Best sleep tracking app for galaxy watch

Did you know that more than 55% of people who don’t get enough sleep eventually become overweight? That is why Samsung Watch is important. Samsung watch is compatible with many sleep apps to help you feel refreshed every morning and overcome obesity.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is arguably the best sleep app for Samsung Watch. The sleep tracking app uses the watch’s accelerometer and heart and sound sensors to monitor your sleep pattern and intensity. 

Sleep Genius, Relax Melodies, and Sleep as Android are other apps that will give you incredible sleep insights on your Samsung Watch. The apps also recommend ways to get better sleep.

Some, like Sleep Genius, have hypnotic content that will help you fall asleep faster and smart alarms to wake you up at the light sleep stage. Below, I have discussed how to derive the most benefit from these sleep-tracking apps. 

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Which is the best sleep app for a Samsung smartwatch?

Here are the 5 best sleep apps for Samsung Watch users:

1. MySleepButton

MySleepButton is one of the best sleep apps for a Samsung Watch. You will notice a positive change in your sleep quality and quantity if you use it to monitor your sleep. 

Although the app turns on automatically when you go to bed, always double-check before you fall asleep. 

MySleepButton activates your smartwatch’s accelerometer, gyroscope, and microphone to register your body movements and noise during sleep. Therefore, the app can tell the hours you spend in light and deep sleep and how often you snore. 

But most importantly, MySleepButton’s algorithms will recommend healthy sleep exercises for you. 

Forget about waking up tired because the app’s alarm will wake you up at just the right time – when you are in the light sleep stage.

MySleepButton for Samsung Watch

2. Sleep Genius

The Sleep Genius app was developed and is maintained by neuroscience experts. 

According to the developers, you should avoid listening to the usual white noises like waterfall or rain to fall asleep. They say those sounds can be dangerous to your health.

I recommend Sleep Genius for Samsung Watch users struggling with insomnia and those who find it difficult to stay asleep. Sleep Genius can also help those with sleep apnea as it can detect and alert the user to change their sleep position to improve their breathing.

Sleep Genius is compatible with several Samsung Watches like the Samsung Gear 2 and the Gear Fit activity tracker.  Download the app through the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. It will create an ideal sleep environment and improve your sleep quality over time.

Sleep Genius for Samsung Watch

3. Sleep as Android: Smart alarm

The other best sleep-tracking app for Samsung Watch users is Sleep as Android. It tracks sleep using ultrasonic signals and a smart wake-up technology to wake you up gently without the feeling of waking up from a deep sleep.

Sleep as Android provides a simple captcha on your watch that you have to solve to stop the alarm. Solving the CAPTCHA stimulates you further and activates you to prevent oversleeping. The alarm can be in the form of soothing binaural beats or nature sounds.

Customize the app on your smartwatch to record environmental or bodily sounds such as snoring and sleep talks. You can also pair Sleep as Android with Samsung Health and see your sleep data and heart rate at different night hours. 

Sleep as Android for Samsung Watch

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4. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is compatible with Samsung smartwatches with Wear OS 2 and above. Install it on your Samsung Watch from Google Play or Galaxy Store. However, you will need to start the app every time you are about to sleep unless you are using the Galaxy Watch 4.

You can put the smartwatch under your pillow or wear it on your wrist. It will analyze your sleep stats using an accelerometer and even transfer those stats to your phone. Therefore, you can see your sleep statistics on your watch and your smartphone at your convenience. 

Unfortunately, the app does not detect snoring sounds on the smartwatch. The snoring feature is available only on the phone. 

But the best thing about Sleep Cycle is that it does not drain much of the smartwatch battery. It consumes only 10-15% of the power throughout the night.

Sleep Cycle for Samsung Watch

5. Relax Melodies

Having the Relax Melodies app on your Samsung Watch will give you control of your sleep. It is one of the most installed and reviewed sleep apps. You will also join and learn more about blissful sleep in a community of millions of the app’s users worldwide.

The app has a variety of sounds, making it a perfect companion not just for sleeping but also for exercising or doing yoga. It has over 50 sounds you can combine to create your unique sleeping sound and melodies.

Relax Melodies makes the transition between sleep and awake stages seamless and satisfactory. I recommend it for stressed Samsung Watch users. Relax Melodies will help lower your stress and anxiety and keep you refreshed every morning.

Relax Melodies for Samsung Watch

Select the best sleep app for your Samsung Watch

Sleep is essential to improve one’s concentration and memory. It also plays a critical role in lowering stress and anxiety. Insufficient sleep can have a significant impact on your productivity and overall well-being.

Use Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for smooth wake-ups and Sleep Genius to improve your sleep quality if you have insomnia or sleep apnea. The other best alternative sleep apps for Samsung Watch are Sleep as Android, Sleep Cycle, and Relax Melodies.

However, do not self-medicate using the app statistics without your doctor’s approval. 

Have you tried these sleep-tracking apps on your Samsung Watch? Go ahead and regain control of your natural sleep cycle. 

Do you have any questions? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.