Why Smartwatch Battery Drains Fast

An efficient smartwatch does not require carrying your charger wherever you go. A smartwatch battery should be powerful enough to sustain you throughout the day. However, smartwatch battery life remains a major problem for manufacturers and consumers. Why smartwatch battery drains fast can be due to several things.

Smartwatch battery drains fast because of the quality of the smartwatch. For instance, counterfeit smartwatch batteries cannot hold power for a long time. If they do, the smartwatch may not be durable. Also, how long have you used it? Are there background apps running when the smartwatch is not in use? Do you use unapproved chargers?

Those are some of the questions you have to ask yourself once your smartwatch begins to drain fast. When you notice a loss in the battery’s retention capacity, you can fix them or replace them depending on the degree of wear and tear. I will give you a few tips to fix the smartwatch battery drain problem. Let us look at why a smartwatch battery drains fast.

Reasons your smartwatch battery drains fast

Despite the many scientific breakthroughs in battery technologies, we have not noticed any significant improvement in our smartwatches. Or rather, the change is too subtle to notice. Nevertheless, your smartwatch battery drains fast due to several reasons.

  1. Running several apps in the background
  2. The smartwatch provides too many notifications
  3. Always-on display
  4. Smartwatch quality
  5. The age of your smartwatch
  6. Using a charger not approved by the smartwatch manufacturer

1. Running several apps in the background.

It is easier to think that closing an app means it is no longer operational. However, that is not always the case. For instance, go to your smartwatch battery settings and identify the apps consuming enormous power. 

You will realize that most of them are running and draining the battery in the background. That is, you are not using them, but they are operational.

Applications such as Facebook, Google, and Messenger drain the battery the most. If you have any of these in your smartwatch, you should consider uninstalling them and using them on the smartphone instead. Other apps like Gmail, Uber, and Youtube can also consume a lot of power if you leave them running in the background.

An app runs inside the operating system until you force it to stop. Force stopping an app will end all background and foreground processes, cutting them from the smartwatch batteries. 

Multitasking on a smartwatch can also result in many apps running in the background. Therefore, dedicate your smartwatch to specific activities and leave the rest for the smartphone. That will reduce background running apps and multitasking on your smartwatch. As a result, the battery will not drain fast.

2. The smartwatch provides too many notifications.

Another thing that will make your smartwatch battery drain fast is setting it to provide too many notifications. Push notifications use more battery because they communicate with the App server and back to your smartwatch. 

The internet connection and the screen feedback mean that too many notifications can drain your battery quickly.

Again, reduce your smartwatch operations except for dedicated functions like monitoring heart rate, daily steps, and activity tracking. I recommend not to use power-hungry applications in your smartwatch. You can turn off smartwatch notifications by swiping down on the active screen and tapping “Mute notifications.” 

Turning off notifications can be a very effective technique when you want to save battery while avoiding distractions. Some apps visit the internet constantly for updates and then wake up the smartwatch screen. According to the National Health Service, the notifications can consume up to 5% of your battery. 

If you have too many notifications on your smartwatch, consider transferring those to your phone. Leave critical ones like calls, emails, and health notifications.

3. Always-on display

The always-on display allows you a glance at time, date, and notifications when the smartwatch screen is turned off. Keeping the feature on can consume more battery if your smartwatch has an LCD screen. However, the battery does not drain as much when the feature is turned on in smartwatches with AMOLED screens.

On average, the always-on display consumes between 0.59% and 0.65% of battery per hour in Android smartwatches.  Most people argue that the impact of the always-on display is so minimal to be of concern. 

However, that means you lose around 8% of your battery life every single day. Instead, you should turn it off and check the date, time, and notifications using the power button. There are two ways to turn off the always-on display on your smartwatch. 

It is simple for smartwatches with advanced features such as the Galaxy Watch 3, Apple Watch Series 6, or Amazfit GTS 2. Just swipe down to locate the watch face on the pull-down menu. You can also turn it off through the smartwatch display settings. Turn off the always-on display to increase the battery’s retention capacity.

Furthermore, long screen times make the smartwatch battery drain fast. The longer the screen lights up, the more battery drains.

4. Smartwatch quality

High-end smartwatches have batteries that can retain more power than low-quality smartwatches.  Smartwatch quality largely depends on the manufacturer and the cost. For instance, Ticwatch Pro 3 gives around three to five days of battery life on one charge. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 7 battery will last about 18 hours.

In smartwatches, quality means that its hardware and software can withstand the test of time and multiple operations. Counterfeiters have infiltrated the smartwatch industry and continuously pump substandard smartwatches in the market. Therefore, distinguishing between original and fake smartwatches can be a challenge.

Poor quality smartwatches are not adequately engineered to handle power-hungry processes. That may result in overheating, causing the smartwatch battery to drain fast. An effective and efficient smartwatch battery should allow you at least one day of active use. 

It is worth noting that your budget defines the amount of battery life you get from a smartwatch.

If you have $80, you will get a smartwatch with average battery performance. However, for $200, you can get a smartwatch that will last for days on a single charge. For example, Huawei Watch GT2’s battery does not drain fast and can last for up to one or two weeks.

5. The age of your smartwatch

Your smartwatch is probably draining the batteries fast because of a long period of use. For example, the battery degradation is noticeable in the Apple Watch after 1 ½ year of use. 

Perhaps you have used it long enough, and the battery drain is just a manifestation of that natural process. In other words, as the smartphone gets old, it loses its performance.

When the smartwatch battery is new, the movement of ions from the cathode to the anode during charging and discharging. During charging or discharging, ions move from the cathode to the anode of the smartwatch battery. The process is much more efficient when the Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer cells are still new. 

However, it slows down as your smartwatch gets older, draining the battery faster. If your smartwatch is new, but you can notice a significant battery drain, maybe it’s something else. How many apps are running in the background when you are not using the smartwatch?

6. Using a charger not approved by the smartwatch manufacturer

In the beginning, using a different charger for your smartwatch can be exciting because they are cheap. However, they may lack safety mechanisms, which would interfere with the internal circuitry of your smartwatch. 

For example, do not use the Apple Watch charger to charge Samsung Watch. Do not settle for anything cheap if you can not order the approved charger for your smartwatch. Instead, find a connector that puts out the right voltage for your smartwatch.

Now that we know why your smartwatch battery drains fast, let’s take a quick look at a few ways to fix the problem.

How to fix smartwatch battery drain problem

If you diagnose your smartwatch with any of the mentioned signs, here is a quick fix. This should improve your smartwatch battery retention capacity and keep it on for extended periods.

  • Uninstall, disable, or force stop the power-hungry apps
  • Turn off the always-on display and reduce screen brightness.
  • Set a short screen time to let the smartwatch turn off sooner.
  • Dedicate your smartwatch to specific functions and leave the rest for the smartphone.
  • Turn off non-essential notifications
  • Use an approved charger for your smartwatch model
  • Restart your smartwatch
  • Replace smartwatch battery
  • Follow the charging guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Do not overcharge a smartwatch.

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