Does Fitbit have Cellular or 4G LTE ?

Fitbit has the best smartwatch collection. They are among top smartwatch brands like Apple and Samsung. Fitbit only manufactures smartwatches so they put all their great ideas and effort into it. As we know Samsung and Apple provide cellular version watches. So, does the only smartwatch manufacturer company Fitbit, provides a cellular smartwatch?

No, unfortunately, Fitbit doesn’t support cellular or 4G LTE. All of their watch and fitness trackers are Bluetooth devices. Fitbit does not build standalone watches. If you want to have a cellular watch then you might buy an apple or Samsung watch.

Why Fitbit doesn’t have any cellular watches?

Fitbit doesn’t have any cellular watch and the company is not making it yet. I don’t think they feel like their Customer needs a cellular watch.

I chat with their support team member and they told me that we currently do not have any cellular features for Fitbit watches. Currently, they support the Bluetooth version and they ask me to fill the new feature suggestion forum. After that, I filled the forum with a request to make a Fitbit cellular feature. I told them both Apple and Samsung have the watch standalone feature. Why the big smartwatch-making company like Fitbit is providing it yet? Now let’s see if they take the suggestion seriously. 

If you think that Fitbit should make One ( cellular feature )
You can also give it a request from this link.

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If Fitbit doesn’t have a cellular watch then which smartwatch provider supports cellular?

The company that makes cellular watches

1. Apple

Apple is currently the leading smartwatch company that takes the wearable industry to another level. Their features are incomparable. The latest Apple watch7  provides both variants of smartwatches to their customer. The Bluetooth version watch cost around 399$ and another one is GPS + cellular which cost $499.

Now, if you want to be ahead of the table, Apple Watch 7 has all the features.

2. Samsung

Since Samsung is the biggest rival of apple, how can they compromise this feature and let Apple take advantage. The latest Samsung watch 4 has both Bluetooth and cellular versions. The Bluetooth version cost you around $299 and the cellular version can cost you $299.

If you want to buy an affordable cellular watch then the Samsung galaxy 4 is currently the best option available.

3. fossil

Fossil smartwatch is another company that continuously makes great smartwatches with all required features in them. The latest Fossil gen 5 smartwatch has a cellular and Bluetooth version.

The Bluetooth version can cost you around 199$ whereas Cellular can cost you around $199.

Fossil is the best option for those who want a premium classic look under a low price range.

4. Garmin

Garmin is the worldwide famous smartwatch for this rugged style and GPS and solar charging. The latest Garmin Venu 2 has come with Bluetooth and a cellular version. The Bluetooth version can cost you around 200. Whereas cellular has 300 prices.

You can consider Garmin watches if you are an outdoor or traveling guy.

5. Ticwatch

Tiwatch is another good company that provides a low-budget WearOs smartwatch. Their smartwatch is average. But  WearOs build-in Ticwatch is a great option to choose. Their latest Ticwatch pro has Bluetooth and a cellular model. The Bluetooth one cost you around $159 and the cellular one is $159.

If you love to wear os then consider buying a Ticwatch

But before you buy there are a few things I want to know if you pay extra for standalone LTE you may have advantages but you also face some problems.

Check out the below gives tips before buying a cellular watch 

Advantages of Cellular watchDisadvantages of Cellular watch
1. You can leave your phone home and access to it’s all its features including health and fitness, calling, messaging, and have internet access
1. You to buy an extra data plan for your cellular watch for a monthly or so
2. You can leave your phone and wallet at home and still You can pay with your NFC smartwatch by adding your card to it.
2. When you run standalone your battery will drain faster than running on its own network


Fitbit doesn’t have a 4g/LTE standalone watch yet. But if you want to have a standalone smartwatch consider buying from Ticwatch wear os. Currently is the best and most affordable option available.

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