Wings Earbuds VS Noise Earbuds

In modern life, earbuds play a very significant role, they are used by almost everyone, young and old: programmers, music enthusiasts, recording studio workers, and schoolchildren. You can also use them for different kinds of purposes. 

For training, listening to audiobooks and audio lectures, for work, at the same recording studios, in call centres, and so on. For communication, when a microphone is included with the headphones, and just for leisure: listening to audio recordings, the soundtrack of a movie, the soundtrack of computer games. For any of these purposes, headphones are the perfect solution. Now let’s consider “wing earbuds vs noise earbuds.”


Wing earbuds come packed in a cardboard box. Under the box, you will get a charging case, a set of stereo earbuds, two extra different sized ear wings and ear tips, a short micro USB cable for charging, and a user manual of course.

The clamshell is designed with a smooth black matte finish that makes it look more beautiful. In front, there is a key to flip unlocked the lid and two LED indicators to show charging of the earbuds. 

In the backside, a USB port for charging the case and a single blinking LED light to indicate the charge level of the case itself. Furthermore, the irresistible attraction is not so great that you’ll have to struggle while taking them out.

On the other hand, The noise earbuds don’t really have a different design but do provide top-notch build quality. These earbuds are thin and fit easily in the ear canal. Using them for long hours whether to watch your beloved TV series or just listening to music does not leave your ear with any sense of pain. 

The best thing about noise earbuds is that it comes with a charging case that is made of plastic and has a glossy design finish. As it is compact in size, it easily slips into your jeans and does not bulge. So you can carry it with you without any worry. 


The wing earbuds offer long bass along with pure vocals and are perfect for Bollywood, EDM, Rock, and acoustic music. 

So, if you are an enthusiast of Rock music listener or Bollywood, you’ll have to tweak the equalizer according to your liking and it completely solves that. On the other hand, for a wing earbud with a narrow soundstage, for example, this, the sound quality is surprisingly good.

As you know, the noise earbuds connect automatically to the paired device once it is taken out from the charging case. The device instantly sets the wireless connection without any hassle. However, the sound feature given is up to a satisfactory level.

Battery performance

If you just listen to music for a total of 3 hours a day, then you will get much better battery life. Wing earbuds lasted for around six days as the case favourably provided 8 full charges. Well, the case doesn’t take long to completely charge the wireless earphones. 

But, there is no method to see the battery level. The 2,500mAh battery of the case can be completely charged in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Also, the wing earbuds charging case has a micro-USB port, rather than a modern Type-C port.

Noise earbuds are powered by a 50mAh battery. Well, the charging case houses a higher 1500mAh battery and needs about three hours to charge fully. It has an LED indicator to show the different charge levels. You can charge it in both ways by using the micro USB cable with a charger or a laptop. 

Usually, after comparing the wing earbuds and Noise earbuds, it is possible to know which earbuds are best to choose. If you had to choose between wing earbuds or noise earbuds, then you can’t go wrong. 

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