Does A Smartwatch Require A Screen Protector

2024 is about to come, There have been lots of changes since I purchased a smartwatch. With regular use of it, the display glass emerged scratches over it. While looking for a solution, I was advised by the smartwatch service center to protect my display glass. I should have opted for a smartwatch screen protector beforehand. so in the 2024 Era

Does Smartwatch Require a Screen Protector

So, Yes Smartwatches do require a screen protector. Well, this was justified, protectors have not limited their access to phones or tablets but, it is also beneficial for nowadays trendy smartwatches.

Should you opt for the smartwatch screen protector 2024?

Okay, as of my conclusion, you should. Protectors not only just avoid scratches but also have some more benefits associated with them. Here are some listed benefits! even nowadays smartwatch comes with gorilla glass

1. For much-needed Protection 

The first and foremost reason you need protectors is to avoid any unfortunate occurrence (such as falling from a height or getting hit somewhere). 

Apart from that, protectors are dust and dirt-resistant-free. Some of the smartwatches do not possess scratch-resistant screens. So, protectors are much required in these smartwatches. 

2. Good Resell-value

If in the future, you tend or develop a thought of selling your smartwatch then a screen protector could help you out. 

Yes, you heard the right screen protector will help you to have the best sell price, as sell prices are graded on the appearance of the device. 

A newer look in a better condition would help you to have a better resale value. 

3. Modified look

Well-screen protectors are available in a variety of cases. You can accordingly enable the case of a sporty look or opt for some catchy color or sober look. You could modify it as you want. 

In search of this, I contacted the smartwatch care center and I was clear about the different features with different adaptability.

Further to this article, I will clarify whether every smartwatch is required by the protectors or not. Protectors assure you double the protection, opting for it would ensure you are safe and secure from any occurrence.

But, if you have a smartwatch as compatible as of listed watches below, which are in itself prone to scratches as of its alloyed and metalled body case features, then it would be totally of your choice to have the protectors or not.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Samsung Galaxy 6 is designed to help you learn more So you can achieve more. It goes beyond tracking steps And calories to offer actionable insights on everything from your running style to your heart rate. This watch comes with a super AMOLED screen.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The most advanced affordable and most loved smartwatch by users is also the most stylish. 

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic combines powerful technology with a premium, customizable design so you can manage the day-to-day from your wrist, beautifully. It comes with Gorilla Glass DX Scratch resistance

3. Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most expensive smartwatch by Apple is lightweight and Has sapphire crystal glass. The more expensive the better the screen protection. Sapphire crystal glass is the most Durable screen len Till Now

4. Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch is the latest Newly released smartwatch. It comes with the same Sapphire crystal glass which is the most durable one. You don’t need a separate screen protection with Sapphire crystal glass

An innovative seamless strap joins the Apple Watch Series 6 line-up, without a clasp or buckle in sight.

5. Garmin

Venu 3 is the latest smartwatch for Garmin it goes head to head with Apple Watch Ultra and Samsung Watch 6 Classic. Venu 3 some with Gorilla Glass 3 Screen protection. which is not as durable as Sapphire crystal glass.

Check more information about the screen protection lens of Sapphire crystal glass vs Gorilla glass


So, We found that the smartwatch that comes with Sapphire crystal glass does not require any type of Screen Protection. But If it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 or Dx or any other you should consider buying a screen protection for your Smartwatch.