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When I hear the question about Which is the Most Accurate Fitness Tracker, the first thing that comes into my mind is the Fitbit Sense tracker. It is the best overall fitness tracker. A swim-proof pick, it will keep your wellness in check by detecting any changes in your heart rate and skin temperature. 

FIt Bit Sense ( https://amzn.to/38tO0jG)  is the most advanced health smartwatch, with innovative new sensors, like the world’s first electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor to help manage stress, along with advanced heart rate tracking technology, new ECG app and an on-wrist skin temperature sensor, all powered by 6+ days’ battery life.

Plus, it comes with a free 6-month Premium trial for even more insight into your stress, new mindfulness content, and a new Health Metrics Dashboard to help you track key trends in your health and wellbeing, like heart rate variability (HRV), breathing rate, and oxygen saturation (SpO2).

One can say for the fit bit sense that it is a major hardware upgrade over the Fitbit Versa 2. It has been made using the same material however it has come out to be more refined. 

The stainless steel and aluminium case looks about the same as the Versa2 but definitely feels more well-built. You can think of apple watch- level built quality. It has a 1.58-inch AMOLED panel that is a little rounder than that of the Versa 2. It gets plenty of bright outdoors in direct sunlight and has amazing viewing angles. There is still a bezel around the display but much smaller than the bezels on previous Fitbit Trackers. 

The Fitbit Sense is a premium smartwatch through and through.

The physical button on the left-hand side of the case has been replaced with an inductive button, which we have seen on the Fitbit Charge 3 and Fitbit charge 4. It now acts as a home button, not a back button. 

I personally think that the inductive buttons are a good idea however in practice, they are not that great. They can be unresponsive at times. It is positioned a bit too low on the case, so I have ended up pinching my wrist multiple times.

As a result, I have gotten used to swiping to go back and avoiding the home button altogether. 

The Fitbit Sense comes with a new strap called “Infinity”, which no longer has buckles. I think it is very good as I personally hated buckles which are in a normal watch. It instead includes an Apple Watch-like buckle. 

The Infinity Strap itself is very nice. It is way softer this time around and it doesn’t collect dust or lint as quickly as others. Also, Fitbit has fixed its horrible proprietary strap mechanism. The Sense strap now functions like the Fitbit charge 4 straps: one can press down on a small latch to remove them. Once the straps are locked into place, they do wiggle around a bit. If one doesn’t, like the sport strap that’s included in the box, a variety of first – and third-party straps are available on.  Fitbit.com and Amazon

The company claims the FitBit sense can last up to six days on a single charge in smartwatch mode (i.e. no GPS usage) That is accurate as long as you watch what sensors and settings you are switching on. I Have been able to get about five days or so on a single charge. I have also been messing with the device way more than I normally would, and I have been going out for runs with GPS enabled. For reference, a five-mile run drained about 10% battery . one can also turn on the always-on display, though battery life will be reduced to roughly two days. 

Another small but noticeable update is that the Fitbit sense has a new charger. It is still proprietary, however, Fit Bit got rid of the weird clasp-dock thing. Now it comes with magnetic and supports quick charging, which can charge your Sense from 10-80% in around 40 minutes. 

Sleep tracking continues to be a strong suit for the wearables company. As with other Fitbits, the Sense will track your light, deep, and REM sleep, and give you an overall score from 1-100 based on your heart rate, sleep stages, and time awake. Fitbit’s sleep score has always been quite accurate for me. Throughout the Fitbit Sense review period, I never noticed any major slip-ups with sleep tracking and it compared well against another favorite sleep tracker of mine, the ScanWatch.

Fitbit Sense has a new heart rate sensor. It’s using Fitbit’s new PurePulse 2.0 technology with an updated algorithm, which should provide more accurate numbers across the board. To test this, I went for a five-mile interval run with the Fitbit Sense, Fenix 6 Pro, and Wahoo Tickr X chest strap. See the screenshot below for the results.

It has Built-in GPS as well.  Fitbit finally caved and added GPS to its whole smartwatch lineup, so no need to bring a phone with you on a run to get accurate pace and distance metrics. I’ve run five times with the Fitbit Sense and each time it’s taken a few minutes to lock onto a GPS signal. This usually gets better the more you use a device. 

