7 Cheap Samsung Smartwatch To Buy In 2023

Since Samsung smartwatches debuted in 2013, they have become more powerful and capable. With every upgrade, the company adds new features to its smartwatches. If you are on a budget and you need a Cheap Samsung smartwatch, I have put together 7 classic Samsung watches for you in this article.

Cheap Samsung smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will keep your life on track. Although they are cheap, Samsung smartwatches offer a wide range of health and fitness benefits. Their GPS and heart rate accuracy are also pretty reliable. The addition of 4G in some of the smartwatches allows you to make calls and messages from your wrist.

There are many Samsung smartwatches on the market today. They vary in cost and specifications but the quality is quite supreme. I will tell you more about them in the next section. Sit tight and let’s get started.

Quick View at Cheap Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung smartwatchReason to buy Reason to avoidPrices
Gear S2Beautiful designLimited app selection$95
Galaxy Watch ActiveCheapSlow voice search$60
Galaxy Watch Active 2Heart rate monitoringNo GPS$227
Gear S3 FrontierWorks even if you leave the phone at homeFew third-party apps$175
Galaxy WatchGPSNo LTE option$115
Gear Fit2WorkoutsCharge time$108
Gear FitLight on the wristHeart rate monitors need more work$100

Cheap cheapest Samsung smartwatch

The Samsung smartwatches in this article range between $60 and $250. It means you will not find the much more costly Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in my list of cheapest Samsung smartwatches. 

I have listed them in ascending order from the cheapest to the more costly ones.

Here are some of the cheapest Samsung smartwatches to buy if you are on a budget:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Category: Cheapest Samsung smartwatch

Price tag: $60

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the Cheapest Samsung smartwatch. You can wear the smartwatch in your daily life and use it to track your workouts. However, Samsung removed some top-end features from the Galaxy Watch Active. For example, it has no rotating bezel.

The smartwatch comes in only one size; 40mm. However, there are many four colors to choose from: blue, black, silver, and pink. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active also feels much lighter on the wrist compared to the Samsung Gear S3 – another cheap smartwatch to consider. I will come back to it later.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active’s buttons can be pretty difficult to press. I think the buttons should be more pronounced than they are today.

Reasons to buy

  • It is a cheap Samsung smartwatch
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Lots of features

Reasons to avoid

  • No LTE option

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Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Category: Cheap Samsung smartwatch with a beautiful design

Price tag: $95

Samsung Gear S2 has a premium feeling to it. The hardware is particularly mesmerizing. For example, the watch face bezel takes you through the software with significant ease, it feels like a stress reliever of some kind.

Although it’s no match for Apple Watch or Huawei Watch, Samsung Gear S2 is a fine choice for Android users. Despite its traditional appearance, the smartwatch’s circular display is pretty aesthetic.

The super AMOLED display reflects away light, making Gear S2 easily visible even in direct sunlight. It is affordable because Samsung has included just a few personalization options on the Gear S2.

Reasons to buy

  • Polished Tizen OS
  • Watch face bezel
  • Quality display
  • Use with Android and iPhones

Reason to avoid

  • Few customization options
  • Slow voice search

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Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch

Category: Cheap light Samsung smartwatch

Price tag: $100

The other cheap Samsung smartwatch is Samsung Gear Fit. The smartwatch has a stretched-out vertical curved display that will fit perfectly on your wrist. However, you can switch views to read texts vertically or horizontally.

Although Samsung Gear Fit has an amazing AMOLED display, the one problem I experienced with the smartwatch is sun glare. 

Wear it tightly and snugly for direct contact with the heart rate sensors at the back of the smartwatch. The Gear Fit is an essential exercising wearable for cycling, running, walking, and hiking.

Reasons to buy

  • Beautiful AMOLED display
  • Cheap Samsung smartwatch
  • Seven days of battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • No GPS
  • Heart rate monitoring needs improvement

Samsung Gear Fit2 Smartwatch

Category: Cheap Samsung smartwatch for a workout

Price tag: $108

The smartwatch is an upgrade to the Samsung Gear Fit. Like its predecessor, the Gear Fit 2 is designed to track your fitness and monitor your heart rate. It can also track your steps and monitor your sleep quantity and quality.

However, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 counts your steps using motion sensors. Therefore, you may encounter slight errors in your phone’s step counter and the smartwatch’s readings.

It also has a bunch of other features including notification support and weather forecast. If you pair the Gear Fit 2 with an Android phone, you can receive and respond to messages on your wrist.

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful AMOLED display

Reasons to avoid

  • Heart rate monitors need more work

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Galaxy Watch

Category: Cheapest Samsung GPS smartwatch

Price tag: $115

The Galaxy Watch is one of the best cheapest Samsung smartwatches on our list. The smartwatch has an attractive and high-end design with upgrades in a wide range of areas. 

Galaxy Watch rivals the Apple Watch in several ways. For instance, it will give you up to four days of battery life. The smartwatch is quite stylish. The Galaxy Watch is a wonderful choice for Android users. It is packed with essential fitness-tracking abilities.

After the release of the Galaxy Watch 3, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch fell significantly. However, its biggest problem is the charge time.

Reasons to buy

  • GPS tracking
  • Battery life
  • Rotating bezel

Reason to avoid

  • Charge time

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Category: Cheap untethered Samsung smartwatch

Price tag: $175

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is one of the most comprehensive smartwatches from Samsung. It is packed with a heart rate monitor, GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE. That means you can leave your smartphone behind and still get notifications on the Gear S3 Frontier.

LTE capability allows you to make calls, send and receive texts, and get weather updates. It is worth noting that the voice calls are pretty clear. 

The caller and the receiver can hear one another equally well. Besides, you can download apps straight from the Galaxy Store to your smartwatch.

The smartwatch can track a wide range of activities including cycling, elliptical, lunges, and squats. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is vital if you are hiking in the mountains since it is fitted with an altimeter and barometer to measure your altitude and weather.

Reasons to buy

  • GPS
  • Durable design
  • Great voice control

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited app selection

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Category: Cheap Samsung smartwatch for heart rate monitoring

Price tag: $227

The Galaxy Watch Active has a touch bezel, and it comes with the long-awaited electrocardiogram. You can use it with an Android smartphone or iPhone. 

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is FDA-approved. ECG is a heart rate monitor. It means the Samsung Galaxy Watch can help you detect an irregular heart rate before it gets serious. 

For example, according to the FDA, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG can diagnose atrial fibrillation. The smartwatch requires constant updates to maintain its performance.

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Automatic workout tracking
  • LTE option
  • Good battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Sleep tracking is not comprehensive
  • Few third-party apps

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There are many Samsung smartwatches you can purchase if you are on a budget. If you need a cheap Samsung smartwatch with GPS, choose the Galaxy Watch.

If you need a cheap Samsung smartwatch that will work even if you leave your phone at home, consider the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

For the best cheap heart rate monitoring Samsung smartwatch, buy Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. 

To get the best performance out of Samsung smartwatches, update your device regularly.

Was this article helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below.