Apple Watch, one of the most famous watches in the entire world that most of us wish to buy like Apple Smartphones

As the new Apple Watch Series 6 was recently launched and most of us might be looking to buy the new one. But for the people who were still looking for the Series 5, are not able to find it on the official website of Apple. 

Does that mean that Apple Watch Series 5 is discontinued? And, if yes, why? Let’s find out the reason in this blog post.

Nobody here knows the answer to that, beyond assumptions and guesses, but the most relevant answer can be the launch of Watch 6. Apple wants to sell more of their new watches and as the series watch was launched a year before so they did not want to lose on their sales for new watches. 

In fact, Apple has continued to sell the watch series 3 because it is great for new smartwatch users and suitable for people under budget.

What If You Want to Buy Apple Watch Series 5?

In case you still want to buy the Apple Watch Series 5, you can buy it from Amazon. Sometimes, it is available and sometimes, it is not. So you might want to be a little active to buy one for yourself.

You can even buy a used watch, which you can get at quite a lower price. In the end, it is up to you what exactly you are looking for a new watch or a second-hand watch and of course, your budget.

What Else is Better Than Series 5?

If we talk about the difference between Series 5 and 6, Apple Watch Series 6 is effectively a Series 5 with Pulse Oximetry added in it.

Series 6 starts from the price range of $399 and can go up to $799.

What is the Difference Between Apple Watch 5 and 6?

Both of them share the majority of features. However, there are a few differences that you should know. 

Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch Series 6
Always on display2.5 times brighter always on display
2.4GHz Wi-Fi2.4GHz Wi-Fi and 5GHz Wi-Fi
Barometric altimeterAlways-on altimeter
Does not have U1 Ultra Wideband supportHas U1 Ultra Wideband support
Not available on Apple WebsiteAvailable on Apple Website


Apple discontinued series 5 because they wanted to sell more of their series 6. This is still an assumption as Apple was launching the series 6 before discontinuing the series 5.

However, if you wish to buy any of them, I have given you the solution to the problem.

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