Why Are Apple Watches So Expensive?

It all started when Apple announced that it would no longer disclose the unit sales of Apple devices to its shareholders.  Since then, the cost of Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, has been going up.  Apple Watch users often raise allegations of unfair price hikes. They claim that’s the reason Apple Watches are so expensive. But is there any truth to this? I don’t think so.

Apple watches are so expensive because of consumer loyalty to the brand. Most of us associate Apple products with durability, convenience, and quality. So, no matter what it costs to get the Apple Watch experience, we are willing to pay an extra dime to wear one.  

Other than customer loyalty, let us look at what else makes the Apple Watch so expensive.

Apple Watch is so Expensive Because?

1. Apple Watch Gives You Value for Your Money.

Although it is expensive, Apple Watch gives you value for your money in every aspect of its design.

Not only do we talk about quality when it comes to Apple Watch, but the health benefits and fitness tracking are just priceless.

The industrial design of Apple Watches is also undeniably appealing. The S5 and S6 chip dual-core processors give Apple Watches unrivaled processing speeds. Coupled with the OLED screens, the Apple Watch offers high pixels per inch in its display.

Whether in a dark place or the open light, you will not miss a notification. All you have to do is raise your arm a little bit.

The increased pace of innovation in Apple Watches ensures reliability. You don’t have to worry about failing systems or replacing their parts.

Apple watches come fitted with heart rate detectors, a fall detector, and an emergency SOS.

The Apple Watch ecosystem also creates an environment for users to compete against each other’s exercises and motivate one another directly from the Apple Watch.

Apple offers high-quality smartwatches that provide accurate health and fitness information to live up to their social responsibility and reputation.

2. The Apple Watch Hardware

Apart from loving Apple products, Apple Watches are primarily expensive because of the hardware used in the manufacture of each unit. Apple Watch’s sleek and premium hardware design contributes significantly to the high cost.

For example, the material from which the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 3 are made contributes significantly to their costs. Users may decide to go for an Apple Watch made of aluminum, stainless steel, gold, or silver.

The back covering of the Apple Watch is also protected with tough ceramic to prevent scratches and breakage of the sensors. On the other hand, Apple Watch wrist bands are woven nylon, stainless steel, and smooth silicone.

Apple Watches are also built with speakers and microphones. The watch gives you the convenience of making and answering calls very clearly. The built-in microphone allows Apple Watch users to access various functionalities by voice commands.

The cost of acquiring these materials and the technology for giving the Apple Watch the fine finish is high. Therefore, you pay so much for an Apple Watch because of the hardware used in making the smartwatch.

3. The Apple Watch Applications

Apple Watch applications are essential for getting seamless connectivity and experience on your smartwatch.

The hardware used in building Apple Watch communicates seamlessly with applications such as Siri. With Siri on your wrist, you can make your voice requests and command wherever and whenever.

Better yet, Apple Watch comes with plenty of applications that complement your fitness and entertainment activities. The smartwatch also allows you to install additional applications to track your health, fitness, and regular activities.

The applications that you can install in Apple Watch include Evernote, 1password, and Camera plus. The ability to add applications to your smartwatch affects the cost of the Apple Watch. 

The Apple Watch becomes so expensive because you can extend your smartwatches’ functionality using several applications.

4. A Perfect Companion for iPhone

There is no perfect smartwatch companion for iPhone compared to the Apple Watch. The devices are made to pair and work seamlessly with each other for the best experience.

Other smartwatches like Garmin and Versa 2 may be appealing to use with iPhone, but Apple Watch is on another level. Not only is the user interface similar to the iPhone, but Apple Watch also appeals as a luxury brand.

Since many people prefer to have an Apple Watch for their iPhone, Apple Watch must be expensive. After all, they say that whoever can afford an iPhone can afford an Apple Watch.

5. An Increased Pace of Innovation

Apple Watch is constructed with outstanding innovation. Consider the SPO2, the pedometer, and the heart rate sensor in Apple Watch. Why else wouldn’t it be expensive?

Blood oxygen concentration is an essential innovation in Apple Watch, especially for its accuracy. Unlike other smartwatches, the Apple watch gives you precise measurements of your blood oxygen levels as well as your number of steps.

Several instances have been reported of Apple Watch users going to the doctor for heart checkups. Having your health monitored by the Apple Watch is more of a guarantee that you will be in perfect health throughout the year.

If a member of your family suffers from any heart condition, Apple Watch is an excellent investment. And because of the innovations in Apple Watch’s health and fitness capabilities, it has become so expensive.

Another significant innovation is Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine. The engine plays a crucial role in receiving, sending, and interpreting tactile physical cues and messages.

The implementation of this technology in the Apple Watch has significantly improved the health and fitness of users.

6. Apple Watch is Easy to Customize

Apple Watch is also very easy to customize. You can change the wrist bands at your convenience, engrave your name on your smartwatch, or install applications of your choice.

Imagine the flexibility you get by having an Apple Watch.

You don’t have to have a variety of smartwatches to fit every occasion. All you need is a variety of wrist bands and colors to choose from.

Because Apple Watch is easy to customize, this must be part of the reason it is expensive. What if you had to buy multiple smartwatches for every occasion? Wouldn’t that be more expensive than owning one Apple Watch with customizable features?

Best Expensive Apple Watches to Buy

As we have seen, Apple Watches are expensive because of their hardware, applications, innovation, and customer loyalty, among other things. 

If you are willing to get some value for your money, you should not take it anywhere but to the Apple Watch.

Which Apple Watch do I recommend?

The best expensive Apple Watches are the Apple Watch S6 and the Apple Watch SE.

How Expensive is the Apple Watch S6?

You will get the Apple Watch S6 for $535. At this price, you stand to gain a lot.

The health and fitness benefits are just immense. From your wrist, you can measure your heart rate anywhere, anytime. Also, the display is always on. So, you don’t have to strain a lot to see your notifications.

The Apple Watch S6 provides remarkable oxygen level readings. If you have a family member with heart and blood issues, get the Apple Watch Series 6.

With the S6 in your wrist, your health metrics are recorded day and night.

Most importantly, you will be able to get notifications on the go. Assume you have a health emergency. You can customize Apple Watch S6 to instantly send messages to your doctor or anyone in your circle.

Apple Watch S6 takes innovation to the next level. It is customizable, luxurious, and a perfect companion for iPhone. So go for it, and you will get value for your money.

Learn more about Apple Watch 6.

How Expensive is Apple Watch SE?

With $500, you get the Apple Watch SE.

With an iconic and smooth user interface, you will love the Apple Watch SE. The hardware is so aesthetic it is worth so much more.

This innovative masterpiece also comes packed with a fall detector and emergency SOS. Your safety is at the helm of Apple Watch SE’s functionality.

Are you a health and fitness enthusiast? Apple Watch SE will keep track of all your exercises. The smartwatch is water-resistant, so you can go swimming with it to depths of 50 meters without any problem.

Whether you are swimming, jogging, walking, or running, she is your go-to smartwatch. You need to raise your arm, and the OLED retina display will show you your results.

The Apple Watch SE will measure and notify you of everything. With it, you will change your eating habits, sleep habits, and even exercises. Expensive, yes, but worth it.


Apple Watches are expensive because they are the perfect companion for iPhones. They have the best hardware, and users can easily customize Apple Watch applications. Besides, the rate at which innovation is integrated into Apple Watches makes them expensive, but all in all, you get value for your money.

If you are ready to throw in some dollars for an expensive Apple Watch with aesthetics and functionality, go for the Apple Watch S6. If you are a fitness enthusiast, Apple Watch SE will cater to your needs.

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