In short, the Fitbit manages your stress and heart health. It is actually called the health-focused smartwatch. It has built-in ECG, GPS and heart rate sensors, adding to all of that a new EDA scan app that measures your body stress levels. This is by far Fitbit most advanced health tracker so far. 

I am suggesting everyone to buy Fit bit Sense as it’s the best tracker a person can get. But for some, it would be expensive so I am listing 5 more accurate trackers which I think are also good for keeping you at the top of your health goals. 

For Best Budget- LetsFit Tracker: ( https://amzn.to/3peUxoV

I personally think that it is an affordable fitness tracker but not the most accurate. It is attractive and affordable, but it’s not the most accurate. Instead, spend more on a fitness watch that will give you accurate data and a better experience. 

The letsfit fitness tracker takes fitness watches back to basics. It tracks steps, sleep, heart rate as well as exercise and it notifies you of calls and messages. It also comes in at an incredibly low price. 

It actually pairs with the VeryFitpro app to chart your data. Unfortunately, it is rated a mere three stars in the Apple App store, and it shows (more on that later). However there doesn’t seem to be a way to connect to third-party apps so users will have to settle. 

I was surprised at how much the Letsfit resembled my Fitbit, with the same comfortable silicone strap. I do wish it had a more breathable, perforated sports band option to make it less prone to sweat buildup during exercise. The screen is similar to Fitbit, too though the Letsfit is controlled via only a small area below the screen. Using the screen is easy and the Letsfit responds quickly to my touch. 

It is cheap, however, I found that the Letsfit fitness tracker is inexpensive for a reason; I just don’t trust the data, especially with all the inconsistencies in heart rate and steps. I think it’s worth it to spend more on another product that you can actually trust with your fitness goals. 

For best value- Fitbit inspire 2 Fitness tracker:( https://amzn.to/3hc32OR )

I think the Fitbit inspire 2 is fine, however, you should probably just buy a Fitbit charger 4 instead. The Fitbit inspire 2 is the new tracker that succeeds the inspire and inspire HR, might be a bit underwhelming if one is expecting a revamp of the inspired line. 

Yet, Fitbit knows a good fitness tracker is more than just hardware. That is why the company has thrown in a full year of Fitbit premium (for new users) with inspire 2 purchases. That increases the value of this new fitness tracker, even if that perk isn’t available to everyone. You can throw in an upgraded display and you can double the battery life with this, you have a promising new fitness device. 

This tracker is totally different from its predecessor but there are small upgrades. 

  • Marginally improved case: The Inspire 2’s case is more stone formed and adjusted than the boxer Inspire HR. 
  • Touch-sensitive buttons: The Fitbit Inspire 2 has a touch-empowered catch on each side of its case, which will possibly enlist taps in the event that they’re squeezed simultaneously. The Inspire HR just has a little actual catch on the left half of its case. Honestly, these touch-empowered catches are simpler to press and far less laggy than the inductive catches that can be found on the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, and Charge 4. 
  • Brighter more vibrant display- Fitbit says the Inspire 2’s showcase is 20% more brilliant than the Inspire HR’s. Whites are more white on the Inspire 2, as well. 
  • Improved gadget navigation: Swipe down on the touchscreen to see notices, practice and loosen up alternate ways, clocks and alerts, and settings. Swipe up to see gadget details like the date and battery rate, steps, calories, Active Zone Minutes, pulse, distance, rest, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Contact and hold both side catches to arrive at brisk settings (don’t upset, rest mode, screen wake, water lock). 
  • Improved charger: The Inspire 2’s charger holds a more grounded association with the gadget when joined. It’s likewise marginally more than the Inspire HR’s, however simply by a few inches. 
  • New colours: The Fitbit Inspire 2 is accessible in Black, Lunar White, and Desert Rose. The Inspire HR was just accessible in Black, White, and Lilac. 
  • Improved battery life: The Fitbit Inspire 2 can last as long as 10 days on a solitary charge, while the HR could just last around five. 
  • Dynamic Zone Minutes: The Inspire 2 can follow Fitbit’s new Active Zone Minutes metric, not at all like the Inspire HR which just tracks dynamic minutes.

