Is Samsung health monitor app available in India?

Samsung health monitor is an amazing app to track your daily life fitness and helps you to reach your fitness goal. However, the problem is that it is not available in every country. 

The main question is does this app work in the Indian region?

No, Samsung health monitors are not available in India because of regulation and Legal Issues. But you can still download and use it from 3 party websites. 

Why Samsung health monitors are not in my country.

Like I said it is because of Regulation and Legal Purchase. However, there might be other reasons why it is not available. For example Testing purposes, the Developer’s Budget and Resources Developer’s objectives, etc. 

You can learn more here: Link Why Some Apps Don’t Work in Your Country

How can I use the Samsung health monitor app in India?

To use this app, you need to download it from third-party websites like Apkpure, Apkmirror, etc. You can download it directly from this link as well. For your convenience, this app is already unlocked for the Indian region (make sure you download it from the link I shared).

Once you download it,  turn on the “install unknown sources” from the settings on your phone. 

Install the app and open it. You will easily have access to their apps: ECG and Blood pressure monitor.

This app only works if you have a Samsung smartwatch. Just like I have it.

Caution: Do NOT change the region of your watch. It may lead you to software problems and your watch would no longer be under warranty.

The First and foremost thing is to update your watch software to the latest version. Once you do that, you will see the Samsung health monitor app on your watch. After that, follow above mentioned steps and sync your Samsung health with your monitor app. All the metrics will update on your watch.

Is ECG available on Samsung watches?

Yes, Ecg is available on the Samsung watches. You need to have a Samsung health monitor app on your smartwatch and on your smartphone as well. 

Download the Samsung health monitor for the watch: Link

Download Samsung health monitor for Samsung phone: Link

After downloading, you can connect them and you will be able to do Ecg on your Samsung watch.

You want to do ECG on a Samsung watch but do you know if it’s accurate or not? Read here: Is Samsung watch ECG accurate?

Does the latest Samsung watch 4 have ECG in India?

Yes, the Samsung watch 4 has ECG in India. The Ecg app is available on Samsung watch 2, 3 and the latest Samsung watch 4. Samsung watch 4 has a Samsung health monitor app open it and you will find the ECG option there. 

Samsung must have the Samsung health monitor app to run an ECG. If your watch has the app you can run ECG on it. 

Note: Don’t rely on the ECG results if you think you have a heart problem. If ECG apps show normal, it does not mean it’s correct. If you are feeling unwell go to your doctor. These apps are life-saving things however, you cannot totally rely on them. 

Final Words 

Samsung health monitor Is a great app. It should be available in all regions however like I said things depend on their terms.  If it is not on the play store/app store,  it’s not legal to use as per government rules. 

You should be aware before you run unknown things because they may harm your phone or watch. You can download the Samsung health monitor on both devices (country unlocked) and things will run smoothly.

There is an alternative way to install a Samsung health monitor and that is by changing your region but again it’s not safe. Do it at your own risk.

I have linked a comprehensive article that will help you to change your watch region safely. read this: 

You can run a Samsung health monitor in India. By following the above steps if you are still having trouble doing it, shoot me an email and I will assist you to do it.