Samsung Health

  • How Accurate Is Samsung Health Calories Burned

    Are you a Samsung Health user concerned about the accuracy of the calories burned feature? If yes, you’re not alone. Many people rely on Samsung Health to track their daily physical activities, but the accuracy of the calorie burned feature remains of significant concern. Samsung Health’s calories burned is not so accurate. The app’s calorie…

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  • How Accurate is Strava

    There are several apps you can use to measure your daily distance covered? You must have heard of Strava. The app is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to track their workouts and share their activities with friends. Other apps that track the distance you’ve covered include Google Fit and Samsung Health. Strava is 98.5%…

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  • Does Noom Work With Samsung Health?

    Noom is a fitness and health application providing customized diet plans. It is recognized as one of the most efficient weight-loss mobile apps used by numerous people. The platform focuses on several factors that affect a person’s body weight. Smartphones, apps, and high-tech devices provide a great advantage to a person’s fitness. In this article,…

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