Fitness tracker

  • Is Google Fit Calories Accurate

    I can’t remember how many times I heard my friends ask each other this critical question. So, I promised them to do thorough research and come back with the final nail to the coffin of “Is Google Fit calories accurate?” And here are my findings in a nutshell. Google Fit’s calorie burn tracking accuracy can…

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  • 10 Best Ankle Fitness Trackers

    Choosing an activity tracker to wear on the ankle is not an easy task as most fitness trackers are designed to wear on the wrist.  If you wear a “wrist” fitness tracker on your ankle, it will not tell you the exact results of the activities because it is designed for your wrist. In this…

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  • Can you wear a fitness tracker on your ankle?

    You will find many fitness freaks out there who love to use fitness trackers. But some people cannot or don’t want to wear them on their wrists. If you are one of these few, you might be asking yourself if you can wear your fitness tracker on your ankle, and the answer is yes, technically.…

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