the time clearly even under the sun. Like the other smartwatches it tracks your step count, calories burned,  distance travelled, heart rate, sleep tracking etc. 

Skmei is very easy to connect with your smartwatch. It also syncs the incoming caller id, SMS content, app notification. You can also receive or reject calls directly from your wrist.

If i talk talk about the nurse, if nurses use a generic or unisex smaertwatch on a female patient for calculations then it might not work properly. It leaves a lot of calculations to manual estimation or guesswork. Skmei smartwatch allows nurses to measure their female patients with a tool programmed. Skmei smartwatch provides all the relevant adjustments for the female psychological cycle. Hp

Skmei smart watch claims to be IP68, but it has been reported to malfunction of even minor butting a steamy conditions. For the male anatomy, skmei does not provide a dedicated tracker.


  • It has a coloured touchscreen of 1.04″
  • Skmei smart watch is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity of 4.0 and above.
  • On a single charge it runs about 4 days.  It has a 100 mAH lithium battery.
  • It has a case diameter of 39.5 mm.
  • shows all your smartphone notifications directly on your wrist.


  • Feminine colour palette
  • Specially programmed trackers for the female anatomy
  • Easy to pair with all your mobile devices to display incoming calls and messages directly on your wrist.
  • It improves the pairing range with the recent Bluetooth module.
  • it provides you and extensive and detailed list of habit tracked


  • Unreliable connection to mobile devices
  • The waterproofing may be prove faulty

It is now available on amazon

4. Lekoo fitness tracker:

This smartwatch is basically made to helpfully accommodate a dedicated sleep tracker function that accounts for changes in the body while you sleep. As you know no one can stay awake all the time so this is important to track your sleeping patterns.

This is also very helpful for the nurses. With the help of lekoo fitness tracker nurses can detect heartbeat and can tell whether a patient is asleep for a week and adjust measurements and projections accordingly. It is a very useful tool for nurses. The screen is large and easily visible in daylight and sings calls messages and GPS from your mobile device for easy access and recording. 

The heart rate monitoring also allows you to check your heart rate anytime. Moreover without sleep monitoring you can also know your sleep quality. 

Lekoo fitness trackers can record old activities like steps active minutes and sleep quality calorie burn and conduct the GPS on your cell phone and show run stars like pace and distance and report a map of workout routes.

It also has other convenient functions like sedentary reminders, calls and messages notification alarm reminders and music control find your phone. all these features are made to make your life more efficient and easy.

you can use this watch under what conditions but fails rapidly at even brief and shallow submersion. Leko fitness trackers come with only a few dedicated sport modes and only the most basic Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.


  • Ip67 waterproofing
  • You can instantly reply to calls and messages
  • It is compatible with both Android and IOS device
  • It monitor dynamic heart rate technology
  • It supports address book and messaging apps
  • It is full colour touchscreen of 1.3″


  • It monitors the sleep tracking
  • It has a very large screen in which you can easily read your text and messages.
  • proprietary app is used for Fluid syncing.
  • You can receive your calls and messages directly from your wrist
  • GPS sings with mobile devices which is more powerful and accurate than on board


  • The waterproofing features is  unreliable
  • Few or no pre-programmed sport ports for recovering patients

Price: $26

It is now available on Amazon

5. CNPGD smartwatch:

CNPGD smartwatch brings a number of new functions into play that can make a nurse’s job considerably more easier. This  all can happen while keeping costs down. 

CNPGD smartwatch added  on board speaker, camera and SIM slot. With this addition this watch has gone from and necessary to practically strapping your cell phone to your wrist. Many other watches can only receive calls,  this watch can initiate them too but in addition it can take quality audio aur video records of anything necessary. 

Rather than this, CNPGD smartwatch is far more sensitive to water and temperature changes then other models. It should not be taken into even briefly moist conditions like hand washing etc.

If you do so then the functions on an onboard sim the watch may lose many important features.

It is compatible with us as well as Android phones. All android phones can sync. If I talk about the iPhone it can only sync calls, call logs, phone books and music, no app needed for the iPhone cannot sync text messages and others.


  • It has onboard SIM support
  • Compatible with android 4.0 and ios 8 and above
  • Integrated digital camera
  • It has build in high clarity speaker
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Multimedia player both audio and video
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • FM radio


  • It has integrated camera
  • High quality speaker
  • Outbound calling
  • It sports and sings all leading social media
  • Expandable memory


  • serious compatibility discrepancies of IOS and Android.
  • loses reception if taken outside a cell service area.

Price– $39.99

It is now available on amazon

6. Yokuby smartwatch:

This smartwatch is specially designed for women. It is all made up from metal bands and the body makes it incredibly resistant to damage.  It is very helpful for nurses.

Yokuby smartwatch is a smartwatch which is specially designed for ladies. It is styled accordingly to the ladies. This watch records your menstruation cycle and gives you insight about your health. You can use it as your personal fitness instructor. You can record daily sub counts distance walked calories bond sleep pattern etc.

Yokuby smartwatch can also record any sports data such as running basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming cycling etc. If you choose yokuby smartwatch then you don’t need to go to the gym and pay for the personal trainer. It is a good choice.

Yokuby smart watch certainly has more outward appeal than others, replacing the seemingly uniform rubber wristbands with a tougher and trendier metal weave. 

Yokuby watch face is similarly hardened, and fitness trackers for male and female physiology are included.

This watch is specially designed for women that is why it has thinner and shorter wristband and Tanu cannot be used as unisex models.

This watch is heavier than most others as well. The battery life is also very short than the standard smart watch.

Yokuby smart smartwatches connect to dozens of social accounts via bluetooth such as Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn. so now you don’t have to worry about missing your important phone calls while working out.

It also helps to improve your sleep as it we code the length and quality of the sleep every night and also provide data to improve your sleep.


  • It has a metal weave band.
  • The watch screen is of 1.04″
  • social media and inbound calls are supported by yokuby smartwatch
  • It is compatible with both Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 and above
  • It has resolution of 240 x 240


  • It looks very Stylish in outwards appearance 
  • It has touch metal band and body
  • It has automatic activity reminders which keeps you active throughout the day.
  • It comes with inbuilt sleeping and waking monitor


  • Wristband dimensions are smaller than usual.
  • Battery life is shorter as compared to other smart watches.

Price:  $56.99

It is now available on amazon

7. FITVII smartwatch:

This word is specially used by nurses. It also has the features necessary to construct a long-term health care plan.

This watch fully supports social media. its straps and face are of good proportions and relatively rugged. It looks stylish. 

The watch supports large data retention when others smart watches. FITVII blouse to compile large amounts of information on a patient at any one time.

It is your fitness partner. It records your all day to day activities data and helps you to maintain your health. It also provides convenience for your work and life.

FITVII monitors heart rate blood pressure and it has built-in optical sensors that keep 24 hours on the news tracking for heart rate and blood pressure.

It provides you high quality visual experience because of its HD colourful touchscreen. You can easily check your old data on the screen. Moreover, it tracks your GPS map during running. It also has multiple functions like, female stopwatch timer and pedometer.


  • It has IP68 waterproofing. It can be worn in wet weather while jogging in the rain.
  • Automated heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and IOS 8.0 and above
  • It has an IPS 1.3 inch high definition.
  • It includes a female period reminds cycle function which is specially designed for women.


  • It includes a new high definition 1.3 inch full touch screen. It gives the best visual experience.
  • It records your all day to day activities data.
  • Reliable waterproofing
  • It comes with long term care plans
  • Sleep detection and analysis
  • It includes the “find my phone” function.
  • It has a large screen relative to other models.


  • It has short battery life

Price: $54

It is also available on amazon

8. Amatage smartwatch:

You can see more details and clear interface than other smartwatches. You don’t have to sacrifice the performance or integrity of the device because of its large screen.

Most of the smartwatches only let you accept or reject messages and calls but this Amatage smartwatch is outfitted for a two way interface with your phone. It can send and receive commands  for music, camera, and more. 

This smartwatch is equipped with heart rate monitoring. It is able to monitor your heart rate and also check the status of your HR with graphs and Stats on the support app.

Also monitors your sleeping time. check your sleep time from light deep and even the time you wake up. It also has an automatic activity monitoring in which week was your all day to day activities. Activities like step counting calories burned walking activity times all are recorded.

With its smart notification you get your messages notification, receive sms and calls instantly on your wrist. Additionally it includes an alarm, timer, music controller, remote control for photos, music controls etc.


  • It has waterproof rating of IP67
  • It is compatible with us 8.0 and Android 5.1 or above
  • It has full colour touchscreen of 1.4″
  • it includes bluetooth features by which you can control remote of mobile devices


  • It has large screen comparatively other smartwatches
  • It includes remote control function
  • Recent Android support
  • It’s trapped fit well to the shape of the arm


  •  it has unequal support for IOS and Android
  • Its battery takes longer to charge.

Price: $39.99

It is also available on amazon


Having a smartwatch Makes it easier for a nurse to work, you don’t have to grab your phone in your hand all the time. You can easily check vitals and patients’ habits to keep you in contact with the rest of your team  only with the help of a smartwatch.

There are plenty of reasons why nursing needs a smart watch. They can put all the convenience of mobile devices in a body so small that it can be worn everywhere and everytime.

Nurses check heartbeat and other readings of multiple patients with the help of these smart watches. But these devices are recommended for nurses with a word of caution. Moreover they are not medical instruments and cannot take the place of the medical instruments. 

They are simply meant for lifestyle tracking  and cannot be substituted for genuine medical equipment.

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