Can you listen to music on your Apple watch without a phone?

Haven’t smartwatches been defined as smarter and smaller alternatives for our smartphones? Be it tracking our fitness level or optimizing the blood rate, managing the calls, or onboarding the music, we have a lot to go through it. 

But, Can you listen to music on your Apple watch without a phone?

Well, Yes. You can listen to music on the Apple Watch without the phone. You can onboard the music and hear it at any time even without your phone. You just need an internet connection on your smartwatch and you are ready to go.

Well, there are two ways you can do it, either you can buy a cellular version of the Apple watch or have internet wifi access. A cellular watch helps you to have your own internet connection whereas WiFi helps you to access the internet to your smartwatch. Once you have the internet you can access your music library and hear your songs. 

Well isn’t the installing and downloading of the songs outmoded? Who wants to have a music library, when you can get access to multiple apps such as Apple Music, Spotify, and other free music apps!

I guess no one. But wait, can these apps run on your Apple Watch without your phone? 

Can you play Spotify on the Apple watch without the phone?

Yes, You can play and listen to Spotify on your Apple Watch without your phone only if you have a subscription to the premium version of Spotify music. 

Along with this, you will also need an internet connection to play Spotify music. If you have a Wi-Fi extension, it’s great. But if you are a traveler or an adventurous guy you can consider the Cellular version of the apple watch.

Can you play Apple Music on the apple watch without the phone?

Don’t have Spotify? No problem. Apple Music helps you to play music on your apple watch without the iPhone

Basically, both Spotify and Apple music charge the same amount of money to enable the music on your Apple watch. It’s just about joining the Apple ecosystem.

Well, if you are a complete Apple user and own every product of Apple. Then, you can avail the ‘APPLE ONE’ option for you. You are just required to pay an amount for the 4 Apple services (including Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple TV+, and Apple Music) and avail the pack of 6 services onto it. 

Which Apple Watch is best for listening to music without an iPhone?

Well, all Apple watches are good to go with. Some have extensive features and some have fewer features. But, I genuinely consider and even prefer to buy an Apple Watch 3 or an Apple Watch SE. As they are budget-friendly watches as well as futuristic too. 

Well, the only drawback of buying any of the Apple Watch is that they are not compatible with android phones. So, be a little conscious while opting for it. 

Which music app is best for your apple watch?

The top music apps which allow you to avail and stream the music are Apple Music and Spotify. Both apps are way ahead of the table. They have a large music library with around 30 million tracks to hear or add to your playlist. The quality of the music is the same peace on both the apps and even the pricing is also the same i.e. 9.99$ per month. 

For more information and to clear any sort of confusion you can visit: Apple Music vs. Spotify


With a wrap-up, I just want to conclude that you can avail and podcast any music on your Apple Watch and stream it whenever you want, even if you don’t have your iPhone by your side. You are just required to have an internet connection and a premier subscription to the music app i.e. either your Apple Music, Spotify, or any other music app.