Best heart rate monitor: Apple watch series 6:( https://amzn.to/3mOfK7S )

Apple has stepped it up with amazing new features which make the watch even more useful. Including blood oxygen tracking, new colors including red and blue, the S6 chip, new improved watch faces thanks to watchOS 7, improved always-on display and so much more. What’s the point of the Apple Watch? There are so many useful features, useful tips and tricks now and so many reasons on why you need an Apple Watch. 

This is still one of the best smartwatch choices for iPhone users (it only works with iOS, not Android), even if this feels like a minor upgrade. If you’re on a strict budget I’d say check out the Watch SE, but if you want all those new features then the Apple Watch 6 should appease. As long as you have the cash, that is.

As usual, the biggest problem with this wearable is the poor battery life. You won’t get two days of use from a charge, so you need to recharge every night (using the Apple charger). That means you’re either missing out on the sleep tracking and alarm functions, or you’re powering up during the day at some point.

Still, the ECG and SPO2 features are nice additions to the Apple Watch Series 6 and bring this iOS device in line with Android Wear OS alternatives. But if you’re after longevity, check out my review of the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, or Huawei Watch GT2 series smartwatches.

Best health tracking: Gramin venu Sq SmartWatch:( https://amzn.to/3pfITu3 )

The Garmin Venu Sq is Garmin’s second watch to feature a colour display. Like the round Venu, it has all the key features on board to make it a solid running companion. Garmin launched its first rectangular-shaped watch in a while to extend their series of lifestyle-oriented smartwatches. The Garmin Venu SQ is the smaller and cheaper sibling of the Garmin Venu and it offers mostly the same features too. 

It has a bright color display, the Venu Sq GPS smartwatch combines daily style with health monitoring and fitness features that inspire you to keep moving. Track your heart rate, sleep, stress, Body Battery energy levels and so much more. Walk, run, ride or choose from more than 20 preloaded apps for indoor or outdoor sports. 

Never miss a call or text with smart notifications delivered to your wrist. Breeze through checkout lines and select transit systems with Garmin Pay contactless payments. Go longer between charges with up to 6 days of battery life.

I think this tracker smartwatch is cool and it’s  the best health tracking device a person can buy.The smartwatches offer stress tracking and sleep analysis Garmin Venu Sq series supports contactless payments via Garmin Pay. 

Best for kids: Fit bit Ace 2 Activity Tracker:https://amzn.to/37Dv1nw )

The last option on this list is something for the kids. Why should adults have all the fun?

I think keeping track of your children’s activity should be easy and fun! That is exactly what the Fitbit Ace 2 offers.  

The swim-proof action tracker for youngsters 6+, Fitbit ace 2 makes family time more fun. It is brimming with rousing difficulties, as long as 5 days of battery, rest following and moving approaches to associate with guardians, siblings and companions. There isn’t anything more important than building healthy habits together and centaur kids are the ideal method to get the entire family going and gaining experiences.

According to me The Fitbit Ace 2 is the follow-up to a well made, kids-oriented fitness tracker, the Fitbit Ace. Perfect for keeping track of your little one’s activities this Fitbit kid fitness tracker helps build healthy habits with the encouragement of virtual badges and friendly competitions, and thanks to its kid-proof design, its water-resistant and durable.


I think Regardless of whether you’re an eager exerciser, a competitive goal setter, or healthy-minded wellbeing, a fitness tracker can be an extraordinary venture. fitness trackers can offer a pleasant method to set objectives and measure your advancement toward them. They can likewise help you monitor all that you’re doing inside and outside the gym. Went for a stroll around the square during your mid-day break?  That’ll count toward your step goal—even if you didn’t do it for the exercise. 

Obviously, numerous fitness trackers don’t just screen work out. So utilizing a fitness tracker can be an extraordinary method to monitor your all-encompassing wellbeing, as well. Many will help you track your heart rate, your sleep quality, and your feelings of stress. Also, some will even welcome you to log how hydrated you are. Choices are bountiful, so regardless of what your wellbeing and wellness objectives, you’ll undoubtedly discover a fitness tracker that causes you to achieve them.

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