what can a smartwatch do without a phone

A smartwatch is a wristband that collects data from your signal and uses its sensors to monitor how far you walk, how many steps you take, your heart rate and many other things. The amount of data collected by the smartwatch is dependent on what model of watch you have.

A smartwatch is considered as a smart accessory, which works with a smartphone. Smartwatch is an activity tracker, setting alarms and checking the time work without being paired with your phone. Wearable technology has been here around a good number of years. 

One of the first pieces of wearable technology, the wristwatch, changed the way some of us interact with exercise and our smartphones by giving all information about what is happening via our smartphones on our wrists. It also enables us to monitor some health metrics. 

But, what if you don’t have a smartphone?

Can you use your smartwatch without a smartphone?

In short, the answer is yes but you won’t be able to use and enjoy the experience of a smartwatch. If you don’t have a smartphone then those health metrics that a smartwatch provides can remain inherently useful because a history is kept on the watch.

You’ll need a model with a screen to be able to see them, however, so the activity bands won’t be much use unless paired with a smartphone.

You’ll be able to see your daily steps activity and some data about exercise if you record it using your watch, but it won’t have much historical data or statistics available. If your smartwatch has a heart rate monitor, you can see a small amount of history there too, and a live view of your current heart rate.

But on the other side you won’t be able to use all the apps without a smartphone. If you’re a runner or walker, apps that can track your workouts and give you data will be unavailable to you. So too will much of the historic data offered by these apps, particularly useful if you’re training or trying to improve your times or distances.

If you’re training for an event, these metrics and comparisons can be invaluable and are only accessible if you can sync your smartwatch to a smartphone. It all depends on the type of smartwatch you have.

A smartwatch can definitely work without having it to be paired with your smartphone. The features that would work without pairing with the smartphones are:

  • Activity tracking 
  • An altimeter
  • A barometer
  • A thermometer
  • Setting alarm 
  • Checking your calendar
  • Checking time

Besides this you can also receive or make calls from your wrist. For this only you need is a smartwatch which will have a built-in-cellular radio that can connect to 3G or LTE and can operate on a SIM card. That SIM could be a software-based eSIM or a SIM card that you just plug-in into your smartwatch.

Difference between smartwatch and the ordinary watch:

What separates a smartwatch from an ordinary watch is the ability for it to sync up with your smartphone, and therefore let you use the watch as a sort of secondary display to receive notifications, messages, etc. but if you do not connect your smartwatch with your phone then you won’t be able to use many features. It takes away the ability for a smartwatch to do smart wok, and you’re left with a mediocre timepiece at a premium price.

There are a few differences between smartwatches and regular watches. As most smartwatches have to be charged daily. Even if you are careful with the battery consumption, you will have to deal with the hassle of doing so. The watch face will regularly turn off to save battery, it will only show the time when you lift it up to look at it. A smartwatch has to deal with a lot of issues that a regular watch doesn’t, and if you’re not going to sync a smartphone with it, it will be difficult to experience the army of benefits a smart watch possesses. 

People wonder if they can use the smartwatch without their smartphones as they are having an opinion that if they constantly need to keep their phones in the pocket.

Then what is the use of smart gadgets?

Not everyone wants to use or have fitness features, there are many people who want to use their smartwatches just like a smartphone. Receiving or rejecting calls, sending texts and emails, and even browsing the internet is all they want to have. Some smartwatches are even capable of paying the bills with NFC compatibility. So, basically, people want a smartwatch with really smart features.

There is an option for all the people who ask, can a smartwatch work without a phone? 

Such people really need a standalone smartwatch that has the ability to work without the phone. There are many people who are not cognizant of the standalone smartwatch, while many people are using it and getting the most out of it. Let’s take a look at what is a standalone smartwatch.

Standalone smartwatches (smartwatch without phone )

A standalone smartwatch is basically a smartphone on your wrist because of its functions. That functionality which a smartphone can offer equal to what a standalone smartwatch can do.

The pairing of smartwatch to your smartphone is necessary for almost all the devices but when that’s done the smartwatch will be able to operate on a SIM card. 

This could be a software-based eSIM or a SIM card you could plug in into your smartwatch.

There are many apps or I can say standalone apps available that you can install on your smartwatch which will add a lot more functionality to your watch without having a smartphone with you.

Besides it being a stand alone smartwatch it will work just like a normal smart watch when it’s connected with your phone and you will still have to synchronise the watch to the phone on a regular basis.

Is it possible for a standalone smartwatch to fully replace the smartphone?

Well, the smart watch is getting closer to the functionalities a smartphone offers but unfortunately, isn’t quite there yet.

We can’t say that a standalone smartwatch can replace a smartphone. There are some aspects that a smartwatch might not ever be able to offer. 

As I can see the screen size of smartphones is way more user-friendly when it comes to serving the web or typing long text messages. So in this aspect a smart watch can’t replace a smartphone. 

Also the batteries of different standalone watches are not able to last for long as compared to smartphones if you are a medium to heavy user. But with the evolving technology this might be an easy fix in the coming future.

So I can say it is difficult for smartwatches to come in place of smartphones.


As you can see the smartwatch still has some value even if you don’t have it linked to a smartphone particularly the more entry-level options. some required a smartphone and simply won’t work without one like the Apple watch. others are able to connect to your computer instead of a smartphone for the download of your health and movement statistics. 

People love to have a smartwatch that is really smart so that they do not need to pair it with their phone all the time. There are many people who think that there is no use of a smartwatch if they want to use it with their phone in the pocket as they want to use the watch to send/attend and receive text messages, emails, and calls. So, for all such people, the standalone smartwatch is the best option as they can use it without their phone.

It is clear however that to get the most from your smartwatch you will want it to be connected and synchronised to a smartphone otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy its features.

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