Does Samsung watch work with Motorola?

Among the top 10 mobile phone brands in the United States, Motorola placed third. Here is the full list. Motorola devices are Android-based. The Samsung watch is also an Android-based device. Samsung just launched the new galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 Pro. Details can be found here. So, the question is does the Samsung watch work with Motorola phones?

Yes, the Samsung watch works with Motorola. There is no question about it. Samsung and Motorola both have Android-based devices and are compatible with each other. To connect Samsung watches with Motorola, you need a “Galaxy wear app”.

How to Connect Samsung watch with Motorola?

Now, in order to connect the Samsung watches with Motorola, you need to install a “Galaxy Wear App”. On the play store, you can search for “Galaxy Wear App” or you can download it directly here.

Once you download the app, follow the below steps to connect:

  1. Open galaxy wear app 
  2. Click on start
  3. Allow Galaxy wearable to access the device location.
  4. It will start scanning your watch ( Make sure your watch is on the pairing mode )
  5. Select your watch 
  6. Your Motorola will start downloading the watch plugin 
  7. Finishing up.

How to set up a Samsung watch on Motorola Phone

Now, there are a lot of options you need to set up for your Motorola phone. Let’s cover them.

First, let’s set up the notification 

Go to watch settings > notification >” apps to get notifications from”. Here you can get set all your Notification settings for every app 

Now the setup options are so listy that I cannot cover them in this article to set up all things You can watch the below video.

Connecting samsung watch with phone

Best Samsung watch for Motorola phone

Samsung continues its run of manufacturing new watches. I personally use Samsung active 2 see its full review here. Let’s talk about the best watches.

1. Galaxy watch pro and watch 5 pro

Galaxy just launched its 2 new watches galaxy watch 5 and watch 5 Pro. I haven’t seen its review yet. But Samsung says on their sales page that the watch 5 comes with some advanced sensors like BioActive Sensor IC. I’m not sure what is it. If you have any ideas about it please share them with me in the comments.

Apart from that, it has a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor (BIA). what it does is it can tell you about your skeletal muscle, body water, metabolic rate, body fat, and more.

The best thing that I liked about the galaxy watch 5 is its battery, watch 5 and watch pro will stay longer (as compared to watch 4) + it’s included fast charging support.

2. Samsung Galaxy 4

Galaxy 4 is the best WEAR OS watch yet. Now if you don’t need to break your bank to buy a watch 4. It’s the best option for you. It’s cheap, fast, and runs on WEAR OS.

3. Samsung active 2

I have mentioned this watch because. I’m currently using it. It’s been 2 years since I’m using my active 2 on a daily purpose to track my fitness. Checking notifications, taking ECG, etc. it has an average battery and works like charm. Now, this is for people who have a tight budget.

Now let’s talk about 

Best Motorola Phone for Samsung watch

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Motorola but I really like the new Razor flip phone. This section will discuss the best Motorola phone for your Samsung watch.

1. Moto G200

Moto G200 is a great phone. It has all the major features that we use on a daily purpose. The best part is you need to spend too much to buy this phone. Check out it’s the lowest price on amazon.

2. Edge 20 Pro

Edge 20 Pro Comes with a speedy refresh rate with great battery life. It’s been the best phone of 2021 from Motorola. check out it’s the best price on amazon.


Samsung watches work with Motorola seamlessly. Just install the “Galaxy wearable” app and set it up. Samsung watch 4 is the best Samsung watch in 2022. Motorola Edge 20 pro is the best Motorola phone in 2022.