Can Samsung Health Measure Heart Rate?

Samsung Health is a Samsung fitness app. It offers many health and fitness services not just to the Galaxy Watch users but to every Wear OS user. In other words, you can use Samsung Health on both Android and iOS devices. The app will help you set, track steps, see stats, and manage your heart rate.

Samsung Health does not necessarily measure your heart rate. Instead, it analyzes the figures generated from your activities. The built-in heart rate sensors in your activity tracker measure your heartbeat variation and share the data with the Samsung Health app. The app manages your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight among other metrics.

Other factors influencing heart rate include the activities undertaken at the moment of measurement, the device configurations, and the weather. Thus, the heart rate accuracy depends not on Samsung Health but on the activity tracker used to gather the data. However, Samsung Health is a good tool for drawing practical heart rate insights from your activity tracker.

How does Samsung Health measure heart rate?

Activity trackers have heart rate sensors. With the aid of an optical LED light source, the sensor concentrates on the amount of light reflected from your blood vessels. Various sensors translate the reflections to provide accurate heart rate and blood oxygen levels. When this light is exposed to your skin, the sensors estimate the reflection.

Similarly, S Health interprets your pulses as heartbeats. Apart from heartbeat and blood oxygen monitoring, Samsung Health can also obtain other information about your health. For instance, you can use it to monitor your number of steps, weight, stress levels, and blood glucose levels.

You can pair an activity tracker or a smartwatch to Samsung Health to monitor your heart rate. Connecting an accurate heart rate monitor will improve S Health’s functionality. The activity monitors are designed not only for the heart monitoring function but also set to track many other activities.

Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, pair it with your heart rate monitor. On the right upper part of the screen, click the register menu. Click the connect menu to link the two devices. When the two devices are already paired, click the Samsung health application to see if you can read the results of your heart rate monitor from the application. 

When the devices are connected, it will be much easier to conduct any operation, including heart monitoring.

Here are some benefits of using the Samsung Health for heart rate management:

Samsung Health helps to capture subtle heart rate variations

Monitoring your heart rate is vital for detecting irregular heartbeats and cardiac-related illnesses. Samsung Health can help you detect heart arrhythmias earlier and lower your chances of having a heart attack. 

The heart rates recorded by the app may not only be necessary for personal upkeep but also for a doctor’s review, especially when you consistently record your heart rate. Samsung Health can give your doctor preliminary data to interpret the problem.

It provides accurate and practical data

The accuracy of a Samsung health application depends on many things including the prevailing environmental factors. Your skin, which is in contact with the activity tracking sensors, delivers accurate results when you are calm. Thus, your heart rate readings will be more accurate in a quiet environment than in a troubled environment. 

Samsung Health captures your health history for easy doctor review

You can also share your heart rate data with your doctor through Samsung Health. Engaging a medical officer will help you decipher the Samsung Health charts and achieve your health and fitness goals. Although the application is useful for managing your fitness, weight, and diet, the Food and Drugs Administration has not approved its use as a medical diagnosis tool.

Compete against your friend’s health and fitness rankings

Therefore, consult with a medic first before making medical decisions on the results you see on Samsung Health. Use the application to manage your heart rate everywhere you go: at work, at the gym, or even while sleeping. Most importantly, compare your stats and compete with your friends in real-time.

How to fix Samsung Health heart rate not working

If your Samsung Health application is not showing the correct heart rate, reset it or perform a software update.

Here are some ways to fix Samsung Health heart rate not working:

1. Reset your activity tracker

Resetting involves uninstalling the application, performing a full factory reset, and installing Samsung Health again. Resetting the activity tracker will clear any errors that might have occurred, close the applications that are not in use, and improve heart rate measurements.

2. Update your activity tracker’s operating system

Sometimes your heart rate monitor’s operating system is outdated. Check for Samsung Health updates from the app store and update it to the current version. 

Ensure the devices are connected to the internet. Also, go to your heart monitor’s settings and look if there are any software updates, and tap Update. 

Allow your device to download all the updates up to the hundred percent mark and confirm if your device is now functioning well. The updates remove bugs and restore the normal functioning of Samsung Health’s heart rate monitoring.

3. Wear the fitness tracker properly

When a Samsung Health heart rate is not functioning properly, check out how it is worn. If you wear your fitness tracker loosely on your wrist, the heart rate sensor will not have the correct measurement. If you wear it too tight, the monitor can be uncomfortable. 

The best way to wear a fitness tracker to get accurate heart results in Samsung Health is neither too tight nor too loose. Let it fit on your wrist snuggly and comfortably. 

4. Read your heart rate monitor’s instructions manual

Upon purchase, the activity tracker should come with a guide containing different instructions, including what to do if the heart rate monitor is not working. 

When you can’t seem to find the perfect fix to your malfunctioning heart rate monitor, use the guide provided in the instruction manual. 

The manual should be your immediate go-to consultant about any issues with the heart rate sensors. Read it keenly and apply the fixes provided by the manufacturer.

5. Seek technical assistance from Samsung

The last way to fix Samsung health heart rate not working is to call a professional to attend to your device or fix the software bugs. Contact experienced and reliable Samsung professionals who will not cause more damage to your device. When seeking technical assistance for your Samsung devices, always ask for the operator’s credentials and license.

In Conclusion

Samsung Health is an effective tool for managing your overall health and heart rate. The activity tracking devices measure your vital signals through sensors that flashlight into your skin to measure differences in blood volume and color. The accuracy of the data depends on your resting heart rate and the activity tracker you use.

Ensure that you contact a doctor to advise you on best medical practices when using Samsung Health. If the heart rate is not accurate or not working, reset the activity tracker, install system updates, and wear the device properly. Also, ensure that you have a working internet connection to sync your data to Samsung Health.

Some FAQ

Q. How accurate are Samsung’s health steps?

A. Samsung’s health steps are 100% accurate. I have used it on my Samsung active 2 and it is 100% accurate.