Does Garmin watch work with Samsung Phone?

Garmin has a variety of smartwatches. Garmin watches use Garmin OS in their watches. You can use Garmin watches with iPhones and Android phones. However, do Garmin watches work with Samsung phones?

Yes, Garmin watches work with Samsung phones, there is no doubt about it. In order to connect Garmin with a Samsung phone, you need to download Garmin connect app on a Samsung phone or you can download it from here.

How to connect Garmin to a Samsung phone?

  • Go to the Garmin Menu by pressing the Home menu button.
  • Scroll down to settings 
  • Find the Pair Phone option over there
  • It will ask you to download the Garmin Connect app from the play store.
  • After you have downloaded the Garmin connect app.
  • Click on search for Garmin watch. 
  • Select your Garmin watch. 
  • Pair it by entering the code that is reflected in your Garmin watch.
  • After you fill up, the code just can allow these settings like your bedtime and health data.
  • After that, it will sync

Once you have successfully connected Garmin with Samsung, you need to set up a few things in order to get all notifications and calls on your phone. Let’s move to the next step

How to set up a Garmin watch on a Samsung phone

Upon successfully connecting the Garmin watch to a Samsung phone, You need to set it up.

Now, to set up your notifications follow the below steps

  • First, open the Garmin connect app
  • Head over to 3 lines on the left top corner
  • Go to Garmin devices 
  • Select your Garmin watch 
  • Click on Notification and alerts 
  • Go to Smart notification
  • Here you can set all your notifications including calls, texts, apps Etc.

In the next step, we will cover how to resolve issues with Garmin Smart Notifications ( If you have any )

Let’s Go

If you have connected with your Samsung phone and not getting notifications

Don’t worry I will assist you to troubleshoot the notification error

Step 1 

Go to setting > search Special app access > Click on notification access > Allow the Garmin Connect 

Step 2

Go to Apps > Select Garmin Connect > In-app Info Click Permissions >  Allow all the access of Calls, Camera, Contacts, Files, Phone, SMS, Location, etc.

Step 3.

On Garmin watch
If you are still not receiving Garmin notifications on your Samsung phone then Make sure Smart Notification is Turned On and “Do Not Disturb” is Turned off

To turn on the smart notification On the watch

Go to Settings > Phone > Smart Notification Make sure it’s ON

To turn off the do not Disturb

Go to settings > System > Turn off Do not disturb ( If it is On )

That’s it, you did a great job!

Now, it’s all set between your Garmin watch and your Samsung Phone.

Best Garmin watch for Samsung Phone

Well, Garmin has a great collection of Rugged, stylish, Fitness trackers.

If you’re looking for the best Garmin smartwatch for Samsung phones Go buy Venu 2

If you are looking for a cheap Garmin watch for the Samsung phone forerunner 55 is the best option available. Lily is the best Garmin fitness tracker for Samsung phones.

Looking For the Best Samsung Phone for Your Garmin Watch?

I’ll cover you

Well, there are lots of Samsung Phones available in the market. But recently, Samsung has come up with big bang phones like Z fold, Flip, NOTE series, and Galaxy Ultra 22. You can buy any of these Samsung phones, it will work with the Garmin watch. However, if you want the BEST Samsung Phone for Garmin, then I would recommend you to buy the Note series phone over S and Fold series. NOTE 10 is the best Phone for Garmin Connect.

For a cheaper option, you can go with Samsung Galaxy A12. It has all the major features that a mid and high-range Samsung phone has. You can buy it at a discounted price here.

Pro Tip: In Aug 2022 Samsung Is launching A brand new Flip phone As per reports It would be luxurious and cheaper than other Flip phones. If you want the latest and luxury Samsung phone, you should wait till Aug 2022.


Garmin watches work with Samsung phones seamlessly. You can connect any Garmin to any Samsung phone. It will work but just make sure you setup correctly in order to access all